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Steps for installing database 11gr2 on Oracle Linux 6.1

   1. Install Oracle Linux 6.1 Here I use vbox for installation. For details, refer:   Oraclevirtual box installation instructions Http://   Install the following package during OS

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4

Install Oracle 11g R2 + RAC + ASM in Oracle Linux 6.4 I. Version descriptionMany articles related to the Internet are found, but they are not very specific. Therefore, the detailed version is used to make the article more practical.This is the RAC

Oracle 11gR2 installation example and summary on RHEL5 X86-64

I have been in the Oracle DBA industry for several years, but speaking of Oracle Installation experience, I am not very familiar with it. At the beginning, I was a little confused, as Oracle has become more and more familiar with the principles and

Oracle LINUX 6.3 + Oracle RAC + VBox Installation Documentation

Oracle LINUX 6.3 + Oracle RAC + vbox Installation documentation2015-10-21 12:51 525 people read Comments (0) favorite reports Classification:Oracle RACCopyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master

New Functions of the 11gR2 cluster (CRS/GRID) SCAN (SingleClientAccessName)

Reference link: overview ------------------- This article briefly introduces the new feature SCAN (SingleClientAccessName) of the 11gR2 cluster (CRSGRID). I hope it will be helpful to my friends who have just reached 11gR2. Before

Installing Oracle 11gR2 under CentOS 6.4

Pre-Installation Instructions: The minimum memory (RAM) requirement is 1GB, which is recommended for 2GB and above. Virtual Memory Swap recommendations: The recommended swap size is 1.5 times times the memory size when the memory is 1GB~

Oracle 11gR2 RAC ORA-00845 MEMORY_TARGET not supported on th

The company just launched a set of Oracle 11gR2 RAC. When MEMORY_TARGET memory is set to 12 GB, an error is reported during startup:ORA-00845: MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system  00845,000 00, "MEMORY_TARGET not supported on this system"// *

Oracle PSU Implementation Documentation

1.This service detailed process1.1Background Overview Upgrade database pus, database environment, operating system version: RedHat5.8 x64, database version Oracle x64 RACGrid:,oracle database: Preparation -

Steps for installing Database 11gR2 on Oracle Linux 6.1

I.InstallOracle Linux 6.1System Here I use VBox for installation. For details, refer: Oracle Virtual Box installation instructions Install the following package during OS installation: Base System> Base Base System> Client management tools Base

Redhat 5.8 ORACLE 11gR2 RAC installation Documentation 2-grid installation

3. Installing the grid3.1. Install RPM PackageTwo nodes are to be installed, take node 1 as an example [Email protected] yum.repos.d]# yum install compat-libstdc++-33 ksh gcc gcc-c++ libgomp elfutils-libelf-devel glibc-

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