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Variables/Math Operations/Sub-processes/basic operations, etc.

Snake stick, I always forget the snake stick, the memory is getting worse#!/bin/bash#!/usr/bin/env BashThe shell is also a language of weak data types, stating that variables are variable names = variable values, and of course all variables in the shell are strings by defaultVariable_1=1;If used, the variable name can be used directly before adding the $ symbol.echo $variable _1;When the

The order of conditional variables signal and unlock

When writing a synchronization queue, it is useful to condition variables to synchronize the threads of the operations queue. When the queue is empty, the get thread is allowed to hang until the add thread adds elements to the queue and by waking the condition variable, the get thread continues to run down. Conditional variables are used in multithreaded programs

Successive assignments worth pondering--the order of assignment operator operations

source: Weshing's blog http://www.cnblogs.com/alvinwei1024/p/4856623.htmlThis article is copyright to the author and blog Park, Welcome to reprintReprint please explain the original article source At lastWrite code to understand the reference relationship between variables, generally do not write this easy to mislead yourself and others code. I think this kind of situation usually only appears in the interview question, uses in the examination

Java basic variables and data types and related operations

that consists of constants, variables, operators, and parentheses that make a meaningful result of the value being evaluated.The end result of an operand in an expression is the result of an expression.The order of operations for expressions (mostly as in math, refer to the following operator precedence):Data types and classificationsThe data types in Java are d

Understanding and manipulating environment variables (MAC-based operations)

Through this article, the simple understanding of environment variables and their operations, and easy to meet the relevant problems can be accurately and quickly resolved.What is an environment variable is DynamicRunning processes would behave on a computer. ---wikipediaTurning into Chinese is probably "environment variable is a dynamically named value, this value can affect how the computer runs the prog

Annotations, variable declarations, Array Operations, and Ruby variables in the ruby tutorial

Annotations, variable declarations, Array Operations, and Ruby variables in the ruby tutorial I read an article "PHP basic tutorial" on "blog Park" two days ago and introduced PHP. D guago also wrote a "Ruby getting started tutorial" when learning Ruby ". It should be noted that this article is suitable for beginners who have programming basics but have never been familiar with Ruby. In addition, this artic

Oracle Performance Optimization Operations Ten: Decomposing complex queries and substituting constants for variables

For complex where condition combinations, where contains multiple indexed fields, consider the use of if statements to discuss the situation;At the same time, remove unnecessary external parameter conditions, reduce complexity, in order to use different fields on the index.Continue with the example of Oracle performance optimization Operation IX forWhere (Disposalcourseflag (Here V_disposalcourseflag is an input variable, the value range may be [null,

Thread operations share a little share of variables.

where the program exits unexpectedly. The program architecture is relatively simple and should not have any problems. The handling of billions of news has not seen anything unusual.So for the program to quit the problem, now suspect that the point is vector thread security.To this problem, looked at the core programming, think of a kind of manual lock, Simple is to use the volatile variable memory real-time characteristics, manually add a lock. When the lock is applied to determine if it is tru

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