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Comprehensive Analysis of Oracle Developer's Exception Handling Mechanism

Oracle Developer is famous for its rapid data processing and development, and its exception handling mechanism is also relatively complete. 1. Advantages of exceptions If no exception occursProgramCheck whether each command succeeds or fails,

PL/SQL exceptions

PL/SQL exceptions The pre-defined exceptions and codes of PL/SQL are as follows:Exception Oracle error sqlcode Value MeaningAccess_into_null ORA-06530-6530 the referenced object is assigned directly to the object without InitializationCase_not_found

Common Oracle Errors

Abnormal Oracle Error number Sqlcode value Throw the opportunity Access_into_null ORA-06530 -6530 The program attempts to assign a value to an uninitialized (automatically assigned null) object's

oracle-stored procedures and exception snapping

Recently work a little busy, there is no time to study in the work time, I sometimes go to play ball at night, go home to watch TV dramas, Days are passing by. A while ago I saw that the company was useful to Oracle, and I always felt that Oracle

Oracle database exception type and code

Oracle database exception type and code Exception Oracle Error SQLCODE Value Access_into_null ORA-06530 -6530 Case_not_found ORA-06592 -6592 Collection_is_null ORA-06531 -6531 Cursor_already_open ORA-06511 -6511

Pl-sql Programming Basics (4) Exception handling

Exception handling:Even if a good Pl-sql program encounters errors or unforeseen events, a good program should be able to handle all kinds of error situations and recover as much as possible from the error. An error that occurs while the program is

47 common Oracle PL/SQL Toolkit, oracleplsql47

47 common Oracle PL/SQL Toolkit, oracleplsql47 Oracle PL/SQL Utility Library Common PL/SQL Toolkit code, including: PDF file generation Toolkit: Excel file generation, RTF file generation, Zip file compression and decompression, JSON file

Oracle 11G basic learning-(4) PLSQL language basics

  Where can I start learning about Oracle? Here, I will take you to the door of Oracle. One chapter a day, seven days of entry is not a dream.   1. PL/SQL PL/SQL is a procedural extension of Oracle in the standard SQL language that allows embedding

PL/SQL getting started

1.1 PL/SQL Introduction PL/SQL is a procedural language of ORACLE, including a complete set of data types, condition structures, cyclic structures, and Exception Handling structures. PL/SQL can execute SQL statements, PL/SQL functions can also be

Introduction to Pl/sql exception handling

1. Definition Exception: The identifier produced during the execution of the Pl/sql, and a warning or error in Pl/sql is called an exception. Errors usually fall into two categories: Compile-time errors-typically syntax errors, found by the

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