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Install PHP and Oracle 10g real-time client

To confirm whether the extension is configured, create a simple PHP script where the Web server can read it. phpinfo();?> Load the script to the browser using a URL similar to "http: // localhost: 8888//phpinfo. php. The browser page should contain

Oracle client-free for. Net (added analysis devart and DataDirect)

I am just a common. Net developer. I often use sqlserver, and occasionally use other databases, which can be connected and then select/execute. But it is my small wish that it will be hard to achieve in the face of oracle. Although Oracle

Installation-free Oracle client-introduction and configuration of Oracle Instant Client

  Oracle Instant Client is an Oracle client without installation. It is not encapsulated by the Oracle installer, making it easier for users to understand its structure.   About Instant Client   The latest version includes the following

Oracle Plsql Client Connection Oracle12.2 A workaround for the permissions issue and the use of the green version of the Oracle client.

1. Colleague feedback log in without reporting errors when logging into the latest oracle12.2 database:2. Remember to check the data, Oracle increased the encryption level of the client connection database in 12.2 earlier Oracle client such as 11.2.0

Oracle PSU patch upgrade

Note: This is a new host that has not yet been created. If the database already exists, you need to perform the database refreshing operation! Environment: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 sp1 (x86_64) Upgrade the Oracle database from to 11

OCI basics in Linux: configure the Instant Client to connect to the Oracle database

Basics of connecting OCI to Oracle in Linux ---- configuring Instant Client to connect to oracle Database Some time ago, a brother posted a post on my blog about how to use OCI to link oracle Database Configuration methods, A lot of things in that

Basic Introduction and certification of oracle

1,OracleOfficial preparations recommended by the company Generally speaking, Oracle has a lot of examination content, and the examination questions are also very detailed, it has a strong requirement on hands-on ability. Therefore, in order to be

Patch P14275605 PSU for a single Oracle 11g instance

Patch P14275605 PSU for a single Oracle 11g instance 1. Close all instances SQL> shutdown immediate 2. Disable all listeners $ [Oracle @ ora_11g test01] $ lsnrctl stop 3. Disable all background sqlplus [Oracle @ ora_11g 14275605] $ ps-ef |

Configure the lite version of the Oracle client

Generally, it is only used as a client to access Oracle and does not need to install a large Oracle database. Sometimes I often forget how to configure the lite version of oracle.ArticleBack up a record. You can download the client suitable for

Setting environment variables for connecting Instant Client to oracle

When the Instant Client connects to the oracle database, problems may occur when connecting directly. You must set the environment variables. Let's take a look at how to set the environment variables for the Instant Client to connect to

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