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Oracle 11g Installation

Oracle 11g Installation ReadinessDirectoryOracle 11g Installation ReadinessOracle 11g:Oracle 11g online Documentation:Oracle 11g R2 Database installation hardware configuration requirements:Linux PlatformsRequired Package Support:Create an Oracle

Deployment of Oracle 11g databases

First, prefaceRecently to prepare for the exam, ready to review the knowledge of Oracle database, then the premise of learning Oracle is definitely deployed, the current mainstream Oracle version is 11g, then we will first look at the next, How to

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4 I. Version descriptionMany articles related to the Internet are found, but they are not very specific. Therefore, the detailed version is used to make the article more practical.This is the RAC

CentOS installation Oracle 11g full diagram

Summary : Description: Linux server operating system: CentOS 5.8 32-bit (note: Please separate partition/data for installation of Oracle database) Linux Server IP address: Oracle database version: Linux_11gr2_database wind

Oracle 11g R2 ASM: understand basic concepts of Oracle ASM

About Oracle ASM instances About Oracle ASM disk groups About grouping and failure groups About Oracle ASM Disks About Oracle ASM files About Oracle ASM instances The Oracle ASM instance is built based on the same technology as the Oracle

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC detailed tutorial how RAC works and related components (iii)

How RAC Works and related components (iii) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is a summary of

Install Oracle 11g in CentOS 6.5

Install Oracle 11g in CentOS 6.5 I recently started to learn how to use CentOS and make some records. References: Install Oracle 11g in Cent OS 6_5 (x86_64) I. Hardware requirements 1. Memory & swap Minimum: 1 GB of RAMRecommended: 2 GB of RAM or

Oracle 11g Silent Installation Software + manual database creation

Oracle 11g Silent Installation Software + manual database creation Because it is a secondary jump + remote operation, the GUI cannot be used and cannot be directly installed on the GUI. Use silent software installation + manual database creation to

Why Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g is favored by partners

Oracle announced the launch of a new database partner, network (OPN), at the time of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g) resources and partners-oriented plug-ins and connectors for Oracle enterprise managers. To better develop, implement, and sell

Installing Oracle RAC 11g

1. Build Oracle RAC 11g cluster on Oracle Enterprise Linux and ISCSI2. All shared disk storage for Oracle RAC will be based on ISCSI,ISCSI using Openfiler version 2.3, which runs on the third node, which is referred to as the networked storage

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