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Installing the Oracle RAC (12.1) virtual machine on Linux, step-by-step wizard

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS using SPOracle RAC (12.1) installs virtual machines on Linux, step-by-step wizardtoday we will see how to installC version 1 RAC (real application cluster) database 2 Linux 64-bit virtual machi

LINUX + ORACLE + RAC is the most simplified and important step and the Method for Automatic startup of multiple databases

. Configuration: parameters such as shellmax shellall (but this step can also be omitted according to the official ORACLE textbooks. Practice has proved that this step is omitted. If you only install the database program, you can, but if you want to create a database instance, you will be prompted to configure these parameters.) the following code is copied and p

CentOS 7 deploys Oracle 12c RAC serving

, 10234101760 bytes, 19988480 sectorsUnits = sectors of 1 * MB = bytesSector size (logical/physical): bytes/512 bytesI/O size (minimum/optimal): bytes/512 bytesIn this way, three volumes are shared and hooked up on each node.Deploy Oracle 12c RACThree phases: Preparation before installation, installation of software, creation of a database.Pre-Installation PreparationThe main steps are: preparing to swap pa

Step by step clean up the oracle 10g RAC environment that fails to be installed

Step by step to clean up the oracle 10g RAC environment that fails to be installed due to problems with the previous installation of clusterware, so reinstall the environment, but each time you execute the root. sh always has Failure at final check of Oracle CRS stack. 10. s

Step 3 of Oracle RAC configuration and the cause of configuration error

the public network. 5. In some systems, such as Solaris), you need to specify the default gateway for the VIP. 6. Make sure that the partition information is visible on all nodes when partitioning a hard disk. 7. You must specify the correct permissions and owner for the OCR and vote devices. 8. Specify the host name for public IP, private IP, and VIP. The host name cannot contain uppercase letters and underscores (_), but can contain minus signs

Step tutorial on installing Oracle 12c Release Database in win10, win1012c

Step tutorial on installing Oracle 12c Release Database in win10, win1012c Install Oracle 12c Release Database in win10 In general, download and decompress the package and go to the official website. Double-click to start installation. Click OK to skip

Step-by-Step teaching you to install the Oracle Tutorial in CentOS 7

/orainventory 4, modify the operating system name Vi/etc/redhat-release #编辑 Modified to: redhat-7 I am not very clear here, because the Oracle officially certified system is redhat, Oracle Linux, SuSE, and so on, and finally chose CentOS to install Oracle, but also bec

Installing Oracle 12c RAC on Linux 6

/asm-diskechmod 660/DEV/ASM-DISKFchmod 660/dev/asm-diskgForgot to edit the kernel parameters vi/etc/sysctl.confFs.file-max = 6815744Kernel.sem = 250 32000 100 128Kernel.shmmni = 4096Kernel.shmall = 4294967296Kernel.shmmax = 4398046511104Kernel.panic_on_oops = 1Net.core.rmem_default = 262144Net.core.rmem_max = 4194304Net.core.wmem_default = 262144Net.core.wmem_max = 1048576FS.AIO-MAX-NR = 1048576Net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500This article is from the "vmware/

Teamcenter10 step-by-step installation in Linux env-oracle Server installation

-bottom:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;border-left:0px;padding-right:0px, "border=" 0 "alt=" clip_ image004 "src=" "height=" 484 "/> Step 6 Specify [Oracle Base] and [Oracle Home] Locations 650) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image006 "style=" border-top:0px;border-right:0px;

Step-by-step teaching you to install Oracle 11g Grid + database under Redhat Linux

systems, but since we have a grid, it can also be built on ASM disk groups. Vi. creation of ASM disk groupsWe go into the bin directory of the grid and execute the ASMCA command Then create an ASM disk group Specifying ASM Disks Change the path to our ASM disk to sit in the pathOur ASM disk is under this path The ASM disk is discovered when the modification is complete. We name the disk group data and the redundancy mode is external.Then create ASM Vii. creating a database on an ASM

(GO) Oracle Linux 7 installation Oracle 12c

root partition, which is the experimental environment so it can beConfigure the NetworkThe root password is now created when installing the installation, and if prompted simply, click two times.Wait for the installation to complete.3. Configure Linux environment A. Test network environment Remember to shut down the local computer firewall.$IP Address Show$vi/etc/hosts configuration in root mode$ping TestEnter Command mode

Oracle 12C R2 on Linux 7.X Data Guard Build Document

]: Selected log + F or T-1. S-144 dbid 1507958524 Branch 9801777902018-07-18t16:08:01.892027+08:00archived Log entry added for T-1. S-143 ID 0x59e1d0fc lad:12018-07-18t16:08:01.974669+08:00media Recovery waiting for thread 1 sequence 144 (in transit) 2018 -07-18t16:08:01.974916+08:00recovery of Online Redo log:thread 1 Group-Seq 144 Reading mem 0 mem# 0:/data/orada TA/ORCL/REDO14.LOG2018-07-18T16:10:04.097893+08:00RFS[1]: Selected log for T-1. S-145 dbid 1507958524 Branch 9801777902018-07-18t16:

Redhat 7 oracle 11g Silent Installation step tutorial, redhat11g

Redhat 7 oracle 11g Silent Installation step tutorial, redhat11g I. Preparations before installation 1. Modify the Host Name sed -i "s/HOSTNAME=localhost.localdomain/HOSTNAME=oracledb.01/" /etc/sysconfig/network 2. Add the host name to correspond to the IP address vim /etc/hosts Append at the end: oracledb.01 3. Disable seLinux sed -i "s/SELINUX=en

"RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 install Oracle 12C" related script download

Oracle Soft Nproc 2047 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle hard Nproc 16384 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle Soft nofile 1024x768 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle hard Nofile 65536 >>/etc/security/limits.conf#vi/etc/pam.d/loginecho Session required/lib/security/ >>/etc/pam.d/loginecho Sessi

Step 7 of Oracle database installation and configuration

saleuser [user name]/SALEUSER [Password] @ Oracle_SERVER_SALE [Oracle service name] FILE = D: \ SALEDB. dmp owner = (SALEUSER [user name])] 4. Import all objects and table data of the Oracle database D: \ Oracle \ ORA92 \ BIN> [imp saleuser [user name]/SALEUSER [Password] @ Oracle_SERVER_SALE [Oracle service name] FIL

Linux build Environment: CentOs 7 Installation Mono and Jexus Step Records

1 because 163 does not have a CentOs7 mirror. So I didn't add this wget .Http:// Http:// MakecacheYum Install mono-optYum Install mod_mono-opt2 Check if it is installed.Yum List Installed | grep Monowatermark/2/text/ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvz3jlzw5lcnk=/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jb

Step 7 of Embedded Linux Learning

EmbeddedLinuxStep 7 Reprinted please note Http:// [Thank you for your attention] all the slides of Step 7 are here, and the word version is still being organized ~ Http:// [Sequence] LearningLinuxI have been devel

Linux build Environment: CentOs 7 Installation Mono and Jexus Step Records

1 because 163 does not have the CENTOS7 mirror, so does not add this wgetHttp:// Http:// MakecacheYum Install mono-optYum Install mod_mono-opt2 Checking whether the installation is goodYum List Installed | grep Mono3 Adding a mono work pathModify/etc/profile, add VI at end/etc/profileMono_hom

Complete removal of Oracle step "Go" under Linux

(1) Turn off Oracle services and background processes echo $ORACLE _home | grep ORA as SYSDBA Select from V$instance; Ps–ef |grep Ora_Ps–ef |grep Ora_ can see the background process is goneLsnrctl Status View Listener state(2) Stop Oracle's Listener(3) Delete subdirectories and files under the $oracle_home directory cd $ORACLE _home pwd

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