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For the development of the database middle tier (think ORM and semi-ORM framework)

I csdn in the back of the post, feeling sometimes need to tidy up.The database is frequently manipulated in the project, many of which not only duplicate labor but also increase maintenance costs.The framework requires the ability to fully use ORM or some of the functions in the framework, to be able to adapt to the object-oriented operation of the database can a

Object-Oriented Database Development-discuss ORM

In fact, this is the first time I have published my opinion on topics related to Orm. However, since such articles already exist, I should have discussed them again this time. The reason for writing this blog post is that I have implemented an ORM framework and integrated many of my own ideas. Therefore, this article will discuss my understanding and positioning of ORM

orm-Configuration database for Beego

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Object Relational Mapping , or ORM, is used to convert data between non-type systems in an object-oriented programming language. In effect, it actually creates a "virtual object database" that can be used in a programming language.beegois a fast-developing HTTP framework for the Go app developed by the great God, a restful fra

Django (iii) ORM database operations

Tags: structure. SQL data string type CREATE Database Cache types Boolean type static fileMore useful Transfer from http://blog.csdn.net/fgf00/article/details/53678205 First, djangoorm create basic types and build database table structure1. Introduction2. Create DATABASE table structureSecond, Django ORM Basic addition

The necessity of ORM implementation of PHP database

In fact, learning new things and some of the "tall on" concept, but I have always been the most concerned about only one point: I can not use the project, what is the use of this thing, what is the benefit, what is the price? Many on the web say that object-oriented database operations can decouple the Model layer directly, without needing to care how it is implemented, and can use OOP, such as GetXXX (), to get a field value for a record. In fact, I

Django Getting Started 4:orm database operations

OutlineFirst, djangoorm create basic types and build database table structure1. Introduction2. Create DATABASE table structureSecond, Django ORM Basic additions and deletions to change1, table data additions and deletions to check2. Table Structure ModificationThird, Django ORM field type1. Description of field type2.

Seamless integration between the ORM framework and the mysql database.

Seamless integration between the ORM framework and the mysql database. ORMNow let's talk about in-depth database operations.As we all know, if you use native database statements to write data, you have to repeat the code in a crazy way first, and basically do not reuse the data. They are all written once, and you need

Android ORM Database Ormlite usage framework and Source Analysis __ Database

First, Introduction Ormlite is a database framework, which allows us to quickly implement database operations, avoid frequent handwriting sql, improve our development efficiency, reduce the chance of error.First you can go to its official website to see www.ormlite.com, its English full name is Object Relational Mapping, meaning is object Relationship mapping ; If you have any contact with Java EE Developme

Sharp-ORM automatically encapsulates the database into an object generator with a three-tier data access structure

I have probably looked at it. It should be a very practical thing. The most important thing is to create an object in the database and modify the source code of the business logic. The implementation method is very useful for reference. Only SQL Server is supported, but I can see that all data access such as volume El and access is in it. You should simply change it to support other databases. Sharp-ORM op

Android Official ORM Database Bedroom Technology Solution Brief (i)

It 's time to forget about Android SQLite! Android Official ORM Database Bedroom Technology Solution Brief (i)Android's Romm is a package of ORM database solutions that are officially integrated by Android. The Android House and the historical ORM

Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (VII)--Database upgrade scheme

in the previous blog, "Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (VI)-CASCADE query" We talked about the implementation principle of opendroid last function query. Today we will be opendroid a play, but also the last of this series of blog-Database upgrade program.Said database upgrade, I have a headache, why? Because the previous project did not consider the

Beego ORM, using the database sqlite3

Label: test the Beego ORM, using the database sqlite31 Package Main2 3 Import (4 "FMT" 5 "Github.com/astaxie/beego/orm" 6_"Github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3" 7 ) 8 9Type articlestruct { TenIdint OneNamestring A } - - func init () { theOrm. Registerdriver ("SQLite", Orm. Dr_sqlite) -

Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (ii)--CREATE database automatically

In the previous blog "Build Android ORM Framework Opendroid (a)--orm framework use" believe you already understand the use of opendroid, then from this blog, we formally entered the opendroid source analysis, to create a self-ORM framework!Before the official start, you need to ensure that you have a copy of the opendroid source code, if you have not yet download

GF Framework GDB-powerful and easy to use database orm

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The GF Framework's database ORM operations are supported by the GDB package, which provides a very powerful configuration management, method operation, chain operation and other functions. GDB package specific API documentation see: Godoc. This section provides a basic introduction to the use of the GDB package, including the

One-to-many ORM operations for the Django starter database

The Django database is implemented via ORM. What is ORM? To put it simply, the statement that we query all the data of a table through an SQL statement follows select * from Test. The tables used in Django are defined in the models.py file. So we're going to check the data in the test table byTest_obj = Models.test.objects.all () to get the object of all data in

PHP uses ORM for database operations

ORM Object Relational mappings, O (object) objects, are entities in a project, more precisely the data model, or persistent classes. R (Relation) relational data, M (Mapping) mapping, the process of mapping an object to relational data, and mapping relational data to an object. More intuitive to understand is that ORM is the idea of OOP, generating additions and deletions to change the SQL statement. It's

Laravel Learning Notes (vi)---operation database--eloquent ORM (Object Relational mapping)

Eloquent ORM (Object relational mapping) ORM, the Object-relational Mapping (Object relational mapping), is a mapping between relational databases and business entity objects, so that we don't have to deal with complex SQL statements when we're working with specific business objects. Simply manipulate the properties and methods of the object. One of the most common implementations of

The database additions and deletions of the ORM in Django

Tags: method nbsp creat obj sele data girl CREATE TABLE wayWhat is ORM? ORM (Object-relational mapping) is an object-oriented approach to the process of creating tables in a database and adding additions and deletions to data. Simply put, a table in a database is treated as a class, and each record in the

A detailed approach to Django-based ORM Operations database

In this paper, we introduce the Django-based ORM operation database method, combined with the example form summarizes the Django use ORM operation database related configuration, and other related operation skills, need friends can refer to, hope to help everyone. 1. Configuration

PHP-based ORM Operation MySQL Database

ORM----oriented relationship Mapper, which is to manipulate the database in an object-oriented manner. In the final analysis, the encapsulation of SQL statements is still the case. In this paper, we mainly introduce PHP based on ORM Operation MySQL database, combined with specific examples of PHP for MySQL

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