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Oracle streams Practice: How to remove streams replication environment

Iv. Clear Streams Replication environment On the one hand is to facilitate the test environment behind the construction, on the one hand because the 10g streams replication environment is very simple to remove, so this is the last section of this chapter. To remove the entire replication environment, simply log on to the Streams Administrator account on the sou

Oracle license and license usage Problems

1. Differences between genuine Oracle products and pirated products Go straight to the topic, which is a lot of research and development attention. For commercial use (that is, you are not at home or playing on your own), strictly speaking, it is the difference between a license paper. No matter when the downloaded version is used, you can create a database and perform normal development. However, if it is

Oracle Streams Foundation: Communication process

This section mainly describes the workflow of communication, as well as some related features (processing logic), the content is equally boring, but think twice about the value of reading. In the entire streams replication environment, the propagation process is responsible for copying the source-side modification queues to the target database. 1. LCR Segmentation Streams passes messages through a queue s

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard

How to build an Oracle 11g license uard I. PreparationsI have read many tutorials when preparing to build a tracing uard. I followed the tutorials and encountered problems. Then I don't know how to proceed to the next step.Later, I went to the official document and sorted out my ideas. It was much easier.Taking one master database and one slave database as an example, the idea of building DG is as follows:

How Oracle license is calculated in virtual machine vmware

There are two ways to compute Oracle License: By number of users and number of CPUs. These are calculated by CPU as follows: License Number = The number of CPU cores * Core Factor One of the core Factor can refer to the official document Oracle Processor Core Factor. If Oracle

Step by step, gathering small streams ------ oracle easily modifies the entire row of data, ------ oracle

Step by step, gathering small streams ------ oracle easily modifies the entire row of data, ------ oracle As you learn more and more about your knowledge and discover your own shortcomings, record the knowledge you learned this time. Although oracle is used in the project, it is not very good for

Step by step, gathering small streams ------ oracle quick add test data, ------ oracle

Step by step, gathering small streams ------ oracle quick add test data, ------ oracle Some time ago, problems were found during implementation and need to be modified at that time. Because the data in the database is real data, it cannot be modified. Otherwise, a large leak may occur, therefore, adding test data is easy to modify, and the efficiency of adding a

License for the maximum number of Oracle concurrency

Check the current License SQLgt; showparameterlicense; NAMETYPEVALUE --------------- Check the current License SQLgt; show parameter license; name type value --------------- View the current License status SQL> show parameter license;NAME TYPE VALUE---------------------

Oracle streams How to create a tables-level replication environment

the previous chapter (primarily the Oracle environment, where the previous replication environment has been purged) and set the environment as follows: Source database Sid:jssweb, Target library: jssstr; Copying objects in Schema:member, partially synchronizing DML, partially synchronizing DDL operations; Local capture, one-way synchronization; Dbms_streams_adm. Maintain_tables generate configuration scripts; The

Oracle license system and audit nightmare

Welcome to the Oracle community forum, and interact with 2 million technical staff. At this time, people will lose their senses and pick up their mobile phones to yell at the Oracle service contract, but this will not help. For Oracle, when you purchase products "permanently", you are ready to have a long run with them. The most effective "end" is to stop using t

Oracle Database 10g license authorization information

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 Gb Database Control is designed to manage a single Database, regardless of whether the Database is a single instance or a cluster Database. This Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control release contains the following advanced features available only after obtaining the Oracle license: Database diagnostic package Automatic workload d

Maximum concurrency and license of Oracle

View the current license status SQL> show parameter license;NAME TYPE VALUE------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------license_max_sessions integer 0license_max_users integer 0license_sessions_warning integer 0 View the maximum number of concurrent connections in

Maximum Oracle concurrency & amp; License

View the current License status SQL> show parameter license;NAME TYPE VALUE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------License_max_sessions integer 0License_max_users integer 0License_sessions_warning integer 0 View the maximum number of concurrent connections in Oracle, but view the v $ licen

Oracle announces free license for Java EE server WebLogic

News: Bruno Borges, a member of the Oracle WebLogic Development Team, announced in his blog today that,WebLogic servers are now available for free.You can also try it for free before, but there is a time limit)However, there are still many restrictions: You can only deploy applications in a single developer's desktop environment, including physical, virtual, and remote virtual hosts. Applications can only be used and accessed by specified developers.

Oracle 11g R2 Streams ORA-26744: ORA-26767: Error

Problem: A Streams exception is found in the source database, for example: Check: select * from dba_capture. An error is returned. ORA-26744: STREAMS capture process "CAPTURE_STREAM" does not support "BHOMSWAS". "DBMS_TABCOMP_TEMP_UNCMP" because of the following reason: ORA-26767: No enough redo log information for LogMiner Oracle metalink explanation:


Tags: style class tar get file CTIA full English error occurred after booting Tomcat: ORACLE DATABASE 10g EXPRESS EDITION LICENSE AgreementTo use this license, you must agree to all of the following terms (by either clicking the Accept button or installing and Using the program):Eligibility EXPORT Restrictions。。。Recently installed Oracle's sake, 8080 of the port

Oracle streams Practices: How to create a full-library replication

As described earlier, Oracle provides two ways for database-level replication: A, Maintain_global B, Pre_instantiation_setup, Post_instantiation_setup Maintain_global is suitable for small and medium-sized database creation, while Pre_instantiation_setup+post_instantiation_setup is suitable for the creation of large database, here we demonstrate through pre_ The Instantiation_setup and Post_instantiation_setup procedures Create a database-level

Oracle Streams Practice: Preparation

Second, the initialization of the environment Before you are ready to create a streams replication environment, there are some preparations that need to be made, as follows: 1. Configure Administrator account For ease of administration, it is not recommended to use Sys/system users, nor is it recommended to use System tablespace, and recommend that everything be new. The user needs to be created separately on the Source/target side and must have re

Oracle Streams Basics: How to capture processes

In the previous chapter we practiced a streams synchronization of a single table, it looks very simple is not (if you feel complex, it is not because the streams itself is complex, but to configure the streams earlier preparation is more complex), in fact it is very simple, from small to see big, We should also see from the example above that streams's operation

Oracle streams CREATE TABLE space-level environment Overview: initialization

: Source database Sid:jssweb, Target library: jssstr Downstream capture Copy webdata table space, configured for bidirectional replication Synchronous DDL Operations Dbms_streams_adm. Maintain_tts Direct Build Configuration STREAMS management has been created, and the database chain for source and target-side communication has also been created See more highlights of this column: http://www.bianceng.cn

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