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Oracle Installation tutorial on Solaris 11

Recently, because of the need, to learn the development of Oracle applications on the Solaris system. The Solaris one for x86 was downloaded from Sun's web site, and the Oracle 10g Realse 2 ( x86 was downloaded from the Oracle Web site for

How to install running Oracle Jdbc:thin with Java (OAS) DBA on your Linux machine

Oracle How to install and run Oracle on your Linux machine start action It can be pretty easy to install Oracle on Redhat, but if you follow Oracle company completely Documentation is not always easy to walk through. The quickest shortcut is Tom

How to install and run Oracle on your Linux machine

Summary: Oracle announced the porting of Oracle 8 and Oracle Application Server at the end of last yearTo Linux. This is a clear and unmistakable sign: the whole world should realize that Linux hasis a serious operating system, enough to take on

Oracle classic Q & A list [common]

Oracle classic Q & A list [common] Oracle classic Q & A list [common] Directories01. What is the initial password after oracle is installed?02. What is the initial Default

Full explanation of Oracle 10g RAC Installation

Full explanation of Oracle 10g RAC Installation Directory1. ORACLE Database RAC description... 1-21.1RAC system description... 1-21.2 preparations before installation... 1-21.2.1 hardware preparations... 1-21.2.2 quasi-work on software... 1-22.

Install Oracle database under the CentOS of linux+php+apache+oracle environment _linux

The recommended use of OTK scripts to install Oracle is a great boost to the success factor of installing Oracle. Description Oratoolkit is the Swiss Army knife for Oracle. Standards and designed tools help DBA ' s mastering Oracle 10g/11g

Oracle common dummies question 1000 full set of questions (1)

1. What is the initial password after oracle is installed? Internal/Oracle Sys/change_on_install System/Manager Scott/Tiger Sysman/oem_temp 2. What is the initial Default User and password of Oracle9iAS Web Cache? Administrator/Administrator 3.

Oracle manages disk space and resources

Oracle manages disk space and resources1. Recoverable space allocation 1.1 learn about recoverable space allocation Generally, we initiate a large database operation, such as creating a large table index. If the tablespace is insufficient, the

Install Oracle goldengate under Windows (difference between dual standby and master-slave replication) __oracle

Oracle goldengate Test Documentation   1. Oracle Goldengate Introduction 1 2. Oracle Goldengate for Oracle (Windows platform) installation 5 3. database replication Implementation document (DML) 7 3.1 Preparation Work 7 3.2 Configuration Goldengate

Oracle upgrades from 10g to 11g detailed steps ____oracle

Oracle upgrades from 10g to 11g detailed stepsold Database version: new version: Version: Solaris 10Reference Documentation:Complete Checklist for Manual upgrades to 11GR2 [ID 837570.1]Part I-Installing 11GR2 softwareHere

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