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Explode () with the opposite function implode () and join ()

function prototypes for explode ():Array explode (string separator,string input [, int limit]); [, int limit] is a means of optional Parameters Description Separator Necessary. Specifies where to split the

10 Articles about explode recommendations

The segmentation of a split string string is achieved through the explode () function. The explode () function splits a string by the specified rules and returns an array of values. Its syntax is as follows: The parameter list for the explode

Recommended 10 articles for PHP explode () functions

This example describes how PHP obtains the number of days and date arrays by month. Share to everyone for reference, as follows: function Get_day ($date) {$tem = explode ('-', $date);//cut date to get year and month $year = $tem [' 0 ']; $month =

PHP splits and connects strings using functions such as explode (), implode (), and join (), and explodeimplode

PHP splits and connects strings using functions such as explode (), implode (), and join (), and explodeimplodePHP uses functions such as explode (), implode (), and join () to separate and connect strings. Generally, we want to view each part of

PHP string Function Tutorial: PHP string Split function processing

PHP String functions are widely used in the development of PHP Web sites, such as the use of PHP string functions for string segmentation, interception, matching, replacement and so on. PHP String functions are essential for beginners in PHP, this

PHP string function tutorial: PHP string segmentation function processing

PHP string functions are widely used in PHP website development. for example, PHP string functions are used to segment, intercept, match, and replace strings. PHP string functions are widely used in PHP website development. for example, PHP string

A full array of PHP operation methods

basic functions of array manipulationThe key name and value of the arrayArray_values ($arr); Gets the value of the array Array_keys ($arr), gets the key name of the array array_flip ($arr), and the values in the array are exchanged with the key

String operations and regular expressions

String operations and regular expressionsString formatting;Concatenate and separate strings using string functions;String comparison;Use string functions to match and replace substrings;Use a regular expression;String formatting1. Space removal:

PHP learning: String operations and Regular Expressions

ArticleDirectory A). Convert the character to uppercase: strtoupper () B). Convert the character to lowercase: strtolower () C). If the first character is a letter, convert it to uppercase: ucfirst () D). Convert the first letter

What is the significance of this sentence?

What is the significance of this sentence? if (isset ($ _ SERVER ['http _ X_REWRITE_URL ']) { $ _ SERVER ['request _ URI '] = $ _ SERVER ['http _ X_REWRITE_URL']; $ ___ S = explode (".", $ _ SERVER ['request _ URI ']); $ ____ S = explode ("? ", $ _

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