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Use paperclip to upload images

Currently, the two most popular Image Upload extensions on rails are fleximage and paperclip. If you only process images in one breath, it is fleximage, of course, but if you still need other MP3, FLV, and other attachments for multi-State Association, then select paperclip. In general, paperclip is much better than the older upload plug-ins, such as acts_as_atta

Rails adds access control for paperclip upload files

0 preface files uploaded by paperclip are stored in the public directory of the rails project by default. That is to say, if you can get the URL of the file, you can directly access/download the file, if you want to add access control to the file, you need to change the default upload location of paperclip. 1. Change the default upload position of paperclip. If t

Ruby Gem Tips (GO)

: (in/usr/local/system/entos/netposa_redmine) Rake Gems: Build # Build any native extensions for unpacked gems Rake Gems: Build: Force # Force the build of all gems Rake Gems: Install # installs all required gems. Rake Gems: Refresh_specs # Regenerate gem specifications in correct format. Rake Gems: Unpack # unpacks all required gems into vendor/gems. Rake Gems: Unpack:d ependencies # unpacks all required gems and their dependencie

Push wings to GEM install-Gem-fast

1. Background When rails 3.0 was released, many of them worried about installing the gem, which was too slow to download the gem. This is not a slow network speed. Ruby's net: HTTP must pass through the wall and go through the sea to reach the rubyforge server. Even if the network environment is very good, the maximum speed is 50 K. What's more, there is no progress bar. Installing a

GEM Package management usage in Ruby and Gem source Setup tutorial _ruby topics

Proficiency in the use of RubyGemsRubyGems is a Ruby plug-in management system that allows you to easily install and manage Ruby library functions. All open source kits can be found on the rubygems. # # #常见指令 Gem-v View the version of RubyGems Gem Update--system upgrade RubyGems version Gem install gem_name Install a plugin

Rubygem installation error: Error: While executing gem... (GEM: remotesourceexception)

The specific process is as follows: 1. After the InstantRails-2.0 is installed, configure the ruby/bin directory in the environment variable path (if there are multiple Ruby in the system, the system recognizes the path when executing the command line) 2. Enter the doscommand line and execute gem update -- system. The result is: Updating rubygems...Error: While executing gem... (

Locally installed gem install--local Redis-stat-0.4.13.gem

Because the host environment can not be linked to the network, sad, so only to find ways to download the package, upload to the host to installEnvironment: el6.x86_641. Gem installation []Ruby 1.9. Version 2 has the Ruby Gem installed by default, if your version is lower than this? Well, then look down.Installing GEMS requires ruby version at 1.8.7# Rpm-

Install Jekyll error error:failed to build gem native extension with gem install Jekyll command

Problem Description: Under the Ubuntu system, the Ruby development environment is installed first through the command sudo apt-get install Ruby, and then with the command-line gem install Jekyll install the GitHub page's development tool Jekyll, encountered an error message: Failed to build gem native extension details are as follows: Error: Error installing Jekyll: error:failed to build

Gem::installererror:the ' json ' native gem requires installed build tools

After building the Ruby on Rails environment, running the bundle command in a new project encounters the following error:Workaround: Install DevkitTo rubyinstaller website download page Select the Devkit download for your system (here I downloaded the last one):When the download is complete, double-click devkit-mingw64-64-4.7.2-20130224-1432-sfx.exe:Set the extracted folder (for example, C:\DevKit), after decompression to see, the contents of the folder below:Enter the directory on the command l

An error occurred while installing the old version of rails: bin_path': Can't Find gem railties (["3.0.5"]) with executable rails (GEM: gemnotfoundexception)

$ Rails _ 3.0.5 _ new depotRubygems. RB: 244: In 'bin _ path': Can't Find gem railties (["3.0.5"]) with executable rails (GEM: gemnotfoundexception)ErrorAfter you reinstall rails sudo gem install rails -- version 3.0.5$ Rails _ 3.0.5 _ new depotDependency. RB: 247: In 'to _ specs': cocould not find rails (= 3.0.5) amongst [bundler-1.6.2, bundler-unload-1.0.2, exe

Install Gem through Curl using gem-Fast

Link: Curl official download First download the tool from curl, remember to download the tool on the windows platform, select the version that supports SSH2 and SSL protocols, so that you can support the gem download methods for these two protocols, if errors are used during use, download all other attachments on the page. Note: curl is a command line download tool that supports

Cocould not find gem & #39; sqlite3 (& gt; = 0) & #39; in any of the gem sources listed in you r Gemfile, sqlite3gemfile

Cocould not find gem 'sqlite3 (> = 0) 'in any of the gem sources listed in you r Gemfile, sqlite3gemfileSolution: sudo gem install sqlite3-rubyERROR: cocould not find a valid gem 'rdiscount' (> = 0) in any repository This problem happened to me for three nights. I have read the official English documents, wiki, and go

Error:while Executing gem ... (Encoding::undefinedconversionerror) U+7CFB to IBM437 in conversion from Utf-16le to UTF-8 to IBM437, when you execute the GEM command, you are prompted with the following information solution.

When your use gem is the install package, the Result:ERROR:While executing gem ... (Encoding::undefinedconversionerror)U+7CFB to IBM437 in conversion from Utf-16le to UTF-8 to IBM437Workaround:Go to local path to modify the code, so the hint is due to inconsistent coding.To modify the encoding in the registry file:There will be no problem after the change.Error:while Executing

Ruby Gem command and rubygem command

Ruby Gem command and rubygem command I. Introduction Gem is a standard package for managing Ruby libraries and programs. It is very convenient to find, install, upgrade, and uninstall software packages through Ruby Gem (such as sources. Ruby Gem is installed in Ruby 1.9.2 by default. If you are u

The Ruby Gem command is detailed

Transferred from: Introduction:Gem is a standard package for managing Ruby libraries and programs, and it is easy to find, install, upgrade, and uninstall packages through Ruby Gems such as 1.9. Version 2 has the Ruby Gem installed by default, and if you are using a different distribution, see "How to Install Ruby Gem".How to install the Rub

Explanation of gem commands in Ruby learning notes

Ruby-v # view the ruby VERSION ruby-e '''require "watir"; puts Watir: IE: version'' # view the watir VERSION Rvm list known # list known ruby versions Rvm install 1.9.3 Rvm use 1.9.3 | rvm use system Rvm use 1.9.3 -- default Rvm list # list local ruby versions Rvm remove 1.9.2 For details, see RVM practical guide Gem-v # gem version

Ruby Learning Notes Gem commands detailed _ruby topics

Ruby-v #查看ruby version ruby-e ' require ' watir; Puts Watir::ie::version ' #查看watir版本 RVM list Known #列出已知的ruby版本 RVM Install 1.9.3 RVM Use 1.9.3 | RVM Use System RVM Use 1.9.3--default RVM List #列出本地ruby版本 RVM Remove 1.9.2 See RVM Practical Guide for specific details Gem-v #gem版本 Gem Source #

Common NPM & Gem summaries

want to view the help of the install command separately, you can use the NPM helper install--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Gem-v #gem版本Gem Update #更新所有包Gem Update--system #更新RubyGems软件Gem install Rake #

tutorial on creating a custom Ruby Gem package _ruby topics

Write one of the simplest examples 1. Build the following folder Note: The Lib directory must have a RB file that is the same as your gem name. Copy Code code as follows: $ CD Hola $ tree . ├──hola.gemspec └──lib └──hola.rb 2. Write Code . Hola.rb % Cat lib/hola.rb class Hola def self.hi puts "Hello world!" End End . hola.gemspec % cat Hola.gemspec

Magic Gem House Money game app Custom development

Magic Gem House system development, Magic Gem House source code development, Magic Gem House Consulting: 185,2946,0381 Mr. Chen (micro-electric), Magic Gem House mode development, Magic Gem House app development, Magic Gem House P

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