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Ping An debut owasp Asia Summit financial security expert services

lives, including insurance, investment, borrowing, banking, medical, automotive, securities, Ping An group as the forefront of the Internet financial enterprises, has maintained a focus on security and great attention.A lot of business in the Internet transformation, while security has not synchronized development, still stay in the traditional financial level, resulting in offensive and defensive developm

Entry-level----black-box testing, white-box testing, manual testing, automated testing, exploratory testing, unit testing, performance testing, database performance, stress testing, security testing, SQL injection, buffer overflow, environmental testing

Label:black box Test   Black box test product software as a black box, only the export and the entrance, the test process as long as you know what to enter into the black box, know the black box will come out of what results can be, do not need to know the black box inside is if done. That is, testers do not bother to understand the software inside the specific composition and principles, as long as the user to look at the product.   For example, the bank transfer function, do not need to know h

Owasp released 2013 Top ten Web Application security vulnerabilities

The authoritative security organization Owasp has just updated top 10:https://www.owasp.org/index.php/top_10_2013-top_10 ten security vulnerabilities: 1. injection, including SQL, operating system, and LDAP injection. 2. Problematic identification of session management. 3. Cross-site scripting attacks (XSS). 4. Unsafe direct object references. 5.

Fuzzer use of owasp Zap Security Audit tool

The Fuzzer available scenarios for the Owasp Zap Security Audit tool are as follows:One, SQL injection and XSS attacks, etc.1. Select the field value to check in the request, right click-fuzzy2. Select the file Fuzzer function (including SQL injection, XSS attack, etc.) to check the related security issues.3, the following is the results of SQL injection inspecti

Differences between security testing and Security Testing and penetration testing

Security Testing is different from penetration testing. penetration testing focuses on Penetration attacks at several points, while security testing focuses on modeling security threats

A new weapon for software security testing-a discussion on the Testing Technology Based on Dynamic taint Propagation

Software Security Testing is the most important way to ensure the security of software. How to conduct efficient security testing has become a topic of attention in the industry. Years of security

Several tools commonly used in security testing

hackers, and it is considered a must-learn content for research security. Metasploit is essentially a computer security project (framework) that provides users with key information about known security vulnerabilities, and Metasploit helps specify penetration testing and IDs monitoring plans, strategies, and utilizati

Website Security Detection: 8 Free Web security testing tools are recommended

. User-friendly and flexible. Websecurify Websecurify is an open-source cross-platform website security check tool that helps you precisely detect Web application security issues. Wapiti Wapiti is a Web application vulnerability check tool. It has a "dark box operation" scan, that is, it does not care about the source code of the Web application, but it will scan the deployment of Web pages to find scri

How to perform security testing during website Testing

Security testing is a process for verifying the security services of applications and identifying potential security defects.Note: Security Testing does not ultimately prove that the application is secure, but is used to verify th

Security Service Rethinking: making Penetration Testing a service

Original: http://www.room702.cn/index.php/archives/527 http://www.room702.cn/index.php/archives/529 http://www.room702.cn/index.php/archives/531 0, maybe all is nonsense.    First of all, my title naturally is that, now the domestic penetration test has done not like the service, it is chaos like clusters, a high-end technical services finally became cabbage, it is sad. So, this is the only text. Of course, everything is based on my experience, purely personal behavior and personal opinion,

Analysis of security testing strategy for mobile app testing

code to achieve the desired purpose.Security testing Strategy1. User privacyChecks whether the user password is saved locally, whether encrypted or notCheck for sensitive private information, such as chat history, relationship chain, bank account, etc. for encryptionCheck whether the system files and configuration files are stored in plain text on an external device, and you need to determine whether the information has been tampered with before each

SQL injection of Web security testing & Penetration Testing ~ ~

Label:Penetration Testing Concepts:See Baidu EncyclopediaHttp://baike.baidu.com/link?url=T3avJhH3_MunEIk9fPzEX5hcSv2IqQlhAfokBzAG4M1CztQrSbwsRkSerdBe17H6tTF5IleOCc7R3ThIBYNO-qObjective:Security testing scope is very wide, straight to the point, the landlord of this line of understanding is not too deep, is also in the study phase, this article, but also to their own learning summary and record and simple to

Importance of performing app performance and security testing-software testing

then store it. Test the security of the app using WebView Because the WebView request is the same as the request data on the Web side, any attack method and vulnerability that applies to the web side is common to webview. More articles go to how to get users to feel the app running faster, which requires performance testing of the app. The factors that limit the performance of the app are divided into app

Entering the Security Hall-read Web intrusion Security Testing and Countermeasures

Preface I recently read Web intrusion Security Testing and countermeasures, and have gained a lot of inspiration. This book introduces a lot of Web intrusion ideas and well-known security sites outside China, which has broadened my horizons. Here, I have summarized the attack modes mentioned in the book again, and attached some relevant references, hoping to help

Entering the Security Hall-read Web intrusion Security Testing and Countermeasures

Preface Recently read 《Web intrusion Security Testing and CountermeasuresAnd gained a lot of inspiration. This book introduces a lot of Web intrusion ideas and well-known security sites outside China, which has broadened my horizons. Here, I have summarized the attack modes mentioned in the book again, and attached some relevant references, hoping to help Web dev

Security Research: application of mobile app security in penetration testing

This article was intended to be written since very early last year and has never been available. It was just a short time when a salon talked about such things.In the past, security enthusiasts often studied local app security, such as remote control, application cracking, and information theft,Most people have not noticed the security issues on the app server, s

Network security, web security, penetration testing of the pen through the summary (a)

Topology 2, with NAT, A1,A2 can access B, but B can not access A1,A2. But A,A1,A2 can exchange visits.Figure 23. Use Host-only Networking (using Host network)Description: Using the VMNET1 Virtual Switch, the virtual machine can only exchange visits with virtual machines and hosts. That is, not on the Internet, as shown in network topology 3,With host mode, A,A1,A2 can exchange visits, but A1,A2 cannot access B, nor can it be accessed by B.Figure 3XSS There is a cookie must be able to login with

Security Testing Outsourcing Simple website security issues

Web security full Coverage penetration testingWeb Security Level AssessmentWeb security Vulnerability RatingRecommendations for Web Security vulnerability ModificationWeb Security TrainingCharging Standard:Serious vulnerability: $200Medium Vulnerability: 100 USDCommon Vulner

Software security performance testing (reprinted)

Tags: Io AR, use strong data, div on Art Recently, I have been asked the following question during the final trial of a software product in my company, how much security is taken into account for our software products? How should I comment on how secure a software is?This software involves important commercial information of the customer. Therefore, the core issues that users care about are always "is this Software Secure ". A

Software Security Testing Methods

Recently, in the final testing of a software product in my company, I was often asked the question: How much security does our software PRODUCT consider in testing? How safe should a software be measured?This software is related to the customer's business important information, so the user's core concerns are always around "this software

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