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Brief analysis of File Upload vulnerability of OWASP Top 10 (II.)

|asa| ....Add upload shell.cer, or casing bypass, shell. Asp/shell.php ....3. Suffix name Resolution vulnerabilityIis6.0/apache/nginx (PHP-FPM)Common shell.asp;. Jpg,/shell.asp/shell.jpg,shell.php.xxx (Apache parse from right to left, unrecognized, skip to next parse)4.0x00 truncationUpload shell.php.jpg=>burpsuite interception, after. php with a space, in hexadecimal, the corresponding 0x20 modified to 0x00 (empty), the program when processing this file name, directly discard the following. jpg


-site Scripting (XSS) attack signatures ("Cross Site Scripting (XSS)") httponly cookie attribute Enforcement A8 Insecure deserialization Attack Signatures ("Server Side Code Injection") A9 Using components with known vulnerabilities Attack SignaturesDAST Integration A10 Insufficient Logging and monitoring Request/response LoggingAttack Alarm/block LoggingOn-device logging and external logging to SIEM systemEvent Co

10 Google services that can be used on mobile phones and 10 websites that can be viewed on mobile phones

Google's services must be obvious to all, and they are really excellent. Since mobile devices such as mobile phones can greatly facilitate our lives, why not enjoy Google's services on mobile phones. However, most of Google's services are on the computer. What services can we enjoy on our mobile phones? Let's take a lo

We have 10 misunderstandings about mobile phones and 10 misunderstandings about mobile phones.

We have 10 misunderstandings about mobile phones and 10 misunderstandings about mobile phones.What's mysterious about mobile battery? Or make you desperate? In order to allow our mobile phones to take longer, users have tried many

10 useful website resources inspired by mobile UI designers, 10 useful website resources inspired by mobile UI designers

special techniques to avoid using the uidesign Technology in the anti-pattern part. In addition, it provides good examples and is quite helpful for creating an effective design pattern. On Flickr, you can view these design patterns. Pattern tap:Developed and maintained by Matthew Smith and Chris Pollock. This is a library that supports popular web-based user interface elements and design patterns, such as slides and bread.Pattern TapProvides materials related to webpage design,

How to use the mobile hard disk? 10 tips for using a mobile hard drive

from the mobile drive. The 1394 interface that the laptop PC is connected to does not power, and it must provide additional power to the PC Card or the removable hard drive. (2) 1394 interface to TI dual chip for the best; Ricoh is also very good, but rarely appear in the retail card, IBM x series on board is often Ricoh, Ali can also, via is relatively more general (Desktop Board on board the most for this), but relatively work far more important t

Download html source code from more than 10 mobile phone Topic Page Templates and 10 source code downloads

Download html source code from more than 10 mobile phone Topic Page Templates and 10 source code downloadsMobile Phone Touch screen version of snow mountains and tourist attractions site response-type mobile phone template html5 source code download Html5 mobile phone job r

Mobile phone audio and video 10-music list, audio and video 10-list

Mobile phone audio and video 10-music list, audio and video 10-list /*** Get data from local sdcard * // 1. traverse sdcard with the suffix * // 2. obtain the video from the content provider * // 3. if it is a 6.0 system, dynamically obtain the permission to read sdcard */private void getDataFromLocal () {new Thread () {@ Overridepublic void run () {super. run (

Mobile Internet 10 big business and profit model

Mobile Internet 10 big business and profit model2012-07-16 15:23:06 Source: China Mobile Internet Research CenterContact Us[China Mobile Internet Research Center]At present, business development has become the impact and pull the mobile communications industry's most importa

10 Essential Mobile UI design resource stations

be more than compatible with the family of the family to suffer much, after all, there is no very good norms. Not to scare you, don't think that only the size of the slap, for the mobile end of the design is not very easy. Fortunately, however, there are already many excellent mobile user interface resources abroad available, and these pioneer valuable resources can greatly help your

Windows 10 Mobile System Preview version 10051 known issues rollup

you upgrade from the first version of the WIN10 Phone preview version of build 9941 to the latest version of build 10051, the camera and photos in the start screen two magnets may be missing or problems, you need to cancel the fixed and then again fixed operation.9 • In some economical and practical equipment of 512MB memory, the problem of random crash is applied, because the memory management mechanism is not yet perfect.10 • Flight mode cannot be

10 tips for PHP Web websites to adapt to mobile devices

easily lead to incorrect operations. You can use the CSS style sheet to "fill" the space of these links and buttons. The following is a simple example: .safe-padding { padding: 2px; line-height: 200%;} 10. Use Google's website administrator tool: Mobile Availability Report Google provides us with another tool on the Google Webmaster Tools Website: Mobile Usabili

Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + software

Domestic and foreign mobile medical 10 iconic models: Hardware + softwareOriginal link: http://www.yicai.com/news/2014/02/3455198.htmlHIMSS, an international health member organization, defines mobile medicine as MHealth, which provides medical services and information through the use of mobile communications technolog

Top 10 recommended Mobile Web application development frameworks

In recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet, the market potential is huge. After the computer, the Internet, the mobile Internet is making the third revolution of information technology, new technologies and applications are constantly emerging. Today's article recommends 10 great mobile web development f

10 great cross-platform tools that mobile developers must understand

Mobilehub homepageLUA Chapter7. Corona SDKThe Corona SDK is a library of Corona Labs ' dedicated LUA language SDK for cross-platform mobile application development and is easy to get started with, with no barriers and high efficiency. The Corona SDK provides cross-platform capabilities, so developers ' apps or games are compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and Nook platforms. Corona supports hardware acceleration, GPS, cameras, etc., and integra

Recommendation of 10 excellent mobile Web application development frameworks

Document directory Sencha Touch Framework JQuery Mobile JQTouch The M Project DHTMLX Touch-HTML5 JavaScript Framework for Mobile WebApp. Net Wijmo-jQuery UI Widgets 960 Grid on jQuery-Mobile SproutCore HTML5 Application Framework NimbleKit In recent years, mobile Internet has witnessed rapid development a

Lego app embedded Keymob mobile ad aggregator platform released for 10 weeks

?" For example, in what location access to what platform what advertising revenue can achieve? At the end of the meeting, Keymob team leader asked a question, you are experts, of course know how to commercialize the best, but ordinary app developers are familiar with the user product, the commercialization is not very understanding, how do they know? , it was agreed that it was the core advantage of Keymob advertising aggregation that we should use our experience to help developers to become act

10 important guidelines for mobile Web Development

The rapid development of mobile devices has brought great convenience to users. Users can easily access the Internet using Android, iPhone and other mobile devices. A recent study shows that more than 63 million of users use mobile devices to access different mobile websites, which is expected to reach about 0.2 billio

10 best mobile App development frameworks

indicator, sliders and more. It also have support for transitions like fade, slide, cubic or cover and can display native-like alerts. Interfaces created with Moobile is fluid, they'll work well both on IPhone + IPad and look good when orientation change S.Ten. Helios10 best mobile App development frameworksHelios is a Open-source framework that provides essential backend services for IOS apps, from data synchronization and PU SH notifications to In-

10 recommendations for Android mobile app UI design

with the increasing distribution of various brands of mobile phones, the industry of mobile phone applications has become more and more popular. In addition to large development teams, small teams, and individual developers, they have joined this hot industry. each development cycle will sooner or later come to the point where the application is nearing completion. What are you going to do next? Have you ev

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