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ORA-04098 Error Resolution method

Error | resolution ORA-04098 Error Resolution method Database version: 8.1.5 Platform: SOLARIS 5.7 Background: The user has established a trigger: Create or Replace Trigger Ddl_deny Before create or alter or drop on

ORA-12547: TNS: lost contact error handling, ora-12547tns

ORA-12547: TNS: lost contact error handling, ora-12547tns Nothing left to worry about. Configure the oracle database to automatically restart with the system. Check the information and find that you need to configure/etc/oratab and rc. local. The $

Hybriddb for MySQL creates a database because of the bad ASM disk block of the Virtual Machine RAC.

2011.11.23 the ASM disk block of the Virtual Machine RAC results in DB ReconstructionWe just built a 10gr2 rac environment on a company's PC machine with vmware workstation8 and built it with bare equipment + ASM. After the installation is

Oracle startup error ora-7445 problem solution

Not long ago, a friend from encountered a problem, in the database startup process appear ora-7445, and then database CRASH, environment windows version, temporarily disabled the smon tx recovery open database, no more tracking. Record it

Java. SQL. Batch Update Exception: ORA-12899

Java. SQL. Batch Update Exception: ORA-12899 Recently, when I used the JDOM component to parse XML file data and store the data to the oracle database, the following error occurs: Exception in thread "main" java.sql.BatchUpdateException: ORA-12899:

TNS-12518: TNS: Listeners cannot distribute client connections

I encountered a strange error when I recently learned about Oracle Shared Server. The following simulated errors and solutions are displayed:Environment: winxp_sp2_chs + oracle_r2The server is configured as a dedicated server and runs normally. 1

CentOS 7 (with Red Hat) installs Oracle 11g R2 the most complete and fine tips

Prospect:1. Install the x86_64 version of the CentOS 7 system (or the corresponding version of Red Hat, etc.) to the GNOME Desktop edition.2. Download and install and activate Xmanager Enterprise 5 for connection access to Linux systems, data

Configuration Analysis of Oracle Shared Server (Shared Server/MTS)

Shared Server under Oracle 9i (multi-thread Server MTS in 8i) It is mainly used in OLTP services. It takes only a short time for a server process to process the business, and most of them are in idle State. In this case, fewer resources can be used,

In Oracle, "TNS: Listeners cannot distribute client connections" is displayed.

1. Problem description: Open sqlplus and log on with the system role Switch to scott user and switch to sys D:/> sqlplus sys/admin @ orcl as sysdba Next, the following error occurs: "TNS: The Listener cannot distribute client connections" 2.

Non-Oracle users use the operating system to verify login (/assysdba)

I wrote a blog titled "error in logging on to new users using sqlplusassysdba. csdn. netbisalarticledetails9285087 today I happened to see a recommended post "create a user (non-oracle). Operating System verification is not available if dba is not

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