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Use JavaScript to answer what's outside of the universe.

What is outside the universe? It is estimated that this problem is disturbing a lot of people, let's use a piece of JavaScript code to answer. First, from a piece of code.var earth = {name: "Earth", Girlfriend: "Moon", outside: {Name: "Solar System", Boss: "Sun", Second: {name: "Jupiter", Mistress: "Europa II (Europa)",//Eclipse 3.3 version code (Europa) small three: " Ganymede (Ganynede) "//Eclipse 3.4 version Code (Genimide)}, outside: {name:" Milky

DCOs Building Universe Private Framework Library

Universe creating a private framework library 2 Offline Framework library Add new framework Resources Under Linker-univers Repo folder, set the directory according to the online resource directory structure Download the JSON file for the directory, modify the Selected:ture property of the Package.json file #编译源代码 Cd/root/linkeruniverse-master/scripts ./ # #编译完成后, start making images Cd/root/linkeruniverse-master/docker/local-

Open Systems Theory (3) The characteristics of biology--the second law of thermodynamics, and entropy (2) Does the universe tend to be disordered?

total entropy is irreversible to increase the direction of entropy. This theory, until today, is correct. For example, Newton and Einstein both folded up, here. After the discovery of gravitation, they are to keep the universe stationary, that is, the total entropy is constant, one to the absolute 0 points of God, one is to assume the existence of ether, can counteract gravity. If they turn back and think about the second law of thermodynamics, they

The universal universe and the principle of Taiji

A unified universe Today, we are deeply aware that all the complex phenomena in the vast universe can be traced back to the same source, and the laws, large and small, discovered by humans can eventually be covered by a fundamental law. To understand this, we take the development of life on Earth as an example: different human species can be traced back to the same origin, while humans, orangutan, and ape

Bo universe (semantic layer) Design

Knowledge Structure 1. SQL Statement 2. Rdmbs System Knowledge 3. Familiar with database data types and logical structures Task : Design Create Maintenance Universe Distribution Universe Metadata Layer Create Universe ---- Business Object The metadata layer is built on Universe.

Rethinking the Origins of the universe

Black holes have long attracted the imagination of the public and become the subject of popular culture, whether from Star Trek or Hollywood. Black holes are not understood at all-the darkest and densest objects in the universe do not even allow light to escape from them. If you think black holes are not strange enough, then suppose they do: they don't exist at all. By consolidating two seemingly contradictory theories, Laura Mersini-houghton, a pro

The nature of the universe-matter and force

  First of all, the following points, if there are inappropriate, please bypass!In my understanding, the universe is formed by the forces of matter and matter, and all phenomena in the universe are the result of it or the appearance that it presents. What I call "matter" is generalized, that is, all that we can see, detect, and unknown. The universe is infinite,

Thoughts after the emergence of the smart universe

When preparing to write the paper "from the origin of life to the evolution roadmap of the smart universe" and organizing materials, I still cannot help thinking about what it means when the whole universe is connected to a brain through the Internet? After an infinite period of time, when the smart universe (or the cosmic brain) is completely constructed, the or

Win8.1 system play Dragon Ball Super Universe game always flash back stop working how to do

Win8.1 system play Dragon Ball Super Universe game always flash back stop working how to do Failure One: Antivirus software Because this is a crack game, so as a crack file Steam_api.dll has become the object of antivirus software, the solution is to open antivirus software, the Dragon Pearl Super Universe in the folder to add to trust, or directly off the antivirus software. Fault two: May be the proble

Private space, how to rodeo in the universe?

Human imagination and desire are always infinite, especially to the Earth itself, the exploration of the universe extension has never stopped, we first flew to the air, bird's eye view of the Earth, we know that the earth is not a square ice cream, not the Milky Way, or even the core of the solar system, dot stars never around the earth in the rotation, We are all circling the sun and the cycle of activity, but the speed is different. Because of the

Zoj 2706 thermal death of the universe

Thermal death of the universe Time Limit: 10 seconds memory limit: 32768 KB Johnie has recently learned about the thermal death concept. given that the global entropy always increases, it will end in the thermal death of the universe. the idea has impressed him extremely. johnie does not want the universe to die this way. So he decided to emulate the proce

My thoughts on the universe (1)

Why is there a universe? Where does the sun, the moon, the earth, and all of us come from? This is a question that scientists have been thinking about. In my opinion, everything in our universe is "Supernatural" control. We are only playing different roles in the "supernatural" game. Just like when we were playing computer games, people in the game could not perceive our presence, but were at our disposal.

Universe vs Internet

1, how the universe was born, we do not know, but the birth of the Internet, this can be known. 2, the current universe is the product of movement. Theoretically, to give the universe a bunch of hydrogen, after a long period of movement, can produce complex elements, the most surprising place is to be able to understand the

Win8.1 the solution for playing Dragon Ball universe games is always a crash

Win8.1 the solution for playing Dragon Ball universe games is always a crash Dragon Ball universe is a very popular game. Recently, players reported that running "Dragon Ball super universe" in Win8.1 often experienced a crash and prompted that "Dragon Ball super universe" has stopped working. What is the situation? W

Understanding of the vastness of the universe

, The rhythm of life is different, the efficiency is different, the quality of life is different, people not only should pay attention to the quality of life, life efficiency, pay attention to maintenance, more importantly, improve the environment, only a good home, fresh air, our future generations will have the opportunity to enter other planets, to protect their homeland, the other planets are our dream, The Earth is our mother, but also our base! The uni

Capturing the magical X-ray signals from the space of the universe

See:This is an aerospace telescope dedicated to capturing X-ray signals. It weighs about 5 tons and carries an orbit more than 50 thousand kilometers from the ground. On September 19, June 24, NASA announced that the Space Telescope captured a very special X-ray signal from the depths of the Galaxy, which made Astronomy very excited.Generally, a planet does not emit X-rays. Where is the magical X-ray signal from? What does it mean? Scientists say this is a high-energy ray emitted by the neutral

05.Shell of the universe is a great diversion

If the expression contains special characters, the Shell will replace it. For example, using a variable in double quotes is a substitution, and an escape character is also a substitution.As an example:#!/bin/basha=10Echo-e "The universe is $a \ n"Operation Result: The universe is a big diversion .here-e indicates the substitution of the escape character. If you do not use the-e option, the output will be as

"Ding Xue" hawking: a black hole or a pathway to the parallel universe

This article is from: Ding Ting AcademyAccording to foreign media reports, Stephen Hawking at the conference held in Stockholm, a theory that the unfortunate space travelers trapped by black holes will not be able to return to their own universe, but can escape to another time and space. A black hole is not actually destroying everything that people think it is, it could be a passage to a parallel universe.

Thoughts on "parallel universe"

Recently saw the watercress recommended a "parallel universe" film, is said to be a U.S. drama, the result of a film came out.The story of the film is still novel, although I think vainly disobey feeling is very strong ...It always emphasizes a concept: we do not travel through time, but to another space. I am very much in favor of this, I also think that the passage of time is not likely, or meaningless, hawking that bastard (or Einstein) said what m

Conjecture about the universe

From the combination of the "zeroth principle" and the time-space law, we can analyze or guess that the universe may not be as large as we think. Experiments and data have demonstrated the relationship between time and time, and time can be distorted in seemingly massive time and space. From the numerous natural laws and inconspicuous things, it is not difficult to find any "metaphysical" or "under the bottom" carrier (this is what we call it now, bec

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