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Ping An debut owasp Asia Summit financial security expert services

. July 8, the owasp Asia Summit held in Shenzhen, 2017 is the first year of the official implementation of the cyber Security Law in China and the first year of the "cyber-space security strategy". This summit, with the theme of "safe and orderly construction of the global global Village", invited many top security lea

Owasp released 2013 Top ten Web Application security vulnerabilities

The authoritative security organization Owasp has just updated top 10:https://www.owasp.org/index.php/top_10_2013-top_10 ten security vulnerabilities: 1. injection, including SQL, operating system, and LDAP injection. 2. Problematic identification of session management. 3. Cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). 4. Unsafe direct object references. 5.

Fuzzer use of owasp Zap Security Audit tool

The Fuzzer available scenarios for the Owasp Zap Security Audit tool are as follows:One, SQL injection and XSS attacks, etc.1. Select the field value to check in the request, right click-fuzzy2. Select the file Fuzzer function (including SQL injection, XSS attack, etc.) to check the related security issues.3, the following is the results of SQL injection inspecti

ASP. NET Security Model part.1 (security programming principles and security level understanding)

ArticleDirectory 1. Understand potential threats 2. Security programming principles 3. Keep keeper 1. Verify 2. Authorization 3. confidentiality and integrity Designing an appropriate security policy is for all distributed applicationsProgramThis is especially true for large Web applications exposed on the Internet.

SQL Server R2 Security topic (i): Security principles

maintain a reasonable balance state. Which side is too tight, will lead to imbalance.Third, in-depth protection:Build multiple layers of protection to avoid receiving attacks. External routers outside the perimeter. Perimeter of the firewall. PC comes with a personal firewall. Anti-virus software running on your PC. Patch management methods and development software. Guarantee this 5-layer defense. Can reduce the chance of being attacked. If there is a disaster, then the PC w

Network Security Defense System and Design Principles

("System Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model ") and ISO17799 (Information Security Management Standards) and other international standards, comprehensive consideration of implementation, manageability, scalability, comprehensive completeness, system balance and other aspects, the network security protection system should follow the following nine

Basic principles and methods of PHP Security

PHP Security basic principles and methods. read the basic principles and methods of PHP Security. Principles: 1.2.1. the principle of deep defense is the principle of security professionals. it illustrates the value of redundant

Basic concepts and principles of WCF Transmission Security: Authentication [Part 1]

Security is an unavoidable topic for any enterprise-level application. How to identify a user? How can I limit user executable operations and accessible resources to the permitted permissions? How can we record user behaviors so that all operations can be traced? These are typical issues that need to be considered by application security mechanisms or security fr

Information Security Principles and Practices (version 2nd)

Original Title: Information security: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition Author: (US) Mark stamp Translator: Zhang Ge series name: classic Security Technology Translation Press: Tsinghua University Press ISBN: 9787302317852 Release Date: May 2013 published: 16 open pages: 463 versions: 1-1 category: computer> Security

The principles should be observed. Pay attention to the security of Wireless LAN.

This article mainly gives you a detailed description of the principles to be followed when setting a wireless LAN. What problems should you pay attention? I believe that reading this article will help you. There must be principles for doing things. Of course, there are also principles for the security of Wireless LAN.

Pay attention to the wireless LAN security principles

In the online world, various principles and problems are checked and balanced to ensure the security of network technology. What problems should we pay attention to in terms of Wireless LAN security performance? There must be principles for doing things. Of course, there are also p

The top ten principles of network security are not jinke Yulu

Abstract: The increasing maturity of the network allows network administrators to break away from the embarrassing situation where they are confused and at a loss, and establish a security theory creed based on many practices. This kind of theory and practice strategy has gradually become a golden rule that no one cares about. However, these seemingly reasonable theories and practical strategies are also not correct. They not only do not bring any ben

The three principles refer to the "security, liquidity, and efficiency" of commercial banks.

Transferred from Http://www.hudong.com/wiki/%E4%B8%89%E6%80%A7%E5%8E%9F%E5%88%99 The three principles refer to the three major principles of Commercial Banks: security, liquidity, and effectiveness (also known as profitability. Profitability is the requirement of commercial banks to achieve their business objectives. It is the core position. It refers to the

Principles and tutorials of spring security

Principles and tutorials of spring securitySpring security classification: How to Use spring security, I believe Baidu knows that there are a total of four usage methods, from simplicity to depth: 1. No database, all the data is written in the configuration file, this is also the demo in the official document; 2. Use the database to design the database based on t

PHP Security Briefs and general principles

large extent on the developers of PHP. This chapter begins with some general security recommendations on how to maximize security in different environments and describes some programming principles for different levels of security. General An absolutely secure system does not exist, so the methods commonly used in the

Security Basics: in-depth understanding of "Network neighbors" Principles

computer that does not bind the file and printer share on the corresponding protocol will not be declared, so it will not appear in the network neighbors. When the customer's computer wants to obtain the desired list of network resources, it first broadcasts a browser request. After the browser master server receives the request, if the requested list is the browsing list of this group, directly send back the List of resources required by the customer. If you are requesting a List of other work

Soft testing-Principles of computer composition, systems and network security agencies

The principle of computer composition and architecture, in the soft examination does not divide the value of the very heavy branch, more scattered. The same picture to share with you.Among them, the composition of the computer is divided into five parts: the arithmetic, memory, controller, input device, output device five most.The architecture of a computer consists of pipelining, code, cache, and so on.Data security has been in the computer developme

Windows Workstation Security Principles

The several principles I have summarized have been adopted by many people in our office, and the results are still obvious: 1. Backup principle. Backup is the last line of defense for security. Currently, there is almost no way to guarantee your security. Important Index :***** 2. You must get rid of the habit of surfing the Internet using the Administrator acc

Security: Understand ARP attack principles to prevent ARP attacks

of D. Forward the data packets sent by A to C, just like A router. However, if D sends ICMP redirection, the entire plan is interrupted. D. directly modify and forward the entire package, capture all the packets sent by A to C, and then forward them to C, the packets received by C are completely considered sent from. However, the packets sent by C are directly transmitted to A, if the ARP spoofing to C is performed again. Now D has completely become the intermediate bridge between A and C, and

Principles and handling of SYN attacks in Linux security

Principles and handling of SYN attacks in Linux security TCP has been developed for more than 30 years since it was invented in 1974 and has become the most important basic Internet Protocol. However, TCP also has some defects. SYN attacks use the defects of the TCP protocol to cause the system service to stop responding normally. SYN Attack Principle TCP requires three handshakes before transmitting dat

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