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, PDB1)Extract E1 successfully registered with database at SCN 2664333.Sql> select Capture_name,capture_user,status,start_scn,purpose from Dba_capture;Capture_name capture_user STATUS START_SCN PURPOSE----------------- ------------------ -------- ---------- -------------------Ogg$cap_e1 C # #GGADMIN ENABLED 2664333 GoldenGate Capture(3) testSql> Connect Pdb1_u1/[email protected]Connected.1) DMLsql> INSERT into S1 values (+);1 row created.Sql> commit;C

Oracle GoldenGate 12c Classic Architecture Installation

/Tmp/OraInstall2018- .-14_Geneva- the-57PM. Please wait ...[[email protected] Disk1]$Start the Oui interface hereNote: The path in is not the same as the environment variable set above, because the server for the environment variable and the server that is installed are not the same.1) Select Installation Option2) Specify installation Details3) Summary4) Install Product5) FinishResources

Goldengate 12c key changes for Oracle 12c configuration

each PDB has a replicat process, that is, a replicat process can only be delivered to a single PDB and cannot be delivered to multiple.8. The source-side Ogg user needs to empower: Dbms_goldengate_auth.grant_admin_privilege (' C # #GGADMIN ',container=> ' all '), It is also recommended that the user settings of Ogg be empowered as Grant DBA to C # #ogg Container=all;9. Source-side DB In addition to the previous opening of the archive, force logging, the smallest additional log, may also need to

Goldengate 12c key changes for Oracle 12c configuration

delivered to multiple. Source-side Ogg users need to empower: Dbms_goldengate_auth.grant_admin_privilege (' C # #GGADMIN ',container=> ' all '), It is also recommended that the user settings of Ogg be empowered as Grant DBA to C # #ogg Container=all; Source-side DB In addition to the previously open archive, Force logging, minimum additional log, you may also need to open a switch: Alter system set enable_goldengate_replication=true; Extract Example:TABLE pdb1.schema1.table*;S

Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c GoldenGate Studio installation

need to configure the relevant user information, and the user is created during the installation process, as shown in:650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" border-right-width:0px;background-image:none;border-bottom-width:0px; padding-top:0px;padding-left:0px;margin:0px;padding-right:0px;border-top-width:0px; "border=" 0 "alt=" image "src=" Http:// "Width=" 520 "height=" 389 "/>650) this.width=650; "title=" image "style=" bor

Oracle GoldenGate 12c Real-time capture of SQL Server data

Tags: http data div. html work htm TT databaseIn the Oracle GoldenGate 12c, support is available for some of the most recent databases, such as SQL Server 2012/2014, and of course 12c is also supported for SQL Server 2008.The main new features are: The capture process can read the SQL Server compressed local back

[Original]zero downtime using Goldengate for Oracle 12C Upgrade Series fourth: Cluster installation

Oracle Trace File Analyzer (TFA) Collector. 2017/01/11 03:05:29 Clsrsc-363:user ignored prerequisites during installation OLR initialization-successful2017/01/11 03:06:43 clsrsc-330:adding clusterware entries to file ' oracle-ohasd.conf ' Crs-4133:oracle High Availability Services have been stopped.Crs-4123:oracle Hig

[Original]zero downtime using Goldengate for Oracle 12C Upgrade Series third: Asmlib configuration

/MPATHFSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm Createdisk DSK03/DEV/MAPPER/MPATHGSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm Createdisk Dsk04/dev/mapper/mpathhSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm Createdisk Dsk05/dev/mapper/mpathiSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm Createdisk DSK06/DEV/MAPPER/MPATHJSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm Createdisk DSK07/DEV/MAPPER/MPATHKSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm ListdisksSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm-discoverRun the below on other nodes:Sudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm ScandisksSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm ListdisksSudo/usr/sbin/oracleasm-discoverAbout the p

Goldengate 12c improvements to Oracle DB

Tags: class java int C data usage1. The Oracle Universal Installer is now available, with a graphical interface installed, and the Java Runtime Environment installed automatically, although the ZIP installation package is a handy and easy-to-use operation.2. For integrated capture (Integrated capture), there is a further improvement in performance and no additional configuration is required for the user;3. Integrated Replicat (Integrated delivery), fo

Goldengate 12c 12.2 New features

platform called Goldengate STUDIO, a graphical interface that helps to quickly configure and deploy Ogg. Use mouse clicks and drag to implement Ogg deployment without worrying about the underlying details. The idea of OGG Studio is that first there will be a project, and then there are multiple solutions, each of which includes multiple logical designs and multiple physical deployments. Ogg Studio already has multiple out-of-the-box scenario template

12C database goldengate synchronization heterogeneous database Kafka middleware Two

Tags: containe name open rand JSON begin data ONS RACThe requirements of the test environment for the first two days will be on-line production environment, demand orA. Data source: SSP library ssp.m_system_user,oracle DB,ogg Version oggcore_12. FBOB. Data target: MySQL DLS library Dls_system_userC.kafka cluster:, Ogg Version oggcore_oggadp. Sin

Oracle GoldenGate Security Configuration series: Use the golden sec file to control the user access permissions of the GoldenGate command

Oracle GoldenGate Security Configuration series: Control GoldenGate using the ticket sec FileCommand User Access Permissions recently used by multiple vendors in the History Query Library of the production environment. goldengate synchronization is often inexplicable.After being shut down and restarted by other vendors

Introduction of Oracle Goldengate learning goldengate ____oracle

automatically retransmitted only after the confirmation message is received, which ensures that all the extracted data can be sent to the backup end. 128-bit encryption and data compression are supported during data transfer. Oracle's goldengate product, which enables data capture, conversion, and delivery of a large amount of data between heterogeneous IT infrastructures. Goldengate can support almost all

Factors to consider before upgrading to Oracle DB 12c: The function of the EM Express 12c in DB 12c is reduced

Factors to consider before upgrading to Oracle DB 12c: The function of the EM Express 12c in DB 12c is reducedIf you use notifications in DB control, perform a task, and so on, and there is no such function in EM Express 12c, you need to consider these issues extra. The reco

Turn: Oracle goldengate Learning goldengate Introduction

database and submitted in the same transactional environment, ensuring the integrity and read consistency of the data on the target system, creating conditions for real-time query and transaction processing.Checkpoint mechanism ensures no loss of data.The GoldenGate TDM extraction and replication process uses a checkpoint mechanism to record where the replication has completed. For the extraction process, its checkpoint records the location of the cu

Oracle Goldengate Learning Goldengate Introduction

Introduction to Oracle Goldengate Learning goldengate (2012-10-02-17:07:27) Tags: checkpoint data transfer Queue process Category: Goldengate Goldengate IntroductionGoldenGate TDM (transaction data management) software is a log-based structure

Data synchronization between Oracle GoldenGate databases on Heterogeneous OS

.zipNote:First, the ogg media can be downloaded from except for the basic version (for example,, and the final. 1 is the basic version,Subsequent ogg patches can only be downloaded from mos.Second, the ogg media is divided into OS type, db type, db version, and db bit number.However, the same ogg media is used in the following scenarios: oracle db x64bit is installed under suse11 and suse 10. ------------------------

Oracle GoldenGate monitoring tool: ggserr. log error logs cannot be ignored

After the Oracle manufacturer recently installed the monitoring plug-in for OEM 12C in the primary database in the production environment, an exception occurred to the Oracle GoldenGate instance that has been synchronized to more than a dozen external databases, frantically Go To The ggserr in the

Oracle goldengate monitoring tool: ggserr. log error logs cannot be ignored

Oracle has recently installed the monitoring plug-in for OEM 12C in the primary database of the production environment.An exception occurred to the Oracle goldengate instance. Enter the following error log in the ggserr. log directory of the goldengate root directory: 22:33:

Goldengate configuration instance: one-way synchronization from Oracle 10g RAC in RHEL 4.7 to a single instance (2)

Install DDL objects Log on to sqlplus as an oracle user at the source end and execute the following script: Run marker_setup Make sure that the related process of goldengate is closed. Any application using Oracle is closed and no new session is generated. Run the following command: [Goldengate @ gg1 ~] $ CD/opt/Gg/

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