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Oracle 11g Installation

Tags: table created using the Install Oracle programs physical host name Uninstall tabOracle 11g Installation ReadinessDirectoryOracle 11g Installation ReadinessOracle 11g:Oracle 11g online Documentation:Oracle 11g R2 Database installation hardware

Deployment of Oracle 11g databases

Tags: rhel, rhel 5.8, Oracle, Oracle 11gFirst, prefaceRecently to prepare for the exam, ready to review the knowledge of Oracle database, then the premise of learning Oracle is definitely deployed, the current mainstream Oracle version is 11g, then

CentOS installation Oracle 11g full diagram

Tags: des class Code TAR ext CSummary : Description: Linux server operating system: CentOS 5.8 32-bit (note: Please separate partition/data for installation of Oracle database) Linux Server IP address: Oracle database version: Linux_11

Oracle Linux 6.3 Installs Oracle 11g R2 (

Tags: database Oracle Oracle 11gThis article mainly describes the installation of Oracle 11gR2 ( under Oracle Linux 6.3. Starting with Oracle 11g, the Oracle website no longer provides download links to its patches and requires a Meatlink

Oracle 11g modifies default listening port 1521

Label:OS:Oracle Linux Server Release 5.7Db:Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release Production1. Check the Listening status:sql>!lsnrctl StatusLsnrctl for linux:version on 12-nov-2013 01:36:29Copyright

Ubuntu Installation Oracle 11g xe____oracle

Http:// The Installer released by Oracle are only meant for 64-bit (x86_64) systems. If you are wish to install the 32-bit version, and the installing Oracle XE on Ubunt

Install Oracle 11G Single-instance database on Linux under VM virtual machine

Tags: linux;oracleInstall Oracle 11G Single-instance database on Linux under VM virtual machine1. Environment and pre-installation planning: virtual machines and OS as followsEnvironment: VMware wordstation Ace Edition 6.0.2Operating system:

Ubuntu14.04 installing Oracle 11g R2 Express Edition

Tags: ubuntu oracle Oracle 11g Create user Create an Oracle user group: sudo addgroup OracleCreate Oracle User: sudo adduser-ingroup oracle OracleAssigning root permissions to Oracle users: sudo gedit/etc/sudoersPress ENTER to open the

Oracle study-oracle 11g OCM Exam (1)

Tags: OracleOracle study-oracle 11g OCM Exam (1)System environment: RedHat EL64Oracle:oracle 11gR2Oracle 11g OCM Exam First, manual build library, reference document 650) this.width=650; "Src="

CentOS 6.5 Installation Oracle 11g R2

Label:CentOS Installation Oracle 11g R2Lab Environment:Linux server operating system: CentOS 5.5 32-bit (note: Please separate partition/data for installation of Oracle database during system installation)Linux Server IP Address:

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