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Ado. NET Data connection Pool

21st century is the most expensive. Database connection. Database connection is one of the most precious resources in the whole system for the application system with database as the cornerstone of data storage. Database connection pooling is the

Basic working principle of Connection Pool

Basic working principle of Connection Pool 1. Basic Concepts and Principles From the above analysis, we can see that the root cause of the problem is the inefficient management of database connection resources. We know that there is a well-known

DB connection pool memo

In network programming, it is proposed to put sockets into the pool so that multiple threads can share the conenction of these sockets) The DB connection pool is an implementation based on the connection pool. The connection pool is a technology

Several mainstream Java connection pool grooming

Pool technology can significantly optimize the performance of server applications, improve program execution efficiency and reduce system resource overhead. The pool described here is a generalized pool, such as database connection pool, thread pool,

A detailed explanation of the principles and mechanisms of the database connection pool in Java.

I went to the interview today and met a question about the database connection pool, which is clearly something that is often used. But after I shut down my computer and book, I found many things I still cannot tell clearly, I have specially

Working principle of Database Connection Pool

Abstract This article introduces the working principle of the JDBC-based database connection pool, describes the transaction processing and multi-database servers of the connection pool technology. Various key technologies propose an efficient

Research and Application of JDBC-based database connection pool technology

Introduction In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet/Intranet network construction technology and the rapid popularization in the world Applications have been switched from traditional desktop applications to Web applications. The

Research and application of database connection pool technology based on JDBC

Data | database | database connection SummaryThis paper introduces the principle of Java Access database and its existing problems, puts forward the solution-database connection pool, analyzes its key problems, constructs a simple and easy-to-use

Connection Pool details

Currently, the connection pool of JDBC2 is only an interface and is not actually implemented. JDBC3 is under development, It is reported that the connection pool is supported, .......... JDBC3 uses the JNDI technology, and the configuration of the

Database Connection Pool

SummaryThis paper introduces the principle and problems of Java Access database, puts forward the solution-database connection pool, analyzes its key problems, constructs a simple and easy-to-use connection pool and illustrates how it is used in

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