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Oracle Database 12c 16 Features Summary

Label:Oracle 12c has been released for a long time, has been trying to find a way to learn a bit, after all, the subsequent 12c will gradually replace the existing database version, become the mainstream database version. Now 12c some of the most

Centos7_minimal silent installation of Oracle 12c version

Tags: centos7 Oraclecentos7_minimal silent installation of Oracle 12c version1. Check the system version[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-release CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)2. Turn off SELinux[Email protected] ~]# sed-i '

Oracle 12c RAC installation ACFS file System tutorial

This article describes how to build a Acfs file system on a virtual machine that already has 12c RAC installed, and use the ACFS snapshot to brush a cow (Copy-On-Write) library to do the test library. Highlight Step: Add ASM disk to virtual machine

Oracle 12c Installation and configuration

Tags: Click home configuration Location 12c specific EM tool basic capitalizationOracle 12c R2 for windows_x64 installation 1. Installation Preparation 1.1 Download Oracle for Windows version Official:

"Translated from MOS article" Convert Oracle 12c Database from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition

Label:Convert Oracle 12c Database from Standard Edition to Enterprise EditionFrom:How to Convert the Oracle Database 12c from standard to Enterprise Edition? (Document ID 2046103.1)Applies To:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version and

CentOS 7 deploys Oracle 12c RAC serving

Tags: command execution wget Restart Speed Hyper Fusion is open OGGOracle 12c was released for a long time, although several sets of single-instance Oracle 12c have been deployed in the near future, there has been no opportunity to implement 12c RAC

Installing Oracle 12c Tutorials under Windows

Tags: http io color ar os using SP strong fileInstall Oracle 12c Tutorial under the original WindowsDisclaimer: This article originally JMQThis article brings you an installation tutorial for Oracle 12C.1. Prepare for 1.1 download Oracle 12c

How Oracle 12c connects to CDB and PDB

Tags: des style blog http io ar color OS use1 Connecting to CDBThe same connection as the normal instance. Specify that ORACLE_SID can use OS authentication later, or you can connect using a password.[Email protected]/]$ echo $ORACLE _sidCndba[Email

Data migration for ORACLE 12C Cold backup (rename mode)

Tags: Oracle database migration Cold Backup 12cPreviously wrote an article by modifying the control file to modify the path of the problem, now use method two through rename to modify the path of the problemExperimental object: Two Linux stand-alone

Oracle 12c ( OEM Server Agent installation configuration

Tags: monitor host pos. SH Download--Cannot installation configuration serverAttention:This document is an operational document for production, omitting the need for ip,oracle users to server,agent at least Sudo,ping,ssh, creating directory

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