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Oracle Database 12c 16 Features Summary

Oracle 12c has been released for a long time, has been trying to find a way to learn a bit, after all, the subsequent 12c will gradually replace the existing database version, become the mainstream database version. Now 12c some of the most commonly

PL/SQL enhancements in Oracle 12c

PL/SQL enhancements in Oracle 12c Oracle 12c enhances a series of methods for defining and executing PL/SQL program units. This article covers several new features of Oracle 12c: 1. optimized the caller permission function for the result cache

Install Oracle 12C and linux7centos7 on LINUX7 (CentOS7)

Install Oracle 12C and linux7centos7 on LINUX7 (CentOS7) Original Works are from the blog of "Deep Blue blog". You are welcome to reprint them. Please note the following source when reprinting them. Otherwise, you will be held legally liable for

OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation

This is a high quality pre-sale recommendation of Computer class OCA Certification Exam Guide (1z0-061) Oracle Database 12c SQL Foundation ". Oracle Certified Master (OCM) 's latest work, the OCA Certification exam official book, covers all OCA

Oracle 12c creates a new DB instance, user

Prerequisite: The Oracle 12c database is installed, there is already a DB instance XE, login user/password: system/oralceI'm using a Docker-installed instance of Oracle 12c:8080:80801521:1521 -v/home//docker/data/oracle_1521:/u01/app/ Oracle

Oracle 12c CDB and PDB

Oracle Installation reference: Https:// CDB, startup and shutdown are the same as in previous traditional ways, with the following syntax:Startup[nomount | MOUNT | RESTRICT | UPGRADE | Force | READ

Oracle 12c RAC installation ACFS file System tutorial

This article describes how to build a Acfs file system on a virtual machine that already has 12c RAC installed, and use the ACFS snapshot to brush a cow (Copy-On-Write) library to do the test library. Highlight Step: Add ASM disk to virtual

Oracle 12C new Features-pluggable database feature

Oracle 12C joins a very innovative feature, pluggable database, that enables database (PDB) pull-out capabilities on the "container" (CDB) to improve system resource utilization and simplify the management and migration of large-area

Oracle multitenant option-12c Frequently asked Questions (document ID 1511619.1) translations

Applies To: Enterprise Edition database-version (12.1) The knowledge in this document applies to all platforms. Document purpose documents describe many aspects and usages of a pluggable database to better understand the product, and the

ORACLE 12C uses Rman for table recovery

Rman can perform db,tablespace,datafile,block level and TSPITR recovery in previous versions of 12C, 12C introduces table-level recoveryA single table can be recovered without opening the flashback.example, create a tableSql> alter session set

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