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Oracle 11g R2 ASM: understand basic concepts of Oracle ASM

About Oracle ASM instances About Oracle ASM disk groups About grouping and failure groups About Oracle ASM Disks About Oracle ASM files

Oracle ASM introduction and installation of Linux5.2 + Oracle10g + ASM Process

Oracle ASM introduction and installation of Linux5.2 + Oracle10g + ASM Process 1) The reason for ASM (Automatic Storage Management: ASM is a new feature in Oracle 10g R2 to simplify the management of

Recommended Methods for migrating data from Oracle Database (from ASM to local hard disk or from local hard disk to ASM)

.564.83111783556 6244 NEUDOC_DRTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/neudoc_drtbs.565.83111784157 3172 UNIEAP_DRTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/unieap_drtbs.566.83111784158 4196 ELARP_DRTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/elarp_drtbs.567.83111784159 100 NMGADMIN_GTTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/nmgadmin_gttbs.568.83111936360 100 GTDZ_GTTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/gtdz_gttbs.569.83111936361 100 GTKZ_GTTBS *** + DATA_NMGT/nmggt/datafile/gtkz_gttbs.570.83111936562 100 SDE_GTTBS *** + DATA

ADHU (ASM Disk Header Utility)-asm disk header backup and recovery tool in oracle

Adhu (ASM Disk Header Utility) is one of the three major restoration artifacts of oracle asm, kfed, and amdu, which are not vigorously promoted by oracle (an internal tool ), with the enhancement of the kfed function and the improvement of the automatic backup function of asm

Oracle RAC series: Basic O & M for ASM

(ASM Automatic Storage Management) is a data file storage mechanism dedicated to Oracle database services. By managing data files through ASM, DBAs no longer have to worry about I/O performance issues, you do not need to know the file name. At the same time, ASM also provides integration from the file system to the vol

New Features of Oracle ASM 11g

1. What is ASM? ASM is called Automatic Storage Management (Automatic Storage Management). It is a new feature launched by Oracle 10 Gb. This is a volume manager provided by Oracle to replace the LVM provided by the operating system. It not only supports single-instance configuration, but also supports multi-instance c

ASM Disk Error setting Pvid in Oracle causes ASM DiskGroup not mount Recovery

$ exitYou have mail in/usr/spool/mail/root[Db2/#]chdev-l hdisk8-a Pv=clearHDISK8 changed[DB2/#]LSPVHdisk0 00f9733ef7cf27e9 ROOTVG ActiveHdisk1 00f9733e21b953e6 ROOTVG ActiveHdisk2 00f9733e21b97a83 APPVG ActiveHDISK3 00f9733e21b98434 APPVG ActiveHDISK4 00f9733d67553e0a NoneHdisk5 00f9733d67553f31 NoneHDISK6 00f9733d67554011 NoneHdisk7 00f9733d67554165 NoneHdisk8 None NoneHDISK9 00f9733d675542e4 NoneHdisk10 None None[Db2/#]su-grid$ sqlplus/as SysasmSql*plus:release Production on Sun Dec

Examples of rename ASM DiskGroup in Oracle

After 11.2, you can rename ASM DiskGroup without having to create a new diskgroup, and then do image copy. In 11.2, in the GI home, with a command renamedg, look at the following example: RENAMEDG phase=The steps can be divided into 2 phase, the first is to generate a configure file (Renamedg_config), and the second phase is to execute the Configure file, and the Phase=both in the document is to indicate that the build is executed directly after it

Gain insight into Oracle Flex ASM and its benefits

Brief introductionOracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) is a well-known product in Oracle Solutions for maintaining high availability of business data. Oracle RAC allows sharing of load across all cluster nodes, using N-1 Fault tolerant configuration to address node failures, where N is the total number of nodes. Oracle RAC is continuously improving every version

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4 I. Version descriptionMany articles related to the Internet are found, but they are not very specific. Therefore, the detailed version is used to make the article more practical.This is the RAC environment of Oracle 11g R2 The operating system version is

Oracle Linux 6+udev+oracle11gr2+oracle ASM

Oracle Linux 4.7 Configuration documentation for Oracle ASM Oracle Linux 6 installation oracle11g R2 and Oracle Linux 4.7 installation oracle10g R2 different places are: Required RPM Package: binutils-

Oracle ASM Database Daily Management Maintenance _ Beyond OCP proficient in Oracle Video course training 25

Oracle Video tutorial goals Oracle Video tutorial, wind Brother this set of Oracle Tutorial training to learn ASM fundamentals, Oracle Single and RAC ASM installation configuration instructions,

Oracle 11g ASM: how to create an Oracle ACFS File System in ASMCMD command line tool

Oracle 11g ASM: how to create an Oracle ACFS file system experiment environment in ASMCMD command line tool: Oracle 11g R2 RAC ( oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6x86 1. Create an ASM disk group and mount the disk on two nodes

Build a virtual ASM environment in Windows to create an Oracle 10 Gb Database

This article consists of four parts: 1. Create a virtual ASM disk, 2. Create a database on the virtual ASM disk, 3. asmcmd tool, and 4. Add a disk for the disk group. Part 1: create a virtual ASM Disk(In this example, Oracle is installed on D: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0) 1.

ORACLE ASM Daily Management

Label:ASM OverviewAutomatic Storage Management (ASM) is a great new feature in Oracle database 10g that provides services such as file systems, logical volume managers, and software raid in a platform-agnostic manner. ASM can stripe and mirror disks, enabling the addition or removal of disks as the database is loaded, and automatic balancing of I/O to remove "hot

Oracle 11g ASM: how to create an oracle ACFs File System in asmcmd command line tool

Lab environment: Oracle 11g R2 RAC ( Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.6x86 1. Create an ASM disk group and mount the disk on two nodes. Then, partition the disk on the first node. [root @ Rac1 ~] # Fdisk-ldisk/dev/SDE: 2147 MB, 2147483648 bytes255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 261 cylindersunits = cylinders of 16065*512 = 8225280 bytes Device boot start end blocks

Oracle 10g R2 create ASM instance Step By Step

ASM concepts 1. what is Automatic Storage Management (ASM, it is a disk management tool that can implement strip, image data files, recovery files, and other files among multiple physical devices. The distribution unit is AUs (allocation units) the balance is distributed across all disks in the disk group. ASM uses the index technology to track the positions of e

Oracle ASM Instances and Oracle database instances are crash on RHEL7.2 that "translated from MoS article" set Removeipc=yes

Label:Removeipc=yes RHEL7.2 will crash the Oracle ASM instance and Oracle database instance, and the problem will also be in the use of the shared Memory Segment (SHM) or semaphores (SEM) Occurs in the application.From:Alert:setting Removeipc=yes on Redhat 7.2 crashes ASM and Database Instances as well as any applicati

ORACLE AUTOMATIC STORAGE Management Translator-Chapter II ASM instance (1)

Label:Chapter II ASM INSTANCEthe type of ASM, for example, can be:The Oracle instance type adds an ASM category after 10g. The parameter instance_type=asm is set.ASM Instance startup command: StartupNomountLaunches the instance and background processes. But the disk group is

UDEV SCSI Rules Configuration for ASM in Oracle Linux 5 and 6

Tags: point bin socket list option href rom Lex efiUDEV SCSI Rules Configuration for ASM in Oracle Linux 5 and 6For Oracle Automatic Storage Manager (ASM) to use disks, it needs to is able to identify the devices consistently and for them to the correct ownership and permissions. In Linux you can use Asmlib to manage t

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