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Heavyweight | Speed Cloud released 3 new products to create "container platform" + "Application Delivery" + "Application Governance" three-stage rocket

June 2018, the speed of the cloud released 3 new products! ① Speed Cloud Enterprise Edition v3.0 | Tenxcloud Enterprise;②devops Development operation and maintenance Integration v3.0 | Tenxcloud Devops;③ Speed Cloud micro-service governance Platform v1.2 | Tenxcloud microservice; speed cloud PaaS, micro-service develop

"Heavyweight" perfect fusion Kubernetes,ghostcloud Enterprise Container cloud Platform Ecos first implementation of dual-container scheduling

container-type public host 100,000, deployed over 500,000 times. The new Ecos-kubernetes platform enables the container to be clustered across hosts, flexibly control the functions in the form of plug-in management, the introduction of tenant concept strengthens the control of permissions, customized security cloud defenses to solve the security risks of Docker.

Dockone WeChat Share (120): The practice of private container cloud construction based on Kubernetes

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Editor's note" This sharing will introduce ePRO to pay private container cloud from 0 to 1 of the construction road. Includes technology selection, theoretical Foundation, kubernetes-based container clouds and CI/CD in the landing process challenges and trampled pits. Construction

Docker container and Container cloud reading notes 1

. Redis Database Container node testMaster# redis-CLI127.0. 0.1:6379> set master bc8eok127.0. 0.1:6379> get Master"bc8e"Slave# redis-CLI127.0. 0.1:6379> get Master"bc8e"Info can check the current Redis status,/var/log/redis/redis.log can view the log information, if the master data is not synchronized to slave, you can use the log to assist in troubleshooting.8. Configuration of the app container nodeAccord

Capacitive Cloud: Container-driven PAAs platform implementation (top)

Editor's note: This article is based on the Shanghai Container Conference on-site speech content, based on the actual combat with you to share the next generation of PAAs platform construction problems encountered, the current mainstream PAAs platform analysis, enterprise delivery experience and experiences. The article is long, divided into upper and lower two parts, this article is the previous article. Guest Introduction: Ma Hongxi, PTZ co-founder

K8s and caas--container cloud CaaS platform's Landing practice

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Objective In the era of mobile Internet, new technologies need to support the environment, new software delivery process and it architecture, so as to realize the platform of architecture, delivery continuity and business service. Containers will become standard deliverables for next-generation applications, and the container cloud

Cloud: Container network that's the thing.

Editor's note:This article is based on July 31, PTZ "Docker Live era offline salon-Beijing station" guests to share content, to share the guest Du Dongming, a cloud senior technical consultant, ten years it experience, IT industry full stack engineer. Areas of involvement include storage, networking, backup/disaster recovery, Server/terminal virtualization, Docker, and more. Has a wealth of first-line customer experience, has helped ICBC, CCB, Everbri

"Container + cloud" Integration: China Open source Enterprise Rapid layout kubernetes

the Docker company swarm three open source community. The single container itself does not make much sense, and it must have the container cluster management technology to manage and dispatch thousands or even billions of containers, which has practical significance. These three container cluster management technology is different, each adapt to various

NetEase Cloud container Service micro-service practice-micro-service testing and mirroring the whole process of measurement

This article comes from NetEase cloud community. ObjectiveIn recent years, many Internet projects have changed from monomer service to micro-service trend, especially some complex architecture, business more extensive projects, micro-service is the trend, can solve a series of independent construction, update, operation and other issues, so as to liberate productivity, promote delivery efficiency and quality.At present, the NetEase

There is a cloud: container network those things _docker

problem, in fact, because the container to the network needs, and the traditional physical, virtual environment for the needs of the network environment is very different. Virtual routers have done a lot of work, such as virtual router Virtual switch, now found that the container environment is not so good to fit. Very important reason: virtual age hundreds of virtual machines may be a lot of, the big deal

Cloud Platform Application: highlighting Microsoft's cloud computing and Application Advantages

into virtualization technology, distributed technology, parallel computing/distributed computing, xaas, Web x.0 and other technologies. Cloud computing platforms include three types of services: basic software implementation as a service IAAs, platform as a service paas, and software as a service SAAS. The basis of these three services is the virtualization platform, as shown in 1: Figure 1 virtualization platform and

What to do with cloud container services

virtual resources. Originally the bottom is the virtual machine when, feel good complex, what sr-iov,libvirt/kvm,sdn,overlay,ceph ... People who do PaaS generally don't understand. And now there is a stack of ready-made Docker container platform, and then to the application, are doing software people can do things, so in fact, the IaaS is not so critical.These discussions, like the one-core and micro-kerne

Kubernetes and swarm comparison of container cloud technology selection

The essence of swarm and k8s are container orchestration services.They can abstract the underlying host, and then start the application from a built-in image and eventually deploy it to a host on a docker basis. Which scenario should be chosen as our container cloud service? I think k8s (kubernetes short) and swarm com

"Cloud News" of 25 "Microsoft will support the" Docker "container in Windows Server

technology will be published with the next version of Windows Server. Expected in 2016, Microsoft will provide a streamlined version of Windows Server designed only to run containers, known as nano servers, which will occupy approximately 1/20 of the size of the disk compared to normal Windows Server versions.Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers can be controlled through the Docker engine, enabling administrators to manage containers that use both Docker containers and Microsoft in

"Cloud News" of 25 "Microsoft will support the" Docker "container in Windows Server

containers and Hyper-V containers can be controlled through the Docker engine, enabling administrators to manage containers that use both Docker containers and Microsoft in the same environment.Since its debut in 2013, Docker has become a very popular development organization and has been downloaded more than 1 million times. The software provides a way to package together with the application-dependent libraries so that it can be easily migrated and

What are the underlying issues that the container private cloud and continuous publishing have to solve? Second episode

Zheng was founded in 2015/10/30 last updated on 2015/11/20 keywords: Docker, container, continuous integration, continuous release, private cloud, Jenkins,mesos,marathon This document applies to people: the broad sense of the technical staff outline: Container or volume mount? Host Networking or Bridge Networking? Does the

Several people cloud container management tool Crane now open source

This is an era of container information bloat.Docker whales have a round belly in Seattle opened a conference called DOCKERCON2016, the world's 4000 people to attend, 8 highlights left a more imagination of the container ecology.Several people cloud has been focused on enterprise-class Mesos + container technology stac

When public cloud Azure embraces Docker container technology

. Developers and administrators can then manage the Docker environment on Linux and Windows on Windows lines through the same Docker client.Docker's Windows Server container image can be hosted on the Docker hub. Developers and administrators can easily share or automate workflow deployments for WindowsServer and Linux docker images at the same time.The Microsoftazure gallery,azure Management Portal integrates with Docker hub to support the deployment

When public cloud Azure embraces Docker container technology

release will be able to build an image of Linux or Windows Server at the same time through Docker by providing a new Distributed application category.650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 3.png " alt= "Wkiol1so4gxgi_staafdzkv0yrs186.jpg"/>The Docker client natively supports Windows. Developers and administrators can then manage the Docker environment on Linux and Windows on Window

Daocloud receives the speed of light An Zhen $ Millions of investment, will launch the container technology cloud Platform

Daocloud is investing in the speed of light An Zhen $ Millions of, and will launch container technology cloud Platform Sina 's Docker -represented container technology is the most focused cloud computing open source project of the 2014. This technology provides a convenient means for developing native applications in t

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