oracle pl sql array of varchar2

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Chapter 2 procedural performance tuning of PL/SQL applications

Chapter 2 procedural performance tuning of PL/SQL applications I. Reasons for PL/SQL Performance problems When the execution efficiency of PL/SQL-based applications is low, it is usually caused by poor SQL statements and programming methods,

Passing an array from Java to PL/SQL

A6l 06,200 4 Venkat -- thanks for the question regarding "passing an array from Java to PL/SQL", version 8.1.7 You asked Hi Tom, I need to pass String Array from Java to PL/SQL and also returnarray from PL/SQL. I refered your book and

A good memory is better than a rotten pen. Oracle SQL Optimization (2)

*sql optimization based on ORACLE11GR2 reading notes * Third, cursor in OracleThe cursor in Oracle is a vector of SQL parsing and execution in an Oracle database and is a data structure for C (Oracle is written in C).There are two types of cursor in

PL/SQL 02 declaring variable declare

Grammar:identifier [CONSTANT] datatype [not NULL] [: = | DEFAULT Expr]Identifier: Used to specify the name of a variable or constant.CONSTANT: Used to specify constants. When you define a constant, you must specify its initial value, and its value

Oracle handbook Series 3: Collection types in PL/SQL (Collections in PL/SQL)

  1) classification of Sets Oracle supports three types of collections: Associative array (Index-by table) Nested table) Variable-length array (VARRAY) One of their differences is that the Nested table and VARRY can be used either in PL/SQL or

Oracle Database-Practical Operations (3) PL/SQL

Oracle----PL/SQLPL/SQL is a programming language that combines process language (procedural Language) with Structured Query Language (SQL)PL/SQL is unique to Oracle, and is an extension to the. Different database vendors have similar "dialects" that

Basic grammatical elements of pl/sql

Constant 1. Define the syntax format for constants Constant name constant type identifier [not null]:= value; constants, including the following variable names must begin with a letter, cannot have spaces, cannot exceed 30 characters in length, and

Oracle--pl/sql variable definition----

Variable introduction when writing a PL/SQL program, you can define variables and constants, including: 1 in a PL/SQL program, scalar type (scalar) 2), composite type (composite)--for manipulating a single record 3), reference type (reference)--

24. Oracle PL/SQL variable

First, Variable introductionWhen you write a PL/SQL program, you can define variables and constants, including the following in the PL/SQL program:1), scalar type (scalar)2), composite type (composite) --for manipulating individual records3),

Basic pl SQL syntax

Constant 1. Define the syntax format of constantsConstant name constant type identifier [not null]: = value;Constants, including variable names that follow them, must start with a letter, cannot contain spaces, cannot exceed 30 characters, and

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