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Oracle error prompt List)

ORA-00001: violation of unique constraints (.) ORA-00017: Request session to set trace event ORA-00018: exceeds Max sessions ORA-00019: exceeds Max session licenses ORA-00020: exceeds Max processes () ORA-00021: Session is attached to some other

Non-Default port listening configuration in Oracle RAC (listener. ora tnsnames. ora)

For listeners that are not on the default port (1521), The pmon process does not register the service/instance to the listener, that is, dynamic registration is not implemented. Similar to a single instance, listeners with non-default RAC ports also

Relationship between listener. ora, sqlnet. ora, and tnsnames. ora

Three configuration files  Listener. ora, sqlnet. ora, and tnsnames. ora are all stored in the $ ORACLE_HOME \ network \ admin directory.  -- Begin focus: Roles and usage of the three files  #-----------------------Sqlnet. ora (client and server) --

CRS-0215: cocould not start resource 'ora. rac3.listener _ rac3.lsnr'

Crs-0215 Rac-VIP add node problem Oracle RAC Problem: Netca to createlistener fails with CRS-0215 and the created listener does not start   An error crs-0215 is reported when creating a netca experiment for adding nodes Check Metalink related

Asm disk Group loading ORA-15183 error example

Asm disk Group loading ORA-15183 error example In Oracle 11gR2, ASM (Automatic Storage Management) is removed from the Database Component, and as an independent Component, it enters the scope of Grid Management. This article mainly introduces a

Simple configuration of listener. ora tnsname. ora and sqlnet. ora

From: http://home.ixpub.net/space.php? Uid = 22032845 & Do = Blog & id = 407669 today I got an experiment and configured the next dblink. My host is vista, And the Oracle 10.2 virtual machine is installed in Oracle 10.2. use the sqlplus or PL/SQL

Listener. ora/sqlnet. ora/tnsnames. ora configuration file details

Oracle Network ConfigurationThe listener. ora, sqlnet. ora, and tnsnames. ora configuration files are all stored in the $ ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory. English description: The sqlnet. ora is an optional file expressing more parameters about

Listener. ora, sqlnet. ora, and tnsnames. ora

Http://hi.baidu.com/easydba/blog/item/9ccbae890bca04b60f2444c3.html     Listener. ora, sqlnet. ora, and tnsnames. ora are all stored in the $ ORACLE_HOME/Network/Admin directory.  Key points: Functions and usage of the three files  #-----------------

Read the sqlnet. ora tnsnames. ora listener. ora files in Oracle.

OverviewIn the Oracle installation directory $ home/Network/admin, sqlnet is often seen. ora tnsnames. ora listener. ora files except tnsnames. ora, the detailed usage of the other two files is not well understood by many people.Sqlnet. ora is used

ORA-12545 error connecting scan ip

GRID and database version: OS: Solaris 5.10 Symptom: an error is reported when the client connects to the scan ip address. Sqlplus system/Oracle@ 1521/pdpt ORA-12545: the connection failed because the target host or object does

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