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Oracle column self-increment implementation (2)-identity Columns in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1)

Label:Oracle column self-increment-identity Columns in Oracle Database 12c Release 1 (12.1)In previous versions of Oracle 12C, if the column was to grow from a sequence + trigger, the new Identity columns feature was introduced in

Oracle 12C Identity Columns implementation Oracle self-growth column

In previous versions of Oracle 12C, if you wanted to achieve column growth, you would need to implement a sequence + trigger, and then 12C ORACLE introduced the Identity columns new feature, enabling the column to grow, and Mysql,sql server-like functionality.Using syntaxORA

Study Notes for identity column in Oracle 12c

Before 12c, if you want to achieve the automatic growth of column, usually through sequence, but this problem is solved in 12c, Oracle postponed the identity column feature, which perfectly solves the previous problem, the following is my simple test, For reference! Sql> Alter pluggable database all open;Pluggable dat

Oracle 12c Identity

Label:Before 12c, if you want to achieve the automatic growth of column, usually through the sequence, but this problem is resolved in 12c, Oracle deferred the identity column function, which solves the previous problem perfectly, here is my simple test, For reference! Sql>Alter pluggable databaseAllOpen Pluggable dat

Oracle 12c auto-incrementing column Identity Columns

Oracle 12c auto-incrementing column Identity Columns In the 12c version of Oracle, Oracle implements auto-increment columns similar to auto_increment in MySQL. Let's take a look at how Oracle

In-depth understanding of Oracle 12c Database Management (second edition) PDF

spfile Files19.8 not fully recovered19.8.1 How to select incomplete recovery operations19.8.2 time-based recovery operations19.8.3 recovery operation based on log sequence number19.8.4 SCN-based recovery operations19.8.5 Restore to restore point19.8.6 Restore a table to a past point in time19.9 Flash Back Table19.9.1 FLASHBACK TABLE to before drop command19.9.2 the table flash back to the past time.19.10 Flash back to the database19.11 Restoring a backup to a different server19.12 Summary 2

"RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 install Oracle 12C" related script download

Oracle Soft Nproc 2047 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle hard Nproc 16384 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle Soft nofile 1024x768 >>/etc/security/limits.confecho Oracle hard Nofile 65536 >>/etc/security/limits.conf#vi/etc/pam.d/loginecho Session required/lib/security/ >>/etc/pam.d/loginecho Sessi

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Download installation (own experience)

Tags: RAC nts ges ASE host Technology One height issue1. Visit Oracle Website:, download Oracle Database 12c Release 1(Note: File1 and File2 are to be downloaded!!) Otherwise post-installation will report a bunch of errors, refer to: U

Oracle 12c CDB and PDB table space management and configuration instructions

compatibility, you can also use the Alterdatabase command to modify:CONN [email protected]ALTER DATABASE DEFAULT tablespace users;ALTER DATABASE DEFAULT Temporary tablespacetemp;Attention:Regardless of which method you use, it is important to ensure that container is correct before you modify it.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------All rights reserved, the article prohibits reprint, otherwise investigates the legal liability!Aboutdave:-----

Oracle Database 12C release 1 officially released (download attached)

On April 9, June 2013, Oracle officially released Oracle Database 12C release 1. It is as follows: According to Sina Weibo, a well-known Chinese DBA, guobiao, Oracle 12c has new features su

Download and installation of Oracle 12C version

First go to the official website to download the Oracle corresponding version of the operating system to accept the agreement can be downloaded1 Download unzip and go to the home directory to install.In the Configure security update, I want to remove the check before I receive security updates through my Oracle support

How Oracle Handles Identity management

Oracle for most security software pilot programs, it is difficult to explicitly calculate the return on investment. It's like going back to calculating the benefits of some of the things that have not happened. However, the Identity Management pilot program differs. The cost savings resulting from reduced management ti

Oracle 12C r2-new features-pdb disk I/O (iops,mbps) resource management

, r.iombps_throttle_exempt, r.avg_io_throttlefrom v$rsrcpdbmetric_history R, Cdb_pdbs pWHERE= p.con_id and ='PDB1'ORDER by R.begin_time;--Information on all awr snapshots of PDB1SQL>SELECT r.snap_id, r.con_id, p.pdb_name, r.begin_time, r.end_time, R.iops, r.iombps, r.iops_throttle_exempt, r.iombps_throttle_exempt, r.avg_io_throttle from dba_hist_rsrc_pdb_metric R, Cdb_pdbs pWHERE= P.con _idand ='PDB1'ORDER by R.

Oracle 12c Multi-tenant common management commands

Ncadmfile_name_convert= ('/oradata/edw/pdbseed ', '/oradata/edw/ncdb/datafile/');CREATE Pluggable DATABASE ncdbADMIN USER NCDBA identified by NCDBASTORAGE (MAXSIZE 100G max_shared_temp_size 2G);--access to NCDB's pluggable databaseSqlplus Sys/[email protected]:1521/ncdb as Sysdba--Close the PDB databaseAlter pluggable database NCDB close immediate;Alter pluggable database Hrdb close immediate;Alter pluggable database cpcdb close immediate;Alter pluggable database edwpdb close immediate;--Delete

Oracle 12C CDB, PDB common management commands

pluggable database test_pdb open; --将test_pdb 打开--Clone PDB (requires SYSDBA permissions under CBD)create pluggable database orcl2 from orcl1; --test_pdb必须是打开的,才可以被打开alter pluggable database orcl2 open; --然后打开这个pdb--Remove PDB (requires SYSDBA permissions under CBD)alter pluggable database orcl2 close; --关闭之后才能删除drop pluggable database orcl2 including datafiles; --删除PDB orcl2--Set the CDB start PDB to start automatically (using a trigger here)CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER open_pdbsAFTER S

The SYS password is not modified during Oracle 12c installation and Web page management cannot log on

Open Https://localhost:5500/em, Login failed with two accounts (Sys;change_on_install) and (System;manager)Resolved in the following ways:(1) Enter Sqlplus Sys/change_on_install as SYSDBA on the Windows command line(2) Modify the SYS account password: ALTER user SYS identified by "New password";(3) Note that the last semicolon of the second step is not missing(4) Try again, login successfulThe SYS password is not modified during Oracle

Security and Identity Management for Oracle database 10g

Security and Identity Management for Oracle database 10g Author: Michael Miley Oracle Database 10g provides a secure, scalable foundation for Oracle Identity Management. The

Run Repository Creation Utility (RCU) for Oracle Identity Management components

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS sp forRun Repository Creation Utility (RCU) for Oracle Identity Management components Installing Oracle Fusion Applications > Setting up Identity and Access Management Node > Run Repository Cr

Security and identity management for Oracle 10 Gb Database

Oracle Database 10 Gb provides a secure and scalable foundation for Oracle Identity Management. The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is implemented as an application running on the Oracle database at 10 Gb, this allows the OID to s

Oracle 12c RAC Management Command grooming ____oracle

file (Pfile, SPFile) management 1, the current data initialization parameter file situation query Su-oracle Sqlplus/as SYSDBA Show Parameter SPFile 2, can be created according to Pfile SPFile Create spfile= ' +dg_zero/zerodb/spfilezerodb.ora ' from pfile= '/zerodb/11g/db_base/db_home/dbs/initzero.ora '; Similarly, you can create pfile by SPFile: 3, Value Description: In front of the parameter is the * n

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