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Physical memory expansion, oracle 11g R1 database Parameter Modification

Background:The physical memory of the master and slave machines is doubled. After the memory is expanded, You need to modify the memory parameters related to the database, including the database and operating system. After doubling the memory size of the backup machine, modify the relevant

Oracle 11g export table reports EXP-00011: table does not exist

Oracle 11g, when backing up a database with the exp command, if the table does not have a datagram EXP-00011 error, the corresponding table does not exist. As a result, the corresponding empty table cannot be backed up. Cause: by default, a segment is not allocated when a

"ORACLE" 11g database table export and import 10g spatio-temporal table problems that cannot be exported

Issue: ORACLE 11g exports a user's own table with the EXP command export and IMP imports 10g found empty table cannot be exportedCause: 11g When you start to build a table, segment is not assigned by default to save space, and whe

Oracle 11g export empty table, less table solution

Label:Source: There is a new feature in ORACLE 11G that does not allocate segment when the table has no data to save space. Workaround: 1) Insert a row, and then rollback will produce segment. The method is to insert data into the empty

Oracle 11G Cleanup Temp table space ____oracle

. Before Oracle 11g, the temp table space was used, although it could be freed, but the amount of tablespace usage was shown to be 100%, you can use the following script to view the actual usage of each data file in the temporary tablespace: Set PageSize 50 Col Tablespace_name for A20 Col "tempfile name" for A42 Set Linesize 300 Select F.tablespace_name, D.file

Oracle 11g online redefine normal table variable partition table

limitations of the oracle9i redefinition process are listed below:-You must have enough space to maintain two copies of the form.--You cannot change the primary key bar.--The table must have a primary key.--You must redefine the table in the same outline.--You cannot have a NOT NULL constraint on new columns until the redefine operation is complete.--The table c

11g Oracle Export table does not export data default to NULL table Resolution _oracle

11g Oracle Export table does not export data as null by default 1, oracle11g default to empty table does not assign segment, so use EXP export oracle11g database, empty table will not export.2, set the Deferred_segment_creation parameter is false, whether it is empty

Oracle 11g Learning 3--table Space Operations

by the system after the user's operation, so there is no need to adjust the temporary table space, but when the concurrent users are very much and the operation is more complex, There may be a shortage of temporary table space. At this point, the database administrator can add temporary files to increase the temporary table space.If you need to add temporary fil

One of Oracle's flashback Technologies Oracle 11g recovers (with delete) data mistakenly deleted using flashtable (flash back table)

---------- ----------------------------------------1 First row of data3 third row of dataNext, perform a recovery operation on the data you just deleted:1. Turn on the mobile function of the tableSql> ALTER TABLE TB_FLASH1 enable row movement2/The table has changed.2. Restore the table to the time when the data was deleted (note that the time is as close as possi

Oracle 11g new feature system partition table

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Predicate Information (identified by operation id ):---------------------------------------------------2-filter ("COL1" = 1)Note------Dynamic sampling used for this statement (level = 2)Statistics----------------------------------------------------------5 recursive cballs0 db block gets15 consistent gets0 physical reads0 redo size385 bytes sent via SQL * Net to client338 bytes encoded ed via SQL

Automatic Memory Management (AMM) under Oracle 11g R1 (1) exclusive Translation]Oracle has made great efforts in simplifying memory management over the past few years. Since Oracle 9i implements automatic PGA management through the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET parameter, Oracle 10g implements automatic SGA management through the SGA_TARGET parameter,

Memory management for Oracle 11G R2

Tags: CLI shared pool Global and Otto table structure show introductionBasic points of knowledgeBasic memory structure: Sga+pga+uga+software code area (software region)Learn about the components of SGA memory and some common featuresLearn about Oracle 11G automatic

Oracle 11g R2 But sample pre-installation environment preparation (for user, permissions, memory storage and system parameters related adjustments)

":" ' {print '} ' oracle[[email protected] ~]# groups Orac Leoracle:oinstall dba Oper asmadmin asmdba[[email protected] ~]#Related toolkits and development kits:Physical Memory Size:[Email protected] ~]# cat/proc/meminfo |grep-i memmemtotal:3974196 kbmemfree:2037892 kbshmem: 3920 KBSwap partition size:[Email protected] ~]# cat/proc/meminfo |grep-i swapswapcached:0 kbswaptotal:4112380 kbswapfree: 4112380 KB

How to export an empty table in Oracle 11g

How to export an empty table in Oracle 11g Because of the new features created by the delay segment of Oracle 11g, Oracle does not allocate data segments when there is no data insertion, leading to exp being unable to export the

Oracle 11g new feature system partition table

|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------predicate information (identified by Operation ID):---------------------------------------------------2-filter ("COL1" =1)Note------Dynamic sampling used for this statement (level=2)Statistical information----------------------------------------------------------5 Recursive calls0 db Block getsConsistent gets0 physical Reads0 Redo Size385 Bytes sent via sql*net to client338 Bytes received via sq

Extended Optimizer Statistics in Oracle 11g Improve memory Ma

The oracle optimizer uses statistics to select the optimal or sub-optimal execution plan. During the execution plan determination process, oracle can analyze the data distribution characteristics of each table column very well, however, oracle is powerless for some associations between columns, such as the corresponden

How to troubleshoot an Oracle 11G R2 with exp cannot export empty table problem

Oracle 11G when exported with export, empty table can not guide 11G R2 has a new feature, when the table has no data, do not allocate segment to save space Workaround: Insert a row, and then rollback will produce segment. The method is to insert data in an empty

Oracle 11g R2 exp cannot export empty table Solution

Oracle 11g realbench 2 ( reports an error when exporting an empty table. After checking the cause, it turns out that an optimization was made in this version. During table creation, no storage space is allocated. The storage space is allocated only when data is inserted for the first time. This saves a lot of

Oracle 11G when exporting with exp, empty table cannot be exported to resolve

First, the cause of the problem:A new feature in 11G that does not allocate segment when the table has no data to save space1, insert a row, and then rollback will produce segment. The method is to insert data into the empty table and then delete it, resulting in segment. When exporting, you can export empty tables.2. Set Deferred_segment_creation parametersSql>

Summary Oracle 11g Common management commands (user, table space, permissions)

and datafiles;Modify table space Size (Note: Modify = can be increased and can be reduced.) )alter?database?datafile '/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orcl/ittbank.dbf ' resize 200m;Increase table space Size (Note: increase = can only increase, cannot be reduced.) )alter tablespace ittbank add datafile '/u01/app/oracle/oradata

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