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Oracle DBA common Tables and views

Database Server process informationV$bgprocess Database Background Process informationV$controlfile_record_section the information of each part of the control fileV$thread Thread InformationV$datafile_header information in the header of the data fileV$archived_log Archive Log InformationV$archive_dest setting information for archived logsv$logmnr_contents DML DDL result information for archived log analysisV$logmnr_dictionary dictionary file information for log analysisV$logmnr_logs log list in

Oracle DBA: Add a DBA user for SQL plus (iSQL * Plus)

Test environment: win2003 + oracle10gr2 Set environment variables:Set ORACLE_HOME = D: \ oracle \ product \ 10.2.0 \ db_1Set java_home = % ORACLE_HOME % \ JDKSet Path = % java_home % \ bin; % PATH % Go to the ISQLPLUS directory:Cd % ORACLE_HOME % \ Solaris \ J2EE \ ISQLPLUS \ Application-deployments \ ISQLPLUS Enter the jazn command environment:Java-djava. security. properties = % ORACLE_HOME %/sqlplus/admin/iplus/provider-jar % ORACLE_HOME %/Solaris/

DBA expert circle in the 2.0 age-Oracle DBA note

After reading the manuscript "Oracle DBA manual" sent by eygle, I felt that the writing idea of this book was quite new. With the improvement of Database Technology automation, DBA's work value has begun to expand to a greater level. Therefore, sharing the experiences of some Pathfinder has become particularly valuable. Exposing its thinking process is a major feature of the technology circle in the web era

Restrict DBA-level users to create tables in any tablespace

Generally, database users are granted the connect, resource, and DBA roles. Users with these permissions can perform operations conveniently but arbitrarily. It is common to create an object in the users tablespace. I think of a technical method. The procedure is as follows: Step 1: create a user and handle Permissions SQL> Conn/As sysdbaConnected.SQL> create user usr_xx identified by usr_xx default tablespace tbs_yy; User Created. SQL> grant connect

"Top Secret leaked" wind brother Oracle DBA Senior Engineer Training Video tutorial and internal data v0.1

Tags: Wind brother Oracle Oracle Training Oracle Database tutorial Oracle video wind Brother Oracle TutorialsBecause it is a "top secret leaked" information, to prevent the investigation, the need for the small partners to quickly download the attached courseware document.Be

ORACLE: sysdba, DBA, and sysoper)

Differences between sys and system users 1) The most important difference is that the importance of stored data is different. Base tables and views of all ORACLE data dictionaries in SYS are stored in SYS users. These base tables and views are crucial for Oracle operation and are maintained by the database, no user can

Chapter1:oracle 10g Oracle DAB [Oracle? Database 2 Day DBA

Oracle Oracle DAB two day crash course The purpose of this course is to supplement the DBA's two-day quick (2 days dba) manual. In this course, you will learn more about the tasks outlined in the DBA's two-day quick (2 days dba) manual, and include step-by-step instructions. To view the information for this course

Tuning rules that each Oracle DBA should follow __oracle

tuning rules that every Oracle DBA should follow Over the past decade, Oracle has become one of the most professional databases in the world. For IT professionals, it is important to ensure that Oracle's powerful features are used to improve the productivity of their companies. One of the most effective ways to do this is through

Oracle Pen questions Oracle DBA face questions and answers (foreign companies)

Oracle Pen questions Oracle DBA face questions and answers (foreign companies)Oracle Database Pen Test DBAOracle Interview Pen test for international large companiesOracle Database DBA Interview Questions1. How many memory layers are in the shared pool?2. How did you find th

Toward dba[mssql] High efficiency stored procedures for large tables "principle" with worst performance SQL statements evolutionary process Guest

Label:In the original: Toward Dba[mssql Article] high-efficiency stored procedures for large tables "principle" with the worst performance SQL statement evolutionary process GuestThe results of the test are here to explain the principles of this articleDesign backgroundDue to historical reasons, the online library environment data volume and its huge, many tens above even billions of

Going deep into Oracle-DBA's daily work and responsibilities-[1]

, a whole block of storage [one cabinet, disk Array] --- ASM --- tablespace --- automatic expansion of data files ---> monitor the usage of ASM [relatively easy, flexible, and dynamic expansion of space]. -The alarm log file (alert_sid.ora) is used to write a program for Automatic Analysis of files, so as to generate real-time alerts for alert errors.▶Custom monitoring metrics-data growth rate of a tablespace-data growth rate of an object (table, index. -Congestion (v $ lock)-CPU-I/O-memory (SGA

Mysql DBA Advanced Operations Learning notes-Delete table fields change table names remove tables combat

| | NULL| || age | tinyint(2) | NO | | 0 | || dept| varchar(16) | YES | | NULL| || sex | char(4) | YES | | NULL| |+---------+-------------+------+-----+---------+-------+7 rows in set (0.00 sec)9.13 Changing table names9.13.1 Rename Method1. Command syntax: Rename table name to new table name;Columns such as: Table student name changed to usermysql> show tables;+---------------+| Tables_in_zbf |+---------------+| student |+---------

Oracle DBA manual-database diagnosis cases and performance optimization practices (planned by guobiao)

Oracle DBA manual-database diagnosis cases and performance optimization practices (planned by guobiao) Pricing: ¥59.80 Member price: ¥44.85 (off) Example of this book free trial: [Basic Information]Author: Editorial Board of Oracle DBA ManualPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 97871211

Oracle dba's Responsibilities

The ORACLE Database Administrator should perform regular monitoring on the ORACLE database system as follows:(1) daily running status, log files, backups, and data of ORACLE databasesLibrary space usage, system resource usage check, find and solveProblem.(2) Monitor the space expansion and data growth of database objects every week, check the database health, and

Differences between Oracle sys and system users, sysdba and sysoper system permissions, and sysdba and dba roles

Differences between sys and system users 1) The most important difference is that the importance of stored data is different. Base tables and views of all oracle data dictionaries in sys are stored in sys users. These base tables and views are crucial for oracle operation and are maintained by the database, no user can

DBA's responsibilities and tasks are from the Oracle Chinese Technical Forum)

xmlns:dc=""xmlns:trackback="">rdf:about=""dc:identifier=""dc:title="DBA的职责和任务(转自oracle中文技术论坛)"trackback:ping="" />--> It is from the

Oracle DBA Day-to-day management

Oracle Oracle DBA Day-to-day management Modified: 2000/8/23 Author: Thomas B. cox,with Christine Choi Objective: This document has very detailed information on one or more Oracle databases per day, monthly, The results of the yearly running status and the results of the check, in the appendix of the document you will s

Oracle Certification OCP DBA Research easy to pass the detailed

Finally put OCP DBA's course all finished, tired Ah! Overall Oracle certification is worth the test. I have CCNP, MCSE certificate, but through the DBA examination, feel not only deepened the understanding of modern databases, but also enrich the knowledge structure of computer science. I think, in some ways, Oracle databases even have some operating system capab

Differences between Oracle sys and system users, SYSDBA and Sysoper systems permissions, SYSDBA, and DBA roles ____oracle

SYS and SYSTEM user differences 1 The most important difference, the importance of storing data is different SYS the base tables and views of all Oracle's data dictionaries are stored in the SYS user, which is critical to the operation of Oracle and is maintained by the database itself and cannot be manually changed by any user. The SYS user has roles or permissions such as

DBA interview mode of Oracle Database

The following articles mainly introduce the example of Oracle Database DBA interview questions. This article describes the basic mode of Oracle Database DBA interview questions in a one-Answer manner, the following is an introduction to the related interview questions. I hope you will get some benefits. 1. Explain the

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