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Lsof application instance sharing and Oracle Data File Deletion AND RECOVERY TEST

(I) lsof application instance ① Find the program occupying the specified port: [root@temp ~]# lsof -i :80COMMAND PID USER FD TYPE DEVICE SIZE/OFF NODE NAMEhttpd 10278 root 3u IPv6 37812 0t0 TCP *:http (LISTEN)httpd 10280

[Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend

Oracle [Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend Author: fenng Date: Sep 09 2004 The origins of Oracle Company It is hard to imagine the Oracle Company's saga starting with IBM. 1970 June, IBM researcher Edgar Cauter (Edgar Frank

Oracle OEM bug 8350262

Oracle OEM bug 8350262 1. Discover Problems Today, in the OEL 4 environment, we upgraded from to, and then created the database in dbca. The database didn't move during the 91% period and waited for a long time. Finally,

Oracle Error file #N is offline, but are part of online tablespace

A similar warning was found while looking at a client's database recovery log (File #N is offline, but was part of a online tablespace.), not previously noticed, this time by experimenting to reproduce the contentCreate a table spacesql> Create

Oracle RAC migration under VMware causes CRS-1006/CRS-0215/CRS-0233

Recently, the Oracle 10g RAC migration under the virtual machine, after the migration is completed, the Oracle cluster resource VIP cannot start normally, received the CRS-0233: resource or relatives are currently involved with another operation

Oracle basic concepts and comparison with informix

Oracle basic concepts and comparison with informix I. ConceptsUser: informix directly uses the user management system of the operating system. Generally, root and informix are used as super operators to manage other users. Oracle has its own user

In Oracle, how can we correctly perform database recovery?

When the database needs to recover the media, in order to ensure that the database can smoothly perform the recovery process, restore the database to the current state. All we need to do is verify! What is verification? Of course, it is to verify

Oracle learning materials

Oracle learning materials Http:// 1) 132 Oracle popular boutique data Oracle dual machine Hot Standby detailed configuration rose hahttp: //

Oracle RAC Series: Redhat 5.4 RAC No listener at (address= (PROTOCOL=IPC) (Key=system.evm.acceptor.auth)) __oracle

The recent RP value was a little low, and yesterday began to install a 10g RAC. Encountered n many problems. After resolving the problem with the raw device, the error follows when the second node executes [Root@rac2

Oracle 9i installation on Red Hat Linux

Oracle 1, uncompress and unpack downloaded files One step procedure (uses less disk spaces and is faster): Zcat lnx_920_disk1.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Zcat lnx_920_disk2.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Zcat lnx_920_disk3.cpio.gz | Cpio-idmv Two Step procedure:

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