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Organization structure of orchard source code (applicable to version 1.1)

ArticleDirectory Modules Modules \ Lucene Modules \ orchard. archivelater Modules \ orchard. Blogs Modules \ orchard. codegeneration Modules \ orchard. Comments Modules \ orchard. contenttypes Modules \ orchard.

Orchard source code analysis (1): orchard Architecture

This article mainly refers to the official documentation "How orchard works" and orchardch translation. The source code analysis should be done without looking at the leopard or the blind. Therefore, I first have a general understanding of the

Basic orchard concept definitions-orchard basic concept definition

ArticleDirectory General CMS definitions --- general definition of CMS Orchard concepts-orchard Concept Ui composition -- interface Synthesis Orchard is a Web CMS system that helps us build websites through existing modules. If

Resources and class libraries used by orchard (applicable to version 1.1)

ArticleDirectory Akismet Anlr v3 ASP. net mvc 3 Autofac 2 & autofac contrib Castle Windsor 2.0 Clay Codemirror DLR Eric Meyer's reset CSS Fam fam silk icons Fluent nhib.pdf Fluentpath HTML agility pack

Orchard Source Analysis (1): Orchard Architecture

This article mainly refers to the official document "How Orchard Works" and the translation on ORCHARDCH. Source analysis should be done discovering, rather than a glimpse of leopard or elephant. So we first have an overall understanding of the

Orchard dynamic compilation Mechanism

ArticleDirectory Overview Found Example Loader Selection Example Reference Parsing Configuration change detection "~ /App_data/dependencies. xml "File References As an extensible CMS system, orchard needs to load

Create a product module with orchard features

ArticleDirectory Requirement Analysis Create a module code template Create model Create part Create handler and driver Create a placement.info File Create part Template Define product type Create a background

Introduction to open-source projects used in Orchard

This article lists the open-source projects and resources used in the Orchard1.4 project and their introduction. Copies of these class libraries referenced by Orchard and their license protocols are stored in the "lib" directory of the source code

Create a helloworld module in Orchard

ArticleDirectory Target Introduction Automatically generate the module code structure Modify the module list file Add route Create a controller) Create View) Enable Module Modules Conclusion I have been

How does the content part in Orchard work?

ArticleDirectory Driver) Handler) How to work Example Summary The article "Understanding Content Management in Orchard" describes how to organize content in Orchard. Here we talk about a very important thing -- Content

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