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Oracle tuning uses related SQL, oracle tuning related SQL

Oracle tuning uses related SQL, oracle tuning related SQL Select * from v $ session where username is not null;Select username, count (username) from v $ session where username is not null group by username;Select count (*) from v

Oracle SQL Tuning Database optimization steps Graphic tutorial

SQL turning is a tool in the Quest Central software produced by Quest Corporation. Quest is an integrated, graphical, Cross-platform database management solution that can manage Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server databases simultaneously. Introduction to SQL tuning for

"High-performance SQL Tuning essentials and Case Resolution" on SQL tuning (SQL tuning or SQL Optimization) learning

resolution," whether the previous five chapters are related to SQL tuning, is it optional? I think this is a major feature of this book, that is more attention to the basic theory of the explanation and learning, any one of the skills of Learning, foundation and theory is very important, this is also a highlight of the book and features. Admittedly, many of the similar

Oracle adjustment Advisor (SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Access Advisor)

When Oracle database performance problems occur, it is effort-saving to use the Oracle toolkit and give reasonable optimization suggestions. The following two packages are described and their specific practices. The smallest adjustment tool for SQL Tuning Advisor. Use one or more S

Oracle Tuning Advisor (SQL Tuning Advisor with SQL Access Advisor

In the case of performance problems with Oracle databases, it is less effort to use Oracle's own toolkit to give reasonable tuning recommendations.Tuning Advisor is optimized for the execution plan of the input SQL setThe Accsee Advisor is a recommendation on how much performance is improved if SQL set is introduced in

Oracle SQL tuning procedure

Oracle SQL tuning procedure The full name of SQL is Structured Query Language (Structured Query Language ). SQL is an industrial standard database query language used in the middle of 1980s. Do not confuse SQL with commercial prod

"Essentials of high-performance SQL tuning and Case Resolution" a book on mainstream relational database SQL tuning (SQL tuning or SQL Optimization) core mechanism-index

Tags: implementation mechanism originally page organizes tables based on free article content index ClustFollowing the book on SQL tuning (SQL tuning or SQL optimization) in the essentials of high-performance SQL


) | Time |----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| 0 | SELECT STATEMENT | | 1 | 96 | 2 (0) | 00:03:18 || 1 | TABLE ACCESS by INDEX rowid| Test_sql_advisor | 1 | 96 | 2 (0) | 00:03:18 ||* 2 | INDEX RANGE SCAN | Test_sql_advisor_idx | 1 | | 1 (0) | 00:01:39 |---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- predicate information (identified by Operation ID):------------------------------

Moving the SQL Tuning toolset between Oracle instances

The SQL Tuning toolset (SQL Tuning set,sts) is an integral part of the Oracle 10g SQL Tuning Advisor feature. Each tuning toolset contains o

[Oracle] oracledba6 SQL Tuning sets, oracledba6tuning

[Oracle] oracledba6 SQL Tuning sets, oracledba6tuning You want to use the SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendation S for badly written SQL statements in your development environment. W Hich three sources can you select for

"Oracle" ORACLEDBA6 SQL Tuning Sets

Label:You want to use the SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations for badly written SQL statements in your development environment. WHich Three sources can you select for the advisor to analyze? (ChooseThree.)A. Top SQLB. SnapshotsC. SQL Tuning SetsD. Index Access Pat

"Oracle" ORACLEDBA6 SQL Tuning Sets

Label:You want to use the SQL Tuning Advisor to generate recommendations for badly written SQL statements in your development environment. WHich Three sources can you select for the advisor to analyze? (ChooseThree.)A. Top SQLB. SnapshotsC. SQL Tuning SetsD. Index Access Pat

SQLHC of Oracle SQL tuning

SQL execution is slow, how fast and accurate optimization. SQLHC is one of the best tools. By getting all the SQL execution plans, list the actual performance bottlenecks, listing the number of rows on the table where SQL resides, the data and distribution of each column, the existing index, the actual execution of


: = Time_limit_default,Ask_name in VARCHAR2: = NULL,Description in VARCHAR2: = NULL)RETURN VARCHAR2; Case:DECLAREMy_task_name VARCHAR2 (30);My_sqltext CLOB;BEGINMy_sqltext: = ' SELECT 1 from dual ';My_task_name: = Dbms_sqltune. Create_tuning_task (Sql_text = My_sqltext,Bind_list=>sql_binds (ANYDATA. Convertnumber (9)),user_name = ' Noap ',Scope=> ' comprehensive ',Time_limit = 600,Task_name = ' Sql_tuning_test ',Description=> ' TUNING TASK ');END; BEG

Oracle Application tuning: Avoid SQL to do a lot of cyclic logic processing

to go. In the development, we have to do some optimization of business logic, to avoid complex logic operations, especially to avoid a very large number of cycles of business logic processing, on the one hand we want to simplify business logic, some business logic to the program to deal with, on the other hand we can use SQL very clever to achieve a lot of logic complex requirements, Avoid having to do a lot of complex logic processing, rather than

ORACLE SQL Tuning records a large table full table scan caused by a trim function

August 14, 2017, a city of Oracle related Scheduler ETL extraction speed is very slow, the average SQL statement execution time of about 9 seconds, if shown:650) this.width=650; "Src=" ahr0cdovl2jsb2cuy3nkbi5uzxqvd3d3x3h1zv94aq==/font/5a6l5l2t/fontsize/400/fill/i0jbqkfcma==/dissolve/70/gravity/ Center "width=" "style=" border:0px;vertical-align:mi

SQL Tuning Basics Overview 05-oracle Index types and introduction

is much higher than that of the composite Index query efficiency, while in version Verify that the ad hoc query efficiency of the common composite index is more efficient than the efficiency of the bitmap index) Create TableT (name_id, gender not NULL, location not NULL, Age_range not NULL, data) as Selectrownum, Decode ( Floor(Dbms_random.value (0,2)),0,'M',1,'F') gender, Ceil (Dbms_random.value (0, -) Location , decode ( Floor(Dbms_random.value (0,4)),0,' Child',1,' Young',2,'Middle

Oracle SQL Tuning Notes

add data to the table (delete, update operations, and so on), add the address of the new record to the index, which slows down the new data. Presumably, to be able to read it, it's not exactly right. Knowing the index, we can add the appropriate index above the table to improve the performance of the query statement.You can look at an index as a unique table, SQL query, if the field is indexed field will be indexed to query, then the index of this un

Oracle SQL Tuning Set

1. New tuning Set Object ***************************************** ---Authorize grant administer any SQL TUNING SET to Scott;---Delete the existing stsbegin Dbms_sqltune. Drop_sqlset (sqlset_name = ' ocpyang_sts '); end;/---new Stsbegin dbms_sqltune. Create_sqlset (sqlset_name = ' ocpyang_sts ', Sqlset_owner = ' SCOTT ', description = ' ocpyangtest '); end;/---Vi

Oracle Database SQL tuning

Label:A recent project involves data-table queries of large data volumes. The total data table is about 700 million-2 billion, the primary key to establish a global unique index, the partition policy is hash partition + range partition, most of the time the query condition hit record more than million, a single return to the previous XX record. The following experiences are summed up in the tuning process:(1) Minimize the interval limit, even if the a

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