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Oracle Data Integrator 12c----Simple CDC

Simple CDC, the simplest CDC. Here, each CDC table change is captured independently, and there is no need to consider the consistency of data between tables that have primary foreign key reference relationships.1 Environment PreparationSOURCE table: Odi_src. DEPT Target table: Odi_tag. DEPT Configuration topology See the creation and configuration of the ODI studio topology (Oracle) Model Reverse engineerin

Oracle Data Integrator 12c-model and data storage (DataStore)

, you'll see the built-in model in the designer's model box: Similarly, new models are odi_tag and reverse engineered 2.2import and export of models Right-click Model, Export, A mod_odi_src.xml file is generated that can be used to import 2.3ViewDatastore (Data Storage)Data Right-click the model to view the data 2.4Create a new

Oracle Data Integrator 12c-----Scenarios (Scenario) and scheduling (Schedule)

Label:1 Generating a sceneDesigner-> item->odi_exercise, first folder, package->first _pkg, right-click, generate SceneDetermineBuild the scene.2 Schedule 2.1 New ScheduleDesigner-> Project->odi_exercise, first folder, package->fitst_pkg-> scene->fitst_pkg version 001-> dispatch, right-click, new Schedule2.2 Scheduling "Definition" tabSelect context, agent, log level, status, execution (scheduled to start repeating frequency), hourly (schedule starts at a specific time and seconds), such as:2.3

A preliminary understanding of Oracle Goldengate and Oracle Data Integrator

transaction sequence commit, reasonable checkpoint mechanism, and reliable data transmission mechanism, ensuring data integrity and reliability. GlodenGateThe main concerns are: 1. To achieve data synchronization, you must install GoldenGate media on the source and target databases respectively. In some data integra

Oracle Data Integrator 12c installation (ODI installation)

Label:Oracle Data Integrator 12c installation (ODI installation)Enterprise Edition installation steps (including standalone installation steps)Download Oracle Data Integrator 12CR2 ( address on official website For example, when installing ODI, there are two optio

Oracle data integrator targets increasingly in-depth BI

the analysis capability can reach all applications and data sources within the enterprise. However, some IT industry observers, such as Gerry Brown, a senior analyst at Bloor Research International at Towcester, believe that Business Intelligence does not need to be widely used. "You can't say that everyone in a large enterprise should use business intelligence because they don't use it and they don't understand it," Brown told SearchDataManagement.c

Oracle Data Integrator 12c----Conformance CDC (consistent CDC)

The concept of change sets is introduced in conformance CDC. A change set can include several tables that have relationships with each other, such as a primary foreign key reference relationship. The CDC can guarantee data consistency when capturing and releasing changes in a change set. This exercise describes how to use a CDC that guarantees consistency.1 Environment PreparationSOURCE table: Odi_src. Dept,odi_src. Emp Target table: Odi_tag. DEPT, Od

Oracle Data Integrator 12c-First mapping

the source table dept to the output node of the target table dept, if the property match prompts to automatically match by name, click OK (you can also drag the source field to the destination table field, or edit the property panel expression of the target marker segment) At this point, the individual field properties of the two tables have been mapped, a field in the target table is selected, and the field background of the source table is red. Save and verify Click on the target Datastor

Configuring Oracle Data Integrator for Cloudera

Tags: ODI HadoopThis article describes how to combine ODI with Hadoop. Before doing so, make sure you have the ODI software installed and build a Hadoop environment, or you can refer to my other blog posts to build the environment.1. Create a Directory[[emailprotected] ~]# hdfs dfs -mkdir -p /user/oracle/odi_home[[emailprotected] ~]# hdfs dfs -chown oracle:oinstall /user/oracle/odi_home[[emailprotected] ~]#

Using Oracle Data Integrator Open Tools

is configured to poll the journal table every 1 seconds until 1 changes are found.2.2 Adding mappingsDrag the map to the right of the diagram, as shown in the properties:2.2 OdisleepAdd a tool for CDC in the diagram: Odisleep, with the following properties:Wait 1 seconds to continue polling.3. Implementation PackageAfter performing the package operation, it will be found that the package is always executing and is in the odiwaiteforlogdata step, such as:The source table inserts

Create a repository using Oracle Data Integrator Studio

First, Creating the Database Schema/*1th Step: Create a temporary table space*/Create Temporarytablespace user_temp tempfile'C:\app\ORACLE\oradata\orcl\user_temp.dbf'size 50m Autoextend on Next50m maxsize 20480m extent management local; /*2nd Step: Create a data table space*/Createtablespace user_data Logging datafile'C:\app\ORACLE\oradata\orcl\user_data.dbf'siz

Invoking jar in Oracle Data integrator

The procedure for invoking the JAR package Java method in ODI is as follows:1. Write Java code as;;; Public classFileWriter { Public Static voidWriteFile ()throwsException {//1. Find a fileFile File=NewFile ("D:" + File.separator + "Temp.txt");//2. Instantiating OutputStream objectsOutputStream out=Newfileoutputstream (file); String Info= "Hello world!!!";//the string to outputbyteData[] = Info.getbytes ();//Changi

Setting up Oracle Data Integrator Repository

Tags: password log comm environment variable ROC RAC custom export TestBefore you use ODI, you must create a repository. The creation process is as follows:1. Environment variable Setting2. Using RCURCU is a usage program that creates a repository.[emailprotected]:~$ $ODI_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcuDefault entry, Next:Select the database type and enter the connection information (the user name here must have DBA authority because Tablespace is created during post-creation, etc.)Define prefix Name

Oracle Data Integrator 12c----Packages (package)

1 Creating a "package"Designer-> Project->odi_exercise, first folder, package, right-click "New Package":Enter the name of the package as "first_pkg" in the "Definition" tab2 Editing Package stepsThe two interfaces designed in a diagram are run in series.Drag the two interfaces in the interface to the first folder, Odi_exercise-I, on the left side of the project to the Diagram box on the right, select the next Step On Success tab, from the first interface to the second interface:"OK", the packag

Oracle Data Integrator 12CR1 ( installation process

Oracle Data Integrator 12CR1 ( installation process download installation filesOracle Data IntegratorCR1 ( Http:// Oracle Fusion Middleware Infrastructure Http://download.

Proxy creation of Oracle Data integrator

In turn, this article describes how to create the standalone agent, physical agent, and logical agent for the ODI 12c. The meanings of the three agents are as follows:First, create standalone AgentCreate a new domain, the domain location is defined according to the actual situation, where the default location is used, next.Using template creation, select Oracle Data int

Installation of Oracle Data integrator

Pre-Software Preparation:JDK Link: Link: Password: 2CZNSqldeveloper Link: Link: Password: v5egOracle Data Integrator (ODI) Link: Password: Q5CFODI needs to create a database account and a work bank account, where Oracle is used as an example.Enter Oraclewith system use

Oracle Data Integrator First Mapping

The Logical tab page, set the primary key of the target table Dim_actor actor_key non-empty check check box unchecked STEP8 Physical tab page, set lkm for lkm SQL to Oracle for intermediate modules STEP9 Physical tab page, set target table Dim_actor integration Knowledge Module ikm for ikm Oracle Incremental update Click on the toolbar green to perform the mapping, in the actions → session list → View th

Oracle Data Integrator Installation Guide

The installation of ODI is very simple, all the way next. However, the JDK must be installed before installation, and JDK 8 is used here. Download the following jar files from the Oracle official website as shown in:Install using the following command:[emailprotected]:~$ java -jar software/fmw_12. 启动程序日志文件为/tmp/OraInstall2018-01-18_03-07-30PM/launcher2018-01-18_03-07-30PM.log。正在提取安装程序... . . . . . . . 完成检查 CPU 速度是否大于 300 MHz。 实际为 2892

Maintaining federated data using the WebSphere Information Integrator Autonomous Monitoring tool

Brief introduction Today's applications need to be frequently combined with many different sources and different formats of information. As a result, application developers often need to invoke a large number of different APIs and protocols to retrieve information from each source and then incorporate that information into the application. WebSphere Information Integrator accelerates application deployment of such scenarios by providing a real-time,

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