outlook data file cannot accessed shared mailbox

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Outlook mailbox start prompt cannot find file Outlook.pst file what to do

How to reinitialize this file when Outlook startup prompts "file Outlook.pst file not found". 1, start –> run –> input cmd, or, win key +r–> input cmd 2, the command line, use the CD command to switch to "Outlook.exe" where the installation directory Such as: Office 2010:c:program FilesMicrosoft OfficeO

Resolve the ultimate solution for a server-shared file that cannot be accessed

as determined. Windows has its own ipx/spx driver and does not need to find another program, except that ipx/spx is not the default protocol to install manually. ) Turn off the Web folders and printers that are automatically searched, and in My Network Places/File/Folder Options, click the last one to turn off the Web folders and printers that are automatically searched. Method Two Access to the Internet is definitely an intranet problem. 1 off F

How does Outlook 2010 change the location of the offline cache data ost file?

Scene:Some enterprise Exchange servers use the POP3 mode to communicate with the client's outlook to send and receive messages, which makes it easy for the client to change the path of the PST mailbox data file so that everyone can transfer the storage and free up the necessary disk space. However, most of the time, th

How to quickly reset outlook2013,2016 to the initial configuration state, Outlook modifies the data file location

the Exchange account, and then click Settings.7. On the Advanced tab, clear the Use cached Exchange mode check box.When you see the message: "You must restart Outlook for the changes to take effect," click OK.8. Click "Settings".9. On the Advanced tab, click Offline Folder file settings.10. Click Disable Offline features, and then click Yes in the dialog box that appears.11. Click offline Folder

Outlook Data File Settings

2010-01-25 23:51 This article describes how to import data files (. pst) and set up mail accounts in Outlook2010.1. Import data files.Click on the file-> open, select Open Outlook Data File, and then select the PST

Change the storage path for an Exchange data file in Outlook 2013

The company that was in the new position yesterday, after the original company has been directly using Outlook to set the user name and password, and then save the *.pst mail data file in a different drive letter, to prevent the loss of mail when the operating system is updated, but the company is currently using Exchange, Modifications to the

Ora-15028:asm file ' +data/prod/datafile/users.259.857444651 ' not dropped; Currently being accessed

One: Problem description asmcmd> RM users.259.857444651Ora-15032:not all alterations performedOra-15028:asm file ' +data/prod/datafile/users.259.857444651 ' not dropped; Currently being accessed (DBD error:ocistmtexecute) II: Cause of the error It is said to be an Oracle bug. III: Solutions Data files can only be de

Outlook 2010 data File too large problem resolution

Transfer the files to multiple. pst data files, respectively. Depending on the data file, we can handle it by splitting into multiple. pst files, which is one of the ways to handle it. Open the data file. In the Navigation Pane, right-click a subfolder and choo

After Outlook deletes or archives messages, why is the data file still the same size?

After Outlook deletes or archives a message, why the data file remains the same size. Reason Analysis: Originally, the archive will still retain the original file structure, need to compress to release this part of the space. Compression is usually run automatically in the background when the computer is idle and

Win8 How to manually modify the default OST data file location for Outlook 2013

Many times, an enterprise's Exchange Server uses MAPI or Exchange Server caching mode to communicate with the client's outlook, and by default, the piece is stored in the location: Documents and Settingsuser NameLocal settingsapplication Datamicrosoftoutlook. With the use of time, the file will continue to increase, occupy a large number of C partition disk space; However, when using Outlook2013 to create a

Outlook 2013 pst/ost Mail data File Migration implementation

When you use Outlook 2013 to create a new email account, its data file (. ost file) is always saved under the C disk default directory "C:\Users\ username \appdata\local\microsoft\outlook", which occupies the space of C disk. When you enter

Does the data file size remain unchanged after Outlook deletes or archive emails?

Fault symptom:Why does the data file size remain unchanged after Outlook deletes or archives emails.Cause analysis:Originally, the original file structure will be retained during archiving, and compression is required to release this part of space. Compression runs automatically in the background only when the computer

Shared file system and NFS data synchronization

Shared file system and NFS data synchronization1 , a single NFS the shortcomingsunder normal circumstances, when NFS when the number of clients is small, NFS There is no problem with performance; NFS The number of servers is too high, and is the kind of operations that read and write more frequently, the results are not what we expect. single Nfs This architectu

Level 2015 C + + 7th Week Project friend, shared data protection, multi-file structure

; i -; i++) {t1.add_a_second (D1); T1.display (D1); }return 0;}//The following defines the member functions in two classes. Require no more member functions to be added//Notice the ability to invoke a private data member of the date class in a member function of time"Item 3-Procedures for organizing multiple classes with multiple files" referencesThe previous week, "Project 2-the game character with weapons" is implemented as "multiple files

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