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"Top Secret leaked" wind brother Oracle DBA Senior Engineer Training Video tutorial and internal data v0.1

: Oracle Video Combo Tutorial Content List----------------------------------------------T01. ORACLE11GR2 Rac+dataguard Installation Implementation Maintenance 2+1_ DB cluster disaster recovery videoT02. Wind Brother complete Oracle database project combat [involving Rac,dataguard,asm,udev,linux,win]T03. Wind Brother Oracle RAC 11gr2+weblogic cluster 6 node Projec

Oracle 12c Database dba Getting Started directory

Recovery24.2 cold and recovery in non-archive modeSteps to 24.2.1 ColdRecovery of 24.2.2 Cold prepared24.2.3 Missing Redo log File recovery method24.3 Archive mode and non-archive mode24.3.1 Setting the archive mode of the database24.3.2 Setting the archive process parameters24.3.3 Managing archive files and archive directories24.4 steps to manually hot-standby a database24.5 How to deal with database crashes during hot standby24.6 Principle of hot preparation24.7 Backup Control files24.8 Princ

Oracle 12c new features (for DBA)

One: Multitenant Architecture ( architecture is the new heavyweight feature of Oracle 12c (12.1), built-in multi-tenancy (multi-tenancy), a container database (container) that can hold multiple pluggable Databases, Each pluggable database is independent of the other pluggable database.For external applications and developers, pluggable databases looks like a single database before the n

Oracle 12c Database DBA Entry Guide Directory

Dangdang page Link: Http:// The 1th chapter Oracle Database Basic knowledge1.1 What is a relational database1.1.1 Relational Database modelFounder of 1.1.2 Relational data model1.2 Oracle Database Development historyThe beginning of 1.2.1 Company1.2.2 Oracle Database development process1.3 Database RDBMS1.4 SQL Language Introduct

Emme College Oracle Real-Life training opens DBA career

650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_2418458466.png "title=" the DBA Training "alt=" Wkiom1mtgvdsusvraaygcg97wfw550.png-wh_50 "/>There is no doubt that today's era has already entered the "Data age", data everywhere, everywhere, is also in an unprecedented way to change our lives. The status of

Oracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training Package (all) series more than 60 sets + seven phases + thousands of cases

Oracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training Package (series more than 60 sets + seven phases + thousands of cases)DescribeOracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training course is the wind brother alone research and development of the fine combat courses, the road map is mainl

New Oracle 12C features online renaming, migrating active data files

Tags: alert mobile move BSP 12c tab CTE ADA storagemigrating or renaming data files in the 12c version of Oracle database no longer requires too many tedious steps to rename and move data files online using an SQL statement such as ALTER database move datafile. When this data file is being transmitted, the end user can

Oracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training Upper (project implementation + Backup Recovery + foundation depth)

Oracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training Upper (project implementation + Backup Recovery + foundation depth)Purchase Address:Http:// DescribeOracle DBA Database Senior Engineer Training course is the wind brother alone research and

Oracle DBA technical training

For the technical content of Oracle databases that DBAs need to master, the training content developed will involve the following content. 1. Oracle Installation and upgrade (including hardware, network and database planning and design before installation) 2. Oracle memory components and process Components Iii.

New Features of Oracle 12C-online migration of table partitions or subpartitions

New Features of Oracle 12C-online migration of table partitions or subpartitions Oracle 12c: new feature-online migration of table partitions or subpartitions. It is no longer necessary to migrate table partitions or subpartition

New features of Oracle 12C move (non-partitioned tables) Table online

;Table altered.--View index statusSql>Col index_name for A25Select Table_name,index_name,status,blevel,leaf_blocks,orphaned_entries from user_indexes where index_name = ' IDX_ Andy_id ';table_name index_name STATUS blevel leaf_blocks ORP------------------------- ------------------------- -------- ---------- ----------- ---Andy_move idx_andy_id VALID 0 0 NO--Move online partition table errorSql> ALTER TABLE P_andy move

A letter to Oracle DBA (online spread)

-level recovery with flashback. Things are destined to be together, in front of the unlucky egg rocky, the telephone rang. The phone is from the finance department, meaning that because of the mistake, he changed the financial software to the salary scale of a salary increase of a wrong number, you find that your monthly salary has become million (jokes). In fact, everyone is so expected! It needs you to save his mistakes! Using flashback can also help you solve problems quickly.8. Be a good hab

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