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Oracle 12C R2 on Linux 7.X Data Guard Build Document

]: Selected log + F or T-1. S-144 dbid 1507958524 Branch 9801777902018-07-18t16:08:01.892027+08:00archived Log entry added for T-1. S-143 ID 0x59e1d0fc lad:12018-07-18t16:08:01.974669+08:00media Recovery waiting for thread 1 sequence 144 (in transit) 2018 -07-18t16:08:01.974916+08:00recovery of Online Redo log:thread 1 Group-Seq 144 Reading mem 0 mem# 0:/data/orada TA/ORCL/REDO14.LOG2018-07-18T16:10:04.097893+08:00RFS[1]: Selected log for T-1. S-145 d

Case: Oracle Dul Data Mining Unconventional recovery of Oracle 12C CDB database

non-routine recovery of Oracle 12C CDB database without database backupFamiliar with Dul friends know Dul is file# 1 Block 1 kcvfhrdb find bootstarp$ Segment Header (in fact Kcvfhrdb is bootstarp$ segment Header RDBA address), Then through the related SQL stored in the bootstarp$ to find some base table objects (obj$,tab$,col$,seg$, etc.), and then through their positioning to the specific object of the seg

Learning Note: Oracle 12C Data Recovery Tool bbed instructions for use

Label:Oracle 12C still supports the beta version of Bbed,oracle 12C, and for those accustomed to using bbed (Oracle scalpel), whether 12C continues to be supported is a matter of great concern, through this experimental test, 12C

Oracle Data Guard _ renaming Data files in the master database

database to the control file. Note: The STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT initialization parameter must be set to MANUAL.SQL> ALTER DATABASE RENAME FILE '/disk1/oracle/oradata/payroll/tbs_4.dbf' 2> TO '/disk1/oracle/oradata/payroll/tbs_x.dbf '; On the standby database, restart Redo Apply:9. Restart the redo application in the slave database:SQL> ALTER DATABASE RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE2> DISCONNECT FROM SESS

Oracle Data guard Overview

Some things really need to be used constantly before they can be better remembered. Let's talk about data guard. I checked concepts several times, I can see Data guard related content on the Internet every other time. The concept in my mind has become blurred and there are still too few practices. Today, I simply wrote

Oracle 12c Multi-tenant PDB recovery (single PDB data file, non-system PDB tablespace, entire PDB database)

---------- ------- ------------------------------------------------------------9 system/home/oracle/app/oracle/oradata/andycdb/pdb01/system01.dbfTen ONLINE/HOME/ORACLE/APP/ORACLE/ORADATA/ANDYCDB/PDB01/SYSAUX01.DBFOnline/home/oracle/app/o

Oracle Smear Oracle Learning Note Chapter 10th Data Guard says, I'm just backing up

Tags: is technology sharing images session learning notes es2017 physical standby Sele 1.5DG is a backup recovery tool, but more strictly the meaning of it is disaster recovery Data Guard is a collection of one primary database and one or more standby databases, divided into two classes of logical standby and physical standby 10.2.1 preparation of physical standb before creation Whether it is physical stan

Oracle 12c leverages data pump datapump for Oracle database backup

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Configure Oracle 11g Data guard based on the same host

Oracle Data Guard provides the most effective and comprehensive data availability, data protection, and disaster recovery solutions for enterprise databases. It integrates management, monitoring, and automated software infrastructure to create and maintain one or more synchr

Oracle Data Guard Broker on-site encounter bug, Flash ~

Tags: 11.2 mysql tab arch scope show error not docRecently in the customer site to build a disaster tolerance environment, found that encountered a bug, in the case can not be resolved, give up the broker, can still achieve adg,oracle can't realize the dual-master, but MySQL can ha. The official website says to record a bit.OERR: ORA-16597 "Oracle Data

New Oracle 12C features online renaming, migrating active data files

Tags: alert mobile move BSP 12c tab CTE ADA storagemigrating or renaming data files in the 12c version of Oracle database no longer requires too many tedious steps to rename and move data files online using an SQL statement such as ALTER database move datafile. When this

Two solutions to problems during Oracle 11g Data Guard Construction

The Oracle installation and configuration process is closely related to the operating system, storage, and network. Especially in Linux and AIX environments, the configuration process is relatively complex. A link error may cause a series of faults in the future.In addition, the steps and methods for executing the same installation project vary greatly with the Oracle version. For example,

Oracle Active Data Guard adjustment case [2]

Oracle Active Data Guard adjustment case [2] The customer's Oracle 11gR2 Active Data Guard environment, the master database's standby_file_management = AUTO, the Standby database's standby_file_management = MANUAL, resulting in th

Oracle 11g Data Guard Physical Standby Quick Configuration Guide (top)

OriginRecent 10g and 11g physical standby configuration experiments found that Data Guard is actually easy, but lacks good documentation. I was experimenting with the official documentation and thought it wasn't very clear.Google out of two PDF documents, read it feel much stronger than official documents. It may be useful for some friends to translate. I am also better acquainted with these two documents w

Yh1:oracle Data Guard Knowledge Base

configuration file implementations, back to the primary database. The SQL configuration file implemented on the primary database is recommended to be applied to the ADG standby database using the Redo application mechanism.For more new features, please click :Oracle 12.2 New features handheld handbook-Performance and Diagnostics for volume sixth ADGDeploying Columnstore on ADGWe are doomed to lose the people we love, otherwise how do we know how impo

Role transformation of Oracle 11g Data Guard

meaningless if there is an interruption in the connection between the primary and standby libraries. The value of the Datum_time column corresponding to the transport lag, apply lag, if not changed, indicates that they have not been updated and is meaningless, possibly due to an interruption in communication between the primary and standby libraries.1.1.3SwitchoverSwitchover is typically used to reduce the downtime of the main library during planned outages, such as upgrades to the operating sy

Important configuration parameters of Oracle Data Guard

Oracle Data Guard provides one or more slave databases for the production database (a copy of the database ), to ensure that data is not lost when the master database is unavailable or when exceptions occur, and continue to provide services through the slave database. For the configuration of

Oracle Data Integrator 12c-model and data storage (DataStore)

, you'll see the built-in model in the designer's model box: Similarly, new models are odi_tag and reverse engineered 2.2import and export of models Right-click Model, Export, A mod_odi_src.xml file is generated that can be used to import 2.3ViewDatastore (Data Storage)Data Right-click the model to view the data 2.4Create a new

Data pump import and export for Oracle 12c PDB

Label:12c has launched a pluggable database with multiple database PDB in the form of multiple tenants in a single container cdb. The data pump import and export for the PDB is slightly different from the traditional database. 1, need to add tansnames for PDB 2, import and export need to specify its tansnames value within the UserID parameter, such as Userid=user/[email protected]

New Features of Oracle 11g: Active Data Guard

Before Oracle 11g, the physical Standby database (physical Standby) cannot be opened when applying redo, but can only be mounted. Starting from 11g, when applying redo, the physical standby database can be in read-only mode, which is called Active Data Guard. With Active Data Guard

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