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Cesium principle: 3 The longest frame of the terrain (2: Height map)

topographic data corresponding to the highest and lowest point, resulting in the tile corresponding to the Minx, MaxX, Miny, Maxy, MinZ, MaxZ (the value is relativetocenter as the origin, meter units). Finally, the halfaxes matrix is constructed by combining the Neu matrix with the accurate center point of the bounding box as well as the relative offset and scaling ratio. In this way, we found the terrain tile corresponding to the orientedbounding

Cesium introduction and offline deployment operations

Cesium Introduction Cesium is a foreign JavaScript-based map engine using WEBGL, an open source 3DGIS JS Library. Cesium supports 3d,2d,2.5d form of map display, can draw graphics, highlight areas, and provide good touch support, and support the vast majority of browsers and mobile, but because cesium based on WE

Cesium Overview (i)

Cesium is a JavaScript based open source framework that can be used to draw 3D of Earth in a browser and draw maps on it (supporting tile services in a variety of formats) that do not require any plug-in support, but browsers must support WEBGL. Cesium supports a variety of data visualization methods, which can draw various geometries, import pictures, and even 3D models. At the same time,

Cesium loading images

={tilerow}tilecol={tilecol}style=default.jpg ", layer:" Tdtannolayer ", style:" Default ", format:" Image/jpeg ", tilematrixsetid:" Googlemapscompatible "}));B using a custom data sourceThe custom image data range origin is west longitude-180, latitude 180 degrees,var TMS = new Cesium.urltemplateimageryprovider ({ URL: ' Http://localhost:9999/mongodbwcfservice/gettilewithgeographictilingscheme/{z}/{x}/{y} ', Credit: '? Analytical Gra

Cesium Custom Bubble window Infowindow post-optimization

Http://www.cnblogs.com/giserhome/p/6248858.htmlThis article implementation of the Custom Bubble window is based on the modification of Cesium source code, this practice is only a measure of reinforcements, make up for, opportunistic, is actually not very suitable, Cesium API update version replacement, you have to manually set up the source code This article is a real implementation of the custom bubble win

Cesium application-add rain and snow

As a three-dimensional Earth, the effect of rain and snow in the scene seems to increase the sense of reality. The demo on the cesium official website contains weather system instances, which are made by the particle system in cesium. As shown in the effect, the essence of the particle system is to add a lot of objects to the scene and use the billboard technology to present them. This implementation method

Cesium principle: 1 The longest frame of the rendering schedule

Originally planned to start the terrain series, but found that if you want to logically understand the terrain-related details, it is necessary to understand the cesium data scheduling process, so as to better understand, therefore, intends to introduce the overall cesium of the rendering process, Then in the transition to one of the two main modules: terrain data and imagery data. BrieflyImagine that the I

Cesium API's about viewer (ii)

1, to build a viewer, the following creation; options parameters according to the actual situation, to set1 varViewer =NewCesium.viewer (' Cesiumcontainer ', {2 //Start in Columbus Viewer3 SceneMode:Cesium.SceneMode.COLUMBUS_VIEW,//Set default scene mode for 3-D maps4 //Use standard Cesium terrain5Terrainprovider:NewCesium.cesiumterrainprovider ({//Build Terrain Service6URL: '//cesiumjs.org/smallterrain ',7Credit: ' Terrain data courtes

Initial knowledge cesium----loading different JSON format examples

Recently studied a few days cesium.js, some entry-level harvest, readily recorded, convenient to consult later!Cesium supports Topojson,geojson and normal JSON formats, and the following shows examples of three different formatsfirst, TopojsonBody> DivID= "cesiumcontainer">Div> Script> //Load Topojson varViewer= NewCesium.viewer ('Cesiumcontainer'); varPromise=Viewer.dataSources.add (Cesium.GeoJsonDataSource.load ('.. /.. /apps/china.topoj

Angular create a route to jump from the main interface to our Cesium interface

Cesium3dcomponent.You first import the cesium3dcomponent so that you can Route reference it in. Then define a route array where one of the routes is pointing to the component.Import {Ngmodule} from ' @angular/core '@angular/common '@angular/router './cesium3d/ Cesium3d.component ';Const Routes:routes = [{path: ' Cesium3d ', component:cesium3dcomponent}]; @NgModule ({imports: [Commonmodule],Exports: [Routermodule],3. Create a button in the main interface that references the route. Click on the b

Cesium Configuring the node. js method

Build the serverTo run the Cesium program, we need a local server to host our files, and then we're going to use node. js to complete our tutorial (I'm using IIS myself). If you already have one, then you use it, no matter, just remember that the host is the one we created above the root on the line.Building node. js is simple, just 3 steps.1. Download and install node. js, all on the default configuration.2. Open the command line in the root director

Cesium Call Day Map service

controlsGeocodertrue,//whether to display a place-name lookup controlTimelinefalse,//whether to display the timeline controlScenemodepicker:true,//whether to display the projection mode controlNavigationhelpbutton:false,//whether to display the Help information controlInfoBox:true,//whether to display the information displayed after clicking a featureImageryprovider:Newcesium.webmaptileserviceimageryprovider ({url: "http://t0.tianditu.com/img_w/wmts?service=wmtsrequest=gettileversion=1.0.0layer

The loading three-dimensional model of cesium

Project needs to use two or three-D map switch, was prepared to study ArcGIS JS for Web 3d, but considering the copyright problem, decided to try to do with cesium, so spent 2 days holding to try the mentality of cesium from the environment configuration to load three-dimensional model complete walk again. First, the environment configuration 1. Download Cesium J

Cesium Learning Notes (10): Particle systems (particle system)

(Cesium.Matrix3.fromQuaternion (Orientation, new Cesium.matrix3 ()), Position, New cesium.matrix4 ()); return modelmatrix; } then set the particle emitter position. Compute engine (particle emitter) position matrix function Computeemittermodelmatrix () { //direction HPR = Cesium.HeadingPitchRoll.fromDegrees (0.0, 0.0, 0.0, new Cesium.headingpitchroll ()); var trs = new Cesium.translationrotationscale (); The XYZ axis position of the coordinate system with the Modelmatrix

Create a Icon+text type callout in cesium and detect the callout cover __cesium

From the 2-D map to 3-D map, more and more find their own shortcomings, 2-D map of the API is very perfect, the use of APIs can achieve most of the 2-dimensional map of the function, but the 3-dimensional map API is not perfect, many things need basic development, the process of development can also learn a lot. 1. Create a icon+text type of callout Icon+text type annotations are common in map maps, but cesium do not have an existing API to use, and b

XMLHttpRequest cannot load–origin is not allowed by Access-control-allow-origin.

Error: Cross-domainXMLHttpRequest cannot load http://localhost:8080/yxt-admin/admin/store.No ' Access-control-allow-origin ' header is present on the requested resource.Origin 'http://company.99kst.com:8088' is therefore not allowed access. On-line check out there are two solutions in the test when the other address to access, so when the session, the address changed to http://company.99kst.com:8088/.... (because I need to upload files to use) Solutio

Resolves Ajax cross-domain issues: Origin xx is not allowed by Access-control-allow-origin.

One: Use the JSONP format, such as jquery in the ajax request parameter DataType: ' JSONP '.Second, server side plus header set to access-control-allow-origin:*# Cross-domain processingThe problem is solved.Transferred from: http://www.cnblogs.com/yangecnu/p/introduce-cross-domain.htmlResolves Ajax cross-domain issues: Origin xx is not allowed by Access-control-allow-or

Git push Origin Master fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to being a git repository fatal:could not read

Push in Xcode hasn't reacted in a long time, and then it stopped. Son, I tried push in the terminal, and there was an error: Git push Origin Master Fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repository Fatal:could not read from remote repository. Sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. The result check: Remotes Incredibly was I modified, the default is

Cross-origin JS solutions use CORS to implement cross-origin and jscors

Cross-origin JS solutions use CORS to implement cross-origin and jscors Introduction Cross-origin is a frequently asked question in daily interviews. This word is not frequently used in the front-end industry, mainly because of security restrictions (same-origin policy, that is, JavaScript or cookies can only access co

Cross-origin JS solution-using CORS to implement cross-origin _ javascript skills

Normal use of AJAX requires consideration of cross-origin issues, so great programmers have developed a series of cross-origin solutions, such as JSONP, flash, ifame, and xhr2. This article describes how to use CORS to implement cross-origin. For more information, see Introduction Cross-origin is a frequently asked qu

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