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Install Oracle 12C and linux7centos7 on LINUX7 (CentOS7)

Install Oracle 12C and linux7centos7 on LINUX7 (CentOS7) Original Works are from the blog of "Deep Blue blog". You are welcome to reprint them. Please note the following source when reprinting them. Otherwise, you will be held legally liable for

Teach you how to read the Oracle Database official documentation

Oracle's official original "Ask Oracle" is a huge and often unfocused document that makes Oracle Novice look effortless. However, there are still many Oracle users who believe that any Oracle learning material is less authoritative and concise than

Installation of Oracle Database 12C in Linux

Installation of Oracle Database 12C in Linux Install Oracle Database 12C in Linux. After the installation, Oracle Configuration Manager fails to be properly installed, which does not matter. It will be installed later. It must be about environment

Oracle 12C R2 Silent Installation Documentation

disabling firewalls/etc/init.d/iptables stop/etc/init.d/ip6tables stopChkconfig iptables offDisable SELinuxCat/etc/selinux/config--Change into selinux=disabled# This file controls the state of the SELinux on the system.# selinux= can take one of

(GO) Oracle Linux 7 installation Oracle 12c

Original: 535894461. Installation PreparationOracle Linux 7.3 Other 7 versions are also available, after installation upgrade to the latestOracle Database 12cOracle VirtualBoxXftp 5Xmanager 5Putty or CRT2. Installing virtual machines and Linux

Linux 12C DG Installation Documentation

1. View host and database information$ sqlplus/as SYSDBAConnected to:Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release ProductionWith the partitioning, Real application Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, OLAP,Advanced Analytics

Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c R4 installation configuration

Preparing the SoftwareEm12.1.0.4_linux64_v45344-01.zipEm12.1.0.4_linux64_v45345-01.zipEm12.1.0.4_linux64_v45346-01.zipInstalling the Operating system (OEL6.5)30G space required to load OS and CC over 50G OS space recommended 6G memory min 4G[Email

The "ORACLE12C" Deployment service establishes the user and the problems encountered in building the database and some new features of 12C

This is an Oracle small white unbearable torture, struggling to make, the cost of painstaking efforts.Differences between ORACLE12C and 11g versionsA problem was encountered while creating the user (my findings are based on the problems encountered):

Oracle 12c Rman Backup Documentation

Create a backup directory to view the remaining space [Email protected] ~]$DF-hDF: '/home/oratest/. Gvfs ': Permission deniedfilesystem Size used Avail use%mounted on/dev/mapper/centos-root 450G 27G 423G6% /Devtmpfs5.8G0 5.8G0%

Using current logfile will be discarded in Data guard of oracle 12c

The problem originated from a 12c database of the customer and needs to be started to the non-real time apply mode, but the execution is found:Alter database recover managed standby database cancel;Alter database recover managed standby database

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