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Oracle Flash recovery area)

It has been several years since the Oracle flash back zone was launched at 10 GB and continues until now. Oracle flash back is prepared for RMAN. Although aside from it, we can also perform database backup and recovery, Oracle is

Four ways for Oracle to release flash recovery area

. **************************************** ******************************** Wed Mar 19 08:48:54 2014 Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 76076 (LGWR switch) This error occurs because, after the archived logs are manually deleted, the Rman backup will detect the missing logs and thus cannot be further executed. Therefore, you need to manually execute the crosscheck process, and then the Rman backup can be restored to normal. As shown above, Oracle provi

New Feature of Oracle10g: Flash recovery area)

. Db_recovery_file_dest: Specifies the position of the flash recovery zone. Db_recovery_file_dest_size: Specifies the available space size of the flash recovery zone. Db_flashback_retention_target: specifies the time when the database can be rolled back. The unit is minute. The default value is 1440 minutes, that is, o

Summary of Flash Recovery Area in RMAN Recipes

log_archive_dest is empty. For detailed parameter descriptions, see the Oracle online document Reference. 3.1.2 log on to the database as sysdba Sqlplus/as sysdba or Sqlplus sys/ 3.1.3 create a flash recovery area and specify the size Alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size = 4G; (the original file is incorrect, b

Backup of Flash Recovery area

Backup of Flash Recovery areaThe backup command is the Flash recovery area, which is only after Oracle 10g. The 10g introduces the Flash recovery

Insufficient Flash Recovery area space causes DB to not open or hang handle method

when the archive directory is set up in the Flashback recovery area and the Flashback recovery area is full, the DB will not be archived and hang or cannot be opened. In this case, opening the database will encounter the following error message:Sql> select status from V$instance;STATUS------------Mountedsql> ALTER DATA

The Flash recovery area is not large enough. Newspaper ORA-19809, ORA-19804

Problem: The Flash recovery area is not large enough, rman default backup path error.rman> backup Database;Starting backup at 01-dec-14Using target database control file instead of recovery catalogAllocated Channel:ora_disk_1Channel ora_disk_1:sid=39 Device Type=diskChannel ora_disk_1:starting full DataFile backup setC

Flash Recovery Area space is insufficient, so the database cannot be opened or hang

----------------------------------------------------------------------CONTROLFILE 0 0 0ONLINELOG 0 0 0ARCHIVELOG 6.36 0 4BACKUPPIECE. 22 0 1IMAGECOPY 63.68 0 5FLASHBACKLOG. 51. 25 2You have selected 6 rows.SQL>(2) computing the space occupied by the flash recovery area:SQL> select sum (percent_space_used) * 3/100 from v $ flash_recovery_area_usage;SUM (PERCENT_SPACE_USED) * 3/100----------------------------

Change the method from Flash Recovery Area (FRA) to a new path, recoveryfra

- Startup mount the Database: SQL> startup mount; - Drop the garanteed restore points SQL> select * from v$restore_point; drop restore point If you need to move your permanent files and temporary files to the new FRA area, follow these steps:1) To move the existing backupsets and archived redo log files, use the following command: RMAN> BACKUP AS COPY ARCHIVELOG ALL DELETE INPUT; RMAN> BACKUP DEVICE TYPE DISK BACKUPSET ALL DELE

Flash recovery area space is insufficient, so the database cannot be opened or hang

88081572 bytesDatabase buffers 109051904 bytesRedo buffers 2945024 bytesThe database has been loaded.ORA-16038: log 2 serial number 27 cannot be archivedORA-19809: exceeds the limit on the number of recovery filesORA-00312: Online log 2 thread 1:'D:/Oracle/product/10.2.0/oradata/orcl/redo02.log' SQL> alter database open;Alter database open*Row 3 has an error:ORA-16014: log 2 serial number 27 Unarchived, no

71.You configured the Flash Recovery area for your database. The database instance has been started

71.You configured the Flash Recovery area for your database. The database instance has been started In ARCHIVELOG mode and the log_archive_dest_1 parameter are not set. What would be is the implications on the archiving and the location of the archive redo log files? A.archiving'll be disabled because the destination for the redo log files are missing. B.The data

Oracle 11g R2 Rman, data pump, flash back backup and recovery

repository) The control information used during Rman usage is metadata about backup, archive logs, and Rman activity Recovery Catalog (Recover catalog) The recovery directory is a schema object that is built on the rman Recovery catalog database to hold the Rman repository data. The recovery directory is an optional c

Limit on the size of 2 GB of the default archive path in the flash back area of Oracle 10 GB

alert_oracle.log file and found many error messages. Here, this problem has taught me a lesson: oracle-related operations will certainly write logs to the alert_oracle.log file as long as there is a problem, check whether you are aware of this log file. After checking the information on the Internet, I learned that Oracle 10 Gb archive logs are stored in the Flash

Configure the flash recovery zone and multi-archive path of the Oracle database

; selectFLASHBACK_ONfrom v $ database;FLASHBACK_ON------------------------------------YES 3. Cancel the flash recovery zoneSet db_recovery_file_dest to null to disable the flash recovery zone.If flashback database is enabled, you cannot cancel flashing back to the recovery z

How to view the utilization of FRA (Flashback Recovery area) in Oracle

Tags: Sele archive _id Example redo log use back Ima archExample:Sql> set Linesize 300Sql> select * from V$recovery_area_usage;File_type percent_space_used percent_space_reclaimable number_of_files con_id--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ ------------------------ - --------------- ----------CONTROL FILE. 09 0 1 0REDO LOG 1.46 0 3 0Archived LOG 0 0 0 0BACKUP PIECE 0 0 0 0IMAGE COPY 0 0 0 0FLASHBACK LOG 0 0 0 0FOREIGN archived LOG 0 0 0 0Auxili

Oracle's "Recycle Bin"-Flash recovery Zone

the database to a previous point in time or an SCN value.5) Flashback Delete (Flashback drop): Restores the deleted tables and associated objects to their pre-deleted state and works with the Recycle Bin6) The Flashback table (Flashback table): Restores the table to a previous point in time or to the state of an SCN value.# #SCN: A number that accumulates incrementally when an Oracle database is updated with automatic maintenance by the DBMS. Each SC

Detailed analysis of flash back recovery in Oracle database

areaDb_recovery_file_dest_size: Specify the amount of free space in the Flashback recovery areaDb_flashback_retention_target: Specifies the time that the Oracle database can be rolled back, in minutes, by default of 1440 minutes, or one day. Of course, the amount of time that can actually be rolled back is also determined by the size of the flashback recovery

Oracle Flash-back use and delete stored procedure recovery

error occurs. You can attempt to execute ALTER TABLE name to enable row movement; Allow change of time stamp One: Recovery of the table on the mistakenly deleted table, as long as not using the Purge permanent delete option, then recover from the flash back area hope is quite large. General steps are: 1, from the Flash

Oracle Flashback Table flash recovery

following statement: Flashback table [objName] to before drop. This obj_name can be the table name, it can also be an object table in recyclebin (multiple tables can be operated at the same time, and table names can be separated by commas). Because this function restores the deleted table, therefore, the official website also has another title: flashback drop.Select t. original_name, t. type from recyclebin t;You can query the content in the recyclebin of the recycle bin after the drop operatio

Oracle Flash back Query recovery delete deleted data

Tags: style color using IO strong data ar problemFlashback query ( flash back ) principleBased on the undo information, Oracle uses the undo data, similar to the consistent read method, to place the table at a point in time ( or SCN) before deletion to retrieve the data.Flashback query ( flash back ) premise:Sql> show parameter undo;NAME TYPE VALUE-------------

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