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zbb20170816 Oracle Oracle View tablespace, data file size, and usage SQL statements

Tags: Database space Table control file stat ACK name RAC BlogOracle Oracle View tablespace, data file size, and usage SQL statements--Table

Oracle Oracle's internal and external connections

Tags: number reg title use man Click Technology to share connected self-connectioninternal and external connections in the 1,oracle1, internal connectionThe internal connection is that the qualifying data is selected and the data that is not

Oracle Oracle Functions-numeric functions

Label:First, the numerical function1. MoD (m,n) to find the remainder functionNote: if m or n is null, NULL is returned. If n is 0, the value of M is returnedeg2. Round (M[,n]) roundingIf n has no value, the default is 0, which is equivalent to

To_date Detailed Usage example in Oracle (Oracle date format conversion)

Tags: number date type first day get conversion SQL name includes divThis article focuses on the detailed usage examples of to_date in Oracle, including the use of period and character conversion functions, string and time conversions, the day of

[Oracle] Oracle Learning Summary (1)

Tags: Unlock connection height style Otto Password technology title add1. View all users in the Oracle database: (1) Log in to the database using an account with DBA authority; (2) Execute select username from dba_users. SQL> conn sys input

The startup and shutdown principles of Oracle-oracle start-up phase

Tags:oracle    database     how to    status    Case 1: How to know which stage the current database is in sql> select Instance_name,status from V$instance;

Reprint-oracle Oracle's sign function and decode function

Tags: group var sys user _id a name display companyOriginal address: in reserveCompare size function Signfunction Syntax:Sign (n)Function Description:Take the sign of the

[Oracle] Oracle Database Security Management

Tags: tool transfer evaluation limit user ACK Oracle database user management storage space Database auditDirectory + 1. Overview of database Security control policies + 2. User Management + 3. Resource Restriction and password management + 4.

[Oracle] Oracle Ultimate Unlock

Tags:io   os   sp   on    data     issues    ad    time     management     Some Oracle processes have been killed,

Configuration and use of performance monitoring tools five-point color platform Build-Spotlight on Oracle (Oracle)

Tags: Toad 1.3 Real-time metrics beyond DBA integrationSpotlight is a strong five-color platform to build "journey Source Forum" Contact: qq:2747044651 Powerful Oracle Database real-time performance diagnostic tool, provides an

Oracle---. Oracle Functions

Label:Numeric type functions:Absolute:ABS (x) "function" returns the absolute value of x "parameter" x, numeric Expression "return" number "example" Select ABS (+), ABS ( -100) from dual;--------------------------------------------------------------

[Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend

Oracle [Oracle] History of the Oracle ――oracle company legend Author: fenng Date: Sep 09 2004 The origins of Oracle Company It is hard to imagine the Oracle Company's saga starting with IBM. 1970 June, IBM researcher Edgar Cauter (Edgar Frank Codd

[Oracle] Oracle Role Management

Tags: working padding png tle log Ott not one serviceIf we give each user permission directly, it would be a huge and cumbersome task, and it would be inconvenient for DBAs to manage it. By adopting a role that enables: Privilege Management

Oracle Oracle quickly determines whether a date is a leap year or common year

Label:Select Case whenTo_char (Last_day (Add_months (Trunc (Sysdate,'y'),1)),'DD')= ' -' Then 'Common year' Else 'Leap Year' End asIsleapyear fromDualThe first step: the date of the beginning of the date; the second step: the

Oracle Oracle's LISTAGG analysis function

Label:Oracle Analytic function--listagg Chapter(1) Use Listagg to merge multiple rows of data into one lineExample table:Select from Order by Deptno, enameSuppose there is a requirement that the employee names of the same department in the EMP

ArcGIS Connects Oracle, Oracle Configuration

Tags: base BSP SQL MYSQ work www. Custom Machine DecompressionServer: Oracle 11g (I am the default path installation, the custom path is not successful, do not know why)Client: ArcGIS Desktop 10.2, Oracle 11g 32-bit clientClient: ArcGIS Server 10.2,

[Oracle] Oracle Benign SQL recommendations

Tags: section run mathematical Function association processing single-column operation TNO Reg(1) Select the most efficient table name order (valid only in the rule-based optimizer):The Oracle parser processes the table names in the FROM clause in a

How to recover a node in Oracle_rac

Rac1 is bad. RAC3 Normal. First on the RAC3 on the RAC1 to delete the information, and then refill Rac1 The steps are as follows: 1, run DBCA on Rac1, delete instance; 2, if there is ASM, delete

Oracle static monitoring note for specific explanations

Tags: message apt contact 10g hand version end service withOracle static monitoring note for specific explanationsThere are a lot of articles on the Internet about Oracle monitoring static register. But most of them are simply said, and there are no

Oracle Static Monitoring Registration

Tags: des style color io os ar for file spOracle Static Monitoring RegistrationThere are many articles on the internet about Oracle monitoring static registration, but most of them are simple to say, and there is no detailed example, here, will be

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