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[Reprint]github online Change MySQL table structure tool gh-ost

GitHub has officially announced the release of Gh-ost:github's MySQL no-trigger online Change table Definition tool in open source mode!Gh-ost was developed by GitHub in recent months to address a frequently encountered problem: changing product requirements constantly require changes to the MySQL table structure. Gh-ost changes the structure of the online table by means of a small, controllable, auditable

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook If your computer has Microsoft Outlook data in memory, you are using a personal folder file (. Pst) or an offline folder file (. Ost ). To prevent data loss, you need to know how to fix these files. If your. Pst file is damaged, a tool in outlook may be able to fix the fault, instead of switching to the backup copy. This tool is the inbox repair tool. It is

Exchange changes the default OST, PST path

----- provide ad\exchange\lync\sharepoint\crm\sc\o365 and other Microsoft product implementation and outsourcing, qq:185426445. Phone 18666943750Exchange changes the default OST, PST pathAn enterprise because most of the machine system disk space is relatively small, and has its own encryption system, when the failure to restore the system disk is more troublesome, so put forward exchange generated OST, PST

Introduction to Outlook Data files (. pst and. ost)

When you use Microsoft Outlook, e-mail messages, calendars, tasks, and other items are saved on the mail server or computer, or they are saved in both locations. If Outlook items are saved on your computer, they are saved in Outlook data files (. pst and. ost).About Outlook data files (. pst and. ost)Outlook uses two types of Outlook data files. Outlook data files (. pst) are used for most accounts. If you

GH-Ost User Manual

GH-Ost practical application I. Installation Steps 1. Environment Go version: 1.10.3gh-Ost version: 1.0.46 2. Install the go Language # Install go dependency package Yum install bison ed gawk GCC libc6-dev make-y # configure go environment variable Vim ~ /. Bashrcexport goroot =/usr/local/goexport Path = $ path: $ goroot/binexport gopath =/usr/local/go/src/github.com/github/gh-

GH-Ost Test

GH-Ost Test 1. Tables without primary keys or with unique indexes are not supported. 2018-08-24 09:53:33 FATAL No PRIMARY nor UNIQUE key found in table! Bailing out 2. Tables with foreign key constraints are not supported (neither the primary table nor the subtable are supported) 2018-08-24 10:03:09 ERROR Found 1 parent-side foreign keys on `darren`.`t1`. Parent-side foreign keys are not supported. Bailing out2018-08-24 10:03:09 INFO Tearing down insp

MySQL Online modify table structure tool Gh-ost

Gh-ost Use test:gh-ost-host= ' '-user=root-password= '-database= ' haha '-chunk-size=100000-allow-on-master-execute- Initially-drop-ghost-table-exact-rowcount--initially-drop-old-table-alter= ' modify Areaid varchar (ten) '-table= ' T_ Policyarea '-allow-master-Master explicitly allows running in the primary primary cluster-allow-on-Master allows to run directly on the host, if no cluster use

Differences between OUTLOOK PST files and OST files

PST file--Personal Folders file One or more. pst files can be located on each user's computer. defined as primary or secondary storage. pst. Primary storage means that messages are delivered to the Inbox in the file and all other default Outlook folders, such as calendars, contacts, Deleteditems, journals, notes, sent messages, and reside on tasks. A. pst file is also defined as secondary storage, meaning that you can move messages to the file to receive box, manually or from your primary stor

"Yao Yu Yang Yu and Li Yu": Game SP ost (download and Chinese-Japanese bilingual lyrics)

Remember that the ending music of cangyue is as good as the content. The master will send you the Yao Xiaoyang and Li Xiaoyun game SP ost Current Plan: Master♂Luo Yun Translation: Heaven's white magic Guide Why are there already translations on the Internet and the Masters still need to organize the translation of the lyrics? Classmate, this translation is a "love" behavior If others are finished, that's what others do. Unless they are too good to b

Win8 How to manually modify the default OST data file location for Outlook 2013

Many times, an enterprise's Exchange Server uses MAPI or Exchange Server caching mode to communicate with the client's outlook, and by default, the piece is stored in the location: Documents and Settingsuser NameLocal settingsapplication Datamicrosoftoutlook. With the use of time, the file will continue to increase, occupy a large number of C partition disk space; However, when using Outlook2013 to create a new email account, its data files (. ost fil

GH-OST principle

GH-OST principle 1. Architecture diagram of three modes 1. Connect to the slave database and modify it on the master database This is the default Operating Mode of GH-ost. It will check the slave database status, find the master database of the cluster, and connect to it. It has the least intrusion to the master database. The general steps are as follows: Create _ xxx_gho and _ xxx_ghc on the master databas

Online DDL gh-ost Tool test

Os:centos 6.5Db:percona Server 5.6.32gh-ost:1.0.21db-m: introduction:Gh-ost is an open source tool for online SQL execution on GitHub. Can be used for online table structure changes (especially large tables, for reasons below)Online table structure changes, currently commonly used in the following ways:1. Small table: Online DDL (5.6 and later versions)Create a tempo

Outlook 2013 pst/ost Mail data File Migration implementation

When you use Outlook 2013 to create a new email account, its data file (. ost file) is always saved under the C disk default directory "C:\Users\ username \appdata\local\microsoft\outlook", which occupies the space of C disk. When you enter Outlook by default, you find the location where the. ost file is saved in the Settings option, which appears to be impossible to modify. The author of a series of search

How does Outlook 2010 change the location of the offline cache data ost file?

Scene:Some enterprise Exchange servers use the POP3 mode to communicate with the client's outlook to send and receive messages, which makes it easy for the client to change the path of the PST mailbox data file so that everyone can transfer the storage and free up the necessary disk space. However, most of the time, the Enterprise Exchange Server is communicating with the client's outlook in either MAPI or Exchange Server cache mode, and by default the piece is stored in: Documents and Settings\

Tomcat can be accessed through localhost in the LAN, but cannot be accessed through a local IP address, and cannot be accessed.

Environment: tomcat6, Windows server2008 R2, Tomcat uses the default port 8080. Use Tomcat 6 on the Bo server as the Web server. Use http: // localhost: 8080/BOE/Bi on the server to access the logon interface of the BoE PLATFORM, but use http: // 8080/BOE/Bi cannot be accessed, and http: // 8080/BOE/Bi cannot be accessed using the local IP address.The solution is as follows:

Ubuntu apt-get Update error with sudo: E:problem executing scripts apt::update::P ost-invoke-success

Ubuntu apt-get update error with sudo: E:problem Executing scripts apt::update::P ost-invoke-success ' if/usr/bin/test-w/var/cache/app-info-a-e/usr/bin/app STREAMCLI; Then appstreamcli refresh >/dev/null; Fi E:sub-process returned an error code Workaround:Remove LIBAPPSTREAM3 First sudo apt-get remove libappstream3 Or sudo apt remove libappstream3 To update againsudo apt-get updateReference:Https://askubuntu.com

JS OST quick Implementation tab

     varRea = document.getElementById ("rep"); varReaall = Rea.queryselectorall ("li"); varFall = document.getElementById ("Fall"); varFallall = Fall.queryselectorall ("ul"); for(vari=0;i) {reaall[i].index=i; Reaall[i].onclick=function(){ for(vari=0;i) {reaall[i].classname=" "; Fallall[i].style.display= "none"; } this. classname= "avtion"; fallall[ this. index].style.display= "block"; } }

Waterfall Stream-Ost javacript + Jquery implementation

Waterfall Stream-Ost javacript + Jquery implementation

Ubuntu 16.04 (sudo apt-get update) appears: Problem Executing scripts apt::update::P ost-invoke-success '

Error: E:problem Executing scripts apt::update::P ost-invoke-success ' if/usr/bin/test-w/var/cache/app-info-a '-e/usr/ BIN/APPSTREAMCLI; Then appstreamcli refresh >/dev/null; Fi ' e:sub-process returned an error code When you run sudo apt-get update, you are presented with the following resolution: Run the following command at the terminal: sudo pkill-kill appstreamcli WGET-P/tmp Https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/appstream_

Drag-and-drop-Ost javascript

-dragparentnode.offsettop; OnMouseMove EventDocument.onmousemove = function (event) {Event = Event | | window.event;Dragmovefun (event, DISX, Disy);return false;}//onmouseup EventDocument.onmouseup = function () {Document.onmousemove = null;Document.onmouseup = null;}}function Dragmovefun (E, PosX, PosY) {var dragparentnode = document.getElementById (' Loginpanel '); //var left = E.clientx-posx;var top = E.clienty-posy; Window width and Heightvar windwidth = Document.documentElement.clientWidth

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