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Steps for installing database 11gr2 on Oracle Linux 6.1

   1. Install Oracle Linux 6.1 Here I use vbox for installation. For details, refer:   Oraclevirtual box installation instructions Http://   Install the following package during OS

Oracle PSU patch upgrade

Note: This is a new host that has not yet been created. If the database already exists, you need to perform the database refreshing operation! Environment: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 sp1 (x86_64) Upgrade the Oracle database from to 11

Oracle 11gR2 RAC database cannot be connected (Ora-12537:tns:connection closed) Resolution

Oracle 11gR2 RAC database cannot be connected (Ora-12537:tns:connection closed) Resolution[Email protected] ~]$ Sqlplus/nologSql*plus:release Production on Wed 29 21:06:10 2012Copyright (c) 1982, Oracle. All rights reserved.Sql> Connect

OEL5.5 Installing Oracle 11GR2 detailed

Virtual machine Environment: Vmware Workstation 11.1.0 + Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 x86-641. Physical Machine Memory settingsMin.: 1GBRecommended: 2GB or aboveDetecting Memory Size:# grep Memtotal/proc/meminfoTo view the available memory space:Free2

How to install Oracle 11gr2 in OEL5.5, oel5.20.gr2

How to install Oracle 11gr2 in OEL5.5, oel5.20.gr2 Virtual Machine environment: Vmware Workstation 11.1.0 + Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 X86-641. Physical Machine memory settingsMinimum: 1 GBRecommended: 2 GB or aboveMemory size:# Grep

Oracle 11GR2 Enable auditing of SYS user action behavior

In Oracle 11GR2, the login audit information for SYS users is logged by default in the Audit_file_dest directory, but the operation content is not audited.Enable auditing of SYS user action behaviorSql> alter system set AUDIT_SYS_OPERATIONS=TRUE

4 Types of IP commentary in Oracle 11GR2 RAC

There are a lot of friends who are confused about the 4 IPs when configuring Oracle 11GR2 RAC, this article explains here.Open a/etc/hosts file for a RAC nodeCat/etc/hosts# public IP192.168.1.138rac1.localdomain Rac1192.168.1.139rac2.localdomain RAC2

Oracle 11GR2 Client Installation (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5 (tikanga) installs Oracle clients)

Installing the Dbd::oralce module times wrong:Running Mkbootstrap for Dbd::oracle ()chmod 644 Oracle.bsRm-f blib/arch/auto/dbd/oracle/oracle.soGcc-shared-o2-g-pipe-wall-wp,-d_fortify_source=2-fexceptions-fstack-protector--PARAM=SSP-BUFFER-SIZE=4-M64-

Oracle study--oracle 11gR2 RAC CRS startup failure

Oracle study--oracle 11gR2 RAC CRS startup failureSystem environment:Operating system: RedHat EL5Cluster:oracle 11gR2 GridOracle:oracle 11gR2In a RAC environment, one of the nodes CRSD the process failed to start:[[email protected] ~]$ CRSCTL Check

Roles of different Oracle 11gr2 patchset files

  In the patchset of Oracle 10g version, only one file disk1. the size of the patchset in Oracle and is greatly increased. The patchset of and is 5 GB. These 5 GB files are composed of seven files.     It is a

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