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The complete process for releasing IOS apps to Apple app store, iosapp

The complete process for releasing IOS apps to Apple app store, iosapp Reference: (xcode APP packaging and submission of apple review details process (new version update submission Review )) Http:/

HTML5 Plus Mobile App (5+app) development Getting Started Guide

HTML5 Plus mobile app, referred to as 5+app, is a HTML, JS, CSS based on the mobile phone app, this app can call the native ability of the mobile phone via the extended JS API, realize the same powerful function and performance as the native

iOS app crash log analysis

Transfer from Raywenderlich as an application developer, have you ever experienced the following? To make sure your app is correct, you must have done a lot of testing before submitting it to the App Store. It also works well on your device, but

IOS App crash log analysis

In this tutorial, you will learn some common crash log cases, and how to get crash log files from development devices and itunes Connect. You will also learn to symbolize (symbolication), from log tracking to code. You will also learn to debug an

WeChat mini-app tutorial-mini-app configuration, WeChat mini-app tutorial

Mini-program Tutorial: Mini-program configuration, mini-program tutorial Applet-Configuration The following is a systematic arrangement of small program configuration materials, hoping to help developers. We use the app. json file to perform global

Laravel5 framework entry (2) build Pages management function, laravelpages_PHP tutorial

Laravel5 framework (2) build the management function of Pages, laravelpages. Laravel5 framework entry (2) build the Pages management function. laravelpages will change the learning path, instead of building a login system as in the Laravel4 tutorial.

HBuilder App development tutorial 03-custom icons, startup pages, and packaging, hbuilder03-

HBuilder App development tutorial 03-custom icons, startup pages, and packaging, hbuilder03- Helloworld The last time helloworld was mentioned, you should have been able to create a project and debug the real machine, This time we will talk about

Hbuilder Developing App Tutorial 03-Customizing icons, starting pages and packaging

HelloWorldLast time I talked about HelloWorld, you should already be able to create a new project, the Real machine debugging,This time, the icon customization, the start page customization and packaging.Icon CustomizationIf you do not customize the

WeChat mini-app, super-loaded instance tutorial, mini-app instance tutorial

Examples of small programs, super-loaded instances, and small program instances Preface Before you start developing the application number, take a look at the official "mini-programs" tutorial! (The following content is from the official "applet"

WeChat mini-app tutorial (article 4), mini-app tutorial Article 4

Mini-program tutorial (article 4), mini-program tutorial Article 4 Basic Framework of Applet development and its restrictions and Optimization Basic Development Framework (MINA Framework) └ ── Project-folder /··································

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