oracle odbc driver 64 bit

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MySQL ODBC is not in the 64-bit prompt for ODBC driver problem resolution

Label:Cause of the problem:When an application accesses a database, such as ASP, ASP. NET, VB, LoadRunner, and so on, if the data source is configured in a 64-bit ODBC-driven Configuration Manager, an ODBC-driven scenario may not be found.This is because these applications are 32-b

MySQL ODBC is not prompted for ODBC driver issues under 64-bit

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of the ODBC data source test (

Reprint: MySQL ODBC under 64-bit prompt cannot find ODBC driver problem

On a 64-bit machine, if you want to connect to 32-bit MySQL, you will typically install MySQL CONNECTOR/ODBC 64-bit and connect properly in the configuration of ODBC data source tests,

About mysql-ODBC driver installation configuration in 64-bit win7 _ MySQL

Install and configure the mysql-ODBC driver in 64-bit win7 To use powerdesigner, you need to configure ODBC. after repeated failures, the following knowledge points are summarized: 1. there are some bugs in ODBC drivers of d

Correct the previous statement about the 64-bit ODBC driver

Generally, data source management is run in 64-bit windows.ProgramThe 32-bit ODBC driver (XLS/MDB) is not visible. For example, only the 64-bit dri

Using ODBC to access 32-bit oracle on a 64-bit Server

In the project of the Security Supervision Bureau, the Internet website needs to display the enterprise declaration result. The website is developed by another company and the database is Oracle. We originally wanted to open an account to allow them to access our database, but people do not want. Later, after being determined by the information center, they opened the database. We created tables with the same structure in their

Win8 64-bit pl-2303 HX Driver (32-bit and 64-bit) both x86 and x64 are available, the device cannot start code 10

PID 2303, vid 067b If the official driver is not easy to use, use the following driver. Normally, do not use it. AppearsYellow exclamation markThe reason is that pl2303 chips are not officially produced and are counterfeited from China. For 64-bit (x64) systems, use a 64

Oracle convert a 32-bit database to 64-bit database (32-bit to 64-bit) Description

Oracle Data is divided into 32-bit and 64-bit, which correspond to different platforms. For details about how to check whether the database is 32 or 64-bit, refer: Check whether oracle

64-bit Windows 7 platform installation 32-bit timesten, configuring an ODBC data source

Problem:Due to the system version, the client can only install the 32-bit timesten, but the client's platform is 64-bit win 7, after the installation is complete, follow the general Control Panel, management tools, The data Source (ODBC) open ODBC Data Source Manager does no

How to configure a 32-bit ODBC data source in 64-bit Windows

How to configure a 32-bit ODBC data source in 64-bit WindowsThe procedure is as follows:1. Install mysql ODBC driver: mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win322. Open cmd and enter C: \ Windows

64-bit/32-bit operating system ODBC setting method

Label:Recently made an upgrade of the system at hand to upgrade from the original Windows Server 2003 32bit to Windows Server 64bit, because the program in the system through the ODBC connection database, according to the previous Setup method set up, but the program can be To run but can not properly connect the status of the database, after colleagues to mention the point only to know that ODBC settings a

Win2003 64-bit system ODBC connection use

Label:EnvironmentGeneral system deployment of the server if the Windows system, the 64-bit WIN2003 structure will be used. However, most of the programs we write are compiled in the x86 32-bit CPU architecture, it is really troublesome to transplant to a 64-bit machine, not

(64-bit Oracle uses 32-bit plsql) to install 64-bit Oracle database software using a 32-bit Plsql Developer Connection method

As Plsql developer did not provide 64-bit, so according to the information on the Internet to do a bit of finishing, sent up1. Download and install the Oracle 11g R2 64-bit, ignoring the hardware detection failure information when

How 64-bit Windows systems Configure 32-bit ODBC data sources

Label:The steps are as follows:First, install MySQL ODBC driver: Mysql-connector-odbc-5.3.4-win32 Second, open cmd, enter:C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe (Be sure to enter the full path!) ) Then we're going to configure MySQL ODBC in open ODBC data Source Manager 2.1.

WIN7 64 bit on MySQL ODBC some personal understanding

Tags: style color data problem SP on C AD ManagementRecently computer poisoning, helpless under the 32-bit XP replaced by 64-bit Win7, boring time-consuming development environment, installed vs6.0 (ignoring all incompatible), loaded 64 MySQL (""), everything seems very smooth, And then I took it

Win7 64-bit machine ODBC data source DSN additions and removal issues

64-bit Machine ODBC operation method and 32-bit machine is not the same, if directly from the Control Panel-Administrator tool-ODBC into the user DSN and the System DSN is empty, add when even ODBC

About Win7 64-bit systems access to access through ODBC experience

Tags: Database program operating system PC userRecently, while working relatively idle, the computer's operating system has been re-installed, from the original XP replaced by WIN7 (64-bit), the results encountered a series of application data access problems. Question 1: Many of the small programs that I wrote with VS2010 are running in Win7, and the error is verified and the Access database is accessed. Q

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PL/SQL connection

32-bit PLSQL: 64-bit Oracle and 64-bit System

Problem description: configuration: After 64-bit Oracle32-bit PLSQL is installed on Oracle, PLSQL is used to connect to the database, but the login window of PLSQL is always not displayed and cannot connect to the database normally, no database initialization content. Solution: 1. decompress the downloaded instantclien

"Reprinted" 64-bit Win7 successfully installs 64-bit Oracle, 32-bit instantclient and Plsql Developer

Tags: listen file GBK reader operation 32-bit service login OtnThank the original author, the original link: With the actual installation, Oracle can be successfully installed on a 64-bit Windows7 by the following steps. The following is a detailed download, in

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