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The characteristics and application of binding variables in Oracle database

Binding variable characteristics and application of Oracle database "-----" reprinted from address) Keywords:Bind variable (binding variable), shared pool (gkfx buffer pool), SGA (System global Area);Before

A good memory is better than a rotten pen. Oracle SQL Optimization (2)

*sql optimization based on ORACLE11GR2 reading notes * Third, cursor in OracleThe cursor in Oracle is a vector of SQL parsing and execution in an Oracle database and is a data structure for C (Oracle is written in C).There are two types of cursor in

Oracle Database optimization and backup

Oracle SQL Performance Optimization: 1. select an appropriate Oracle optimizerThere are three optimizer types in Oracle A. Rule (Rule-based) B. Cost (cost-based) C. Choose (selectivity) Set the default optimizer. You can declare the optimizer_mode

Oracle-based SQL optimization

[ Oracle-based SQL Optimization ]Oracle-based SQL optimization"Bo Master" Gao Ruilin"Blog Address" A Written Intent description In the early stage of the system development, due to less

. Net calls the Oracle stored procedure and uses array parameters (such as arraylist)

Today, a friend from a project team asked: how to call the stored procedure of Oracle in. NET and input it as an array. Oracle's PL/SQL statements are very powerful. They support fixed-length arrays and variable-length arrays, and support any custom

Database optimization technology-dynamic variable binding in Oracle databases

We know that the shared pool is an extremely important shared memory structure in the System Global Area and SGA. HoweverOracle DatabaseStore parsed and compiled SQL statements together with other content here. However, parsed SQL statements must be

Bind the array to the ODP. NET database command

Statement: ThisArticleFrom OTN ( After reading this document, you should be able: Use ODP. Net to call database Stored Procedures

Passing an array from Java to PL/SQL

A6l 06,200 4 Venkat -- thanks for the question regarding "passing an array from Java to PL/SQL", version 8.1.7 You asked Hi Tom, I need to pass String Array from Java to PL/SQL and also returnarray from PL/SQL. I refered your book and

Oracle Performance Analysis: Enabling SQL tracking and obtaining trace files

Oracle Performance Analysis 1: Enabling SQL tracking and obtaining trace files when Oracle queries encounter efficiency problems, we often need to understand the problem so as to provide solutions to the problem. Oracle provides the trace

Use PHP to access Oracle LOB in BS structure

oracle| Access Summary: This article describes how to use PHP's database access technology to implement the storage of Oracle LOB data objects. Keywords: php;oracle; LOB; storage; Introduction PHP, or "Php:hypertext preprocessor", is a versatile

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