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OTN switching & P-OTN effectively reduces network cost by 100 GB (2)

OTN switching P-OTN effectively reduces network cost by 100 GB (2) Globally, the growth rate of mobile and Internet traffic is unprecedented. The reasons for this phenomenon include the growth of cloud services, mobile broadband, and Internet-based on-demand video streaming services. Cisco predicts that from 2012 to 2017, Internet IP traffic will triple to 120 b

Technology that makes 100g economically feasible: OTN switching & grouped optical transmission (1)

deployment, this solution also causes a large amount of idle network bandwidth. From the operational perspective, both solutions are not ideal. The client service is not only bound to a specific uplink wavelength, but also because the ROADM-based network can only be switched according to the whole wavelength, any network configuration at the business layer, if t

Control plane of Intelligent Optical Network

SDH is a very mature and strict transmission network system, it has been the birth of a wide range of application support, has become the world's core network of the main transmission technology. China from 1995 on the main line began to turn to the SDH network, China's SDH transmission network is to support the number

New Generation intelligent metropolitan Area Optical Network

), the crisis of circuit-switched network is obvious. For the major operators, the expectation of NGN is not to tear down the existing network to create an ideal NGN model, but how to evolve from the existing network to NGN, and strive to maintain the dominant position in the increasingly competitive business market. Obviously a standardized

Automatic discovery Technology in Intelligent Optical Network

0. PrefaceThere are many different link resources in intelligent Optical network, such as fiber link, wavelength link, various STM link and VC layer link in SDH, and various OTM layer link and och layer link in otn, etc. These links are called Sub dot (SNP) links in Ason, for the scalability of routing protocols and routing diversity, several different SNP links

Research on hierarchical routing technology of Automatic switched Optical Network

Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) is the core transfer technology of NGN. This technology is based on the traditional optical network (SDH, DWDM, OTN, etc.), by introducing the control plane to make it have intelligent function, that is, the

Research and Design of user network interfaces in an Automatically Switched Optical Network

1 Introduction The main difference between ASON and the traditional OTN is that an independent control plane is introduced to give the traditional optical network intelligence. ASON has three connection modes: permanent connection, soft permanent connection, and exchange connection. The first two methods do not require strict user

Network protocol Overview: Physical layer, connection layer, network layer, Transport layer, Application layer detailed (reprint)

This article mainly introduces the network protocol overview: the physical layer, the connection layer, the network layer, the transport layer, the application layer detailed, this article uses the postman and the Post office in the life to help to understand the complex network protocol, is easy to understand, the sty

The evolution of Optical network technology

Absrtact: This paper describes the colorful situation of optical network world, expounds the core technology of each series of optical Network, discusses the adaptation of optical network products to IP service, and puts forward t

DPT: Data transmission technology of optical Network

network construction. Second, IP over optical Optical interconnection Network (optical internetworking) based on WDM is also called IP optimized interconnection network or IP over optical

SON: Next Generation Optical Network

Since the 1990s, Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) has been deployed on a large scale in telecommunications networks, and the system's transmission capacity has increased by one times every 12-18 months. However, the control and management of optical networks remain in the traditional sense of SDH networks: The optical layer is simply a simple transport medi

Intelligent Design of Automatically Switched Optical Network Based on GMPLS

control plane is the key to achieving ASON. It is precisely because of the role of the control plane that ASON can intelligently configure network traffic, supports business classification, powerful protection, fault recovery, and comprehensive network management functions based on data types. Through the control plane, we can implement the exchange connection in ASON. ASON dynamic superposition

Passive Optical Network Testing faces new challenges

both downstream and upstream signals. Coupled with the loss of WDM coupler, connectors, connectors and optical fibers, it is easy to understand that end-to-end optical loss must be measured accurately in two directions during installation. In addition to optical loss, the measurement of the end-to-end link optical Ret

How to build a 3G optical transmission network

small quantities, with ATM 155M interface or IMA E1 interface on the RNC side. Iur is the interface between RNC and RNC, the interface type is ATM STM-1/4 and IMA E1 interface, IU is the interface between RNC and CN (Core network), ATM STM-1/4 interface is mainly used, and Ima E1 interface is used in special cases. 3G as a service network of transmission network

Large capacity, multi-service and intelligent construction of metropolitan Optical Network

than the protection channel provided by the SDH system for traffic signals such as GBE, which transmit large particles. From the above two aspects is not difficult to see, when the network of operators in the optical fiber resources are relatively tight, and the network has a large number of data service transmission requirements, the use of Metro DWDM system t

Next Generation optical network to the path of integration and development

The Next Generation Network (NGN) is a hot topic in communication industry at present. As for the next generation optical network, taking SoftSwitch technology as the core, using high-capacity High density wavelength division system, large capacity optical switch with automatic configuration function, a new generation

User Network Interface Technology in Intelligent Optical Networks for automatic switching

resource information is exchanged between the business layer and the transport layer. This structure makes the management cost of a layered physical network very high, and also reduces the bandwidth utilization. Public network Ethernet services are growing steadily. To enable the development of the network to support

Evolution of Intelligent automatic switched Optical Network

dynamic routing computation for the connection establishment. This latest network state allows for current information utilization while collecting historical information to meet capacity planning needs, activating optimized triggers, and limiting routing capacity. Ii. Signalling components The network component is a common basic component used to describe the networ

Asp. NET knowledge Summary (1. Network Transport Layer)

1. Network Transport Layer1 Application Layer (HTTP,FTP,SMTP) message message2 Transport Layer (TCP,UDP) segment Segmenttoprovide data between application processes running on different hosts Transport service. Implemented through a socket socket (socket) . TCP(Transmission Control Protocol) for connection-oriented, re

Creating a new Generation optical Network Service platform

Ethernet port Convergence, two-tier switching, and "etheric shared ring" capabilities. In addition, ONS15454 has powerful time-slot crossover capability and can be used as a small DXC device, which makes it easy to compose complex network topology. It is the industry integration extremely high MSTP product, the hardware structure is compact, the frame size is small, whether is the hardware installs or the networ

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