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The CDB and PDB for Oracle 12c service

Tags: srvctladdserviceSrvctl Add ServiceThe parameters are as follows:-S: Service name-R: Preferred instance Name-A: alternate instance name-p:taf policy, with none,basic,preconnect three values selectable-D-pdbSrvctl Add service-help View the meaning of each parameterIf-pdb is not specified here, it is connected to the CDB, which is required to remotely clone the PDB and set TNS.Srvctl add

Fusion_ Enterprise Service Bus consolidation based on Oracle SOA

unified portal for information;4. Flexibility to adapt to business changes;5. Monitor critical business interfaces;6. Optimize business processes and improve economic efficiency;7. Component reuse, reduce late development costs;8. Loose coupling, high cohesion can adapt to business change of the latest IT architecture;9. Service Management visualization, can be seen throughout the life cycle of services;V. Related Products The program leverages

Parameters for Oracle Service Bus Socket Adapter Tuning

this parameter to a value that does not exceed 65536, because the upper limit for each IP packet is 65,536 bytes.The sb_max--tunable parameter sets the upper limit for the number of socket buffers queued for a single socket, which can control the total amount of buffer space used by the buffer (queued for sender or received sockets). This amount should normally be less than wall and approximately 4 times times the maximum value of TCP or UDP send and receive settings.The rfc1323--tunable parame

Oracle 12C 64Bit installation manual in Oracle Linux 6.5 and 12c installation manual

Oracle 12C 64Bit installation manual in Oracle Linux 6.5 and 12c installation manual Oracle 12C 64Bit installation manual in Oracle Linux 6.5, step by step : Http://

Some questions and answers from Oracle 12c and Goldengate 12c

Tags: blog io os ar using for strong SP files1. How do I know if a 12c db is a container database? (1) Container DBSql> Select CDB from V$database;CDB---YES(2) Non container DBSql> Select CDB from V$database;CDB---NO2. How do I view all the PDB? Sql> select Name, Open_mode from V$pdbs;NAME Open_mode------------------------------ ----------Pdb$seed READ only PDBORCL mounted PDB1 READ WRITE 3. How do I open a PDB? Sql> Show Con_nameCon_name-------------

Oracle Database 12c 16 Features Summary

configured on the database, not the size of the database. In previous releases, we were unable to run the upgrade program in parallel to quickly complete the upgrade process.In 12c R1, the original Catupgrd.sql script was replaced by the script (parallel upgrade feature) and now we can run the upgrade in parallel mode.The following procedure describes how to initialize the parallel upgrade feature (3 procedures); You need to run this script

Oracle 12c RAC installation ACFS file System tutorial

=" 0660kernel== "Sd?1", bus== "scsi", program== "/sbin/scsi_id-g-u-d/dev/$parent", result== "1ata_vbox_harddisk_" vb4489ed5a-e05a9613 ", name=" asm_acfs_3g_03 ", owner=" Oracle ", group=" DBA ", mode=" 06607. Restart the two-node Udev service, or directly restart two nodes: Crsctl Stop CRS/sbin/udevadm Control--reload-rules/sbin/start_udevSecond, create Acfs fil

Oracle Database 12c six years of development

With the rapid development of cloud computing, mobile and social technology, the role of enterprise data centers is constantly changing. Enterprises need stronger computing capabilities, simpler IT architecture, and more controllable O M costs. The individual software and hardware cannot meet all the requirements of enterprises. The integration system, chip and storage, and the integration of software and hardware in the IT architecture have been recognized and demanded by more and more users,

Oracle SOA Suite 12c

building High performance and scalability-run on high-performance Oracle WebLogic servers, complete cluster and disaster recovery mechanisms Service components-high performance, multi-protocol service bus, BPEL process management, human task flow, business rules, to-business, operational activity Monitoring, e

Oracle 12c implements manual database creation instead of CDB and CDB creation.

Oracle 12c implements manual database creation instead of CDB and CDB creation. Preface I believe everyone knows that for Oracle DATABASE creation, apart from dbca (GUI interface), Oracle also supports manual DATABASE creation, that is, using the CREATE DATABASE statement to CREATE a DATABASE. One advantage of using th

Oracle SOA Suite 12c

integrated application High performance and scalability-performed on high-performance Oracle Weblogicserver, intact cluster and disaster recovery mechanisms Service components-high performance, multi-protocol service bus, BPEL process management, human task flow, business rules Business Activity Monitoring. En

Summary of the new features of Oracle 12c on business impact (1)

Summary of the new features of Oracle 12c on business impact (1) 1. invisible fields In Oracle 11g R1, Oracle introduces some good enhancement features in the form of invisible indexes and virtual fields. Inherit and develop the former, and introduce the invisible field idea in Or

The "ORACLE12C" Deployment service establishes the user and the problems encountered in building the database and some new features of 12C

This is an Oracle small white unbearable torture, struggling to make, the cost of painstaking efforts.Differences between ORACLE12C and 11g versionsA problem was encountered while creating the user (my findings are based on the problems encountered):Problem Description:Prompt for ORA-65096 when creating the required user for the service: the public user name or role is invalid.Cause of the problem:According

Remote Installation of Oracle DB 12c

Recently, we tried to upgrade our company's DataWit Business Intelligence System ETL tool to test the support capability for Oracle Database 12c. Therefore, we need to establish a test environment. I remotely install the Oracle DB 12c database to a server in the private cloud through the SSH client. The operating syste

Comparison of ohasd daemon of oracle 11.2 and 12c RAC

stop/waitingKexec-disable stop/waitingQuit-plymouth stop/waitingRcS stop/waitingPREFDM stop/waitingInit-system-dbus stop/waitingReadAhead stop/waitingSplash-manager stop/waitingStart-ttys stop/waitingReadahead-disable-services stop/waitingRcs-sulogin stop/waitingSerial stop/waitingORACLE-OHASD start/running, Process 12661[Root@lunarlib rootwork]#To view information about the ORACLE-OHASD service:[Root@luna

Centos7_minimal silent installation of Oracle 12c version

] ~]$ ls/opt/oracle/12c/network/admin/Listener.ora Samples Shrept.lst Sqlnet.ora22. After the installation is complete, you can see if port 1521 is up[Email protected] ~]$ NETSTAT-TULNP |grep 152123. Add a DB instance, modify the Dbca.rsp file[Email protected] ~]$ VIM/OPT/ORACLE/DATABASE/RESPONSE/DBCA.RSPResponsefile_version = "12.1.0" #默认OPERATION_TYPE = "Create

Install Oracle 12C on CentOS7

Install Oracle 12C on CentOS7 Lab environment: Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.12 Operating System: CentOS 7 (LINUX7) 64bit Database: Oracle 12C 64bit Objective: To install Oracle12C in LINUX7 Operation Demonstration:(1) install the Linux 7 Operating System Omitted(2) download the

How to connect Oracle 12c to CDB and PDB, 12 ccdb

How to connect Oracle 12c to CDB and PDB, 12 ccdb 1 connect to CDB Same as a normal instance. After specifying ORACLE_SID, you can use OS authentication or password for connection. [Oracle @ Ora12c/] $ echo $ ORACLE_SID Cndba [Oracle @ Ora12c/] $ sqlplus/as sysdba SQL * Plus: Release Production onMon

"Oracle" Oracle Database 12c Release 2 Installation multi-diagram detailed

\hosts file is blocked.2. Also IP address do not use DHCP to obtain IP automatically, you need to specify an IP address. This problem occurs as long as you find the cause, and then let the monitoring start normally can solve the problem.3. Firewall does not shut down caused4. Check that the other network configuration is correct.The installation is complete, according to the prompt browser access (The browser may be reported missing flash plugin to install one on the line)User name is

Linux-install Oracle (CentOS-Oracle 12c) and centos7 install oracle12c

Linux-install Oracle (CentOS-Oracle 12c) and centos7 install oracle12c Step 1: network connection, which is described in my previous blog. Purpose of network connection: to use the yum command, download the file directly online. Step 2: Go to the oracle official website to download

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