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"Enterprise OA paperless office"-saving more than just paper!

It is well known that an important role of the enterprise OA Platform is to help enterprises achieve paperless office, improve enterprise management with the highest efficiency, and reduce enterprise operation costs. In the era of rapid Internet development, the networked and mobile paperless collaborative office syste

The innovation of paperless office in IT service field

The invention of papermaking is a great progress of mankind, but with the heavy use of paper, people keep logging to meet the demand, which inevitably destroys the ecological balance. papermaking raw materials are mainly wood, coal, water, waste of wood and other resources, paper to eliminate waste water, pollution of the environment, waste of paper means a waste of resources. In order to save resources, many units are implemented paperless

The page appears when SharePoint 2013 uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents: "Sorry, there was a problem" error

When SharePoint uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents, the page appears: "Sorry, there was a problem" errorThe page appears when SharePoint 2013 uses Office Web Apps to view or edit Office documents: "Sorry, there

Office Web apps server: Building a mobile office system

I guess there are 10 ways for 10 people to read documents on iPad or mobile phones. A few days ago, Ms experts tried to promote their products. I learned how to build a mobile office system so that devices on the network do not need to install office software to view office documents. You may need: One host, system: Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 or Windo

Deploying Office Web Apps Server 2013

to deploy Office Web appsserver 2013 in a test environment, you install the prerequisite software, server roles, services, and features, and then you install Office Web Apps Server 2013. Next, you can use Windows PowerShell to create a single-server office Web Apps server fa

Office Web Apps Installation Deployment (SHAREPOINT2013)

Office Web Apps Installation Deployment (SHAREPOINT2013)Category: SharePoint2014-07-11 11:41 155 people read Comments (0) favorite reports Sharepoint2013microsoft Officeasp.netoffice Web Apps SolutionDirectory (?) [+]Original address: requirements for Windows Server 2012,Note: Servers that install

Office Web Apps Installation Deployment (i)

From: requirements for Windows Server 2012,Note: Servers that install Office Web apps cannot install other apps other than Office Web apps. This includesapplications such as Office

WEB Office Apps Installation Deployment

System requirements for Windows Server 2012,Note: Servers that install Office Web apps cannot install other apps other than Office Web apps. This includes applications such as Office,lync,,sharepoint that cannot be installed, i.e.

Google Apps becomes a potential killer of Microsoft Office

Google AP PS is still in the basic stage. Although it cannot pose a threat to office in the short term, Google wants to defeat Microsoft It is absolutely possible. "Office killer", someone like this It is called Google's new Google Apps service. Generally, the term "killer" is suspected of exaggerated publicity. In fact, Google

Online Document preview Scenario-office Web Apps

Original: Online Document preview Scenario-office Web AppsIn the recent project, to implement the online document preview function on the phone side. So Baidu came up with a solution, roughly converting the document into a PDF, and then previewing it through the plugin. These scenarios do not implement code specifically, there is no online preview of the address, plus the project time is tight. can only consider other scenarios, then Microsoft's

Introduction to Skype for Business2015---Office Web apps deployment

Introduction to Skype for Business2015---Office Web apps deploymentWhen it comes to OWA, I believe many administrators will think of the Exchange server's Web mailbox service, but today is not about the Exchange service's OWA----Outlook Web App service, the OWA service described today is sype for BUSINESS2015 's Office Web Ap

Office Web apps of SkyDrive and Hotmail

Jason Moore, Project Manager of Windows Live SkyDrive, introduced the "macro" status and functions of the Office Web apps pre-view in his official blog, which is basically the same as previous introduction. However, one of them implies the top interface of the new Office Web apps: Previously, we have seen a similar

Integration of ASP and Office Web apps

In fact, there are articles about the integration of Office Web Apps online, and it's typical how to integrate Office Web apps into your own system (a) and how to integrate Office Web apps into your own system (ii), and Microsoft'

Commercial deployment of Office Web apps

This articleArticleIt is intended for IT professionals who may wish to host Office Web apps on their own servers within your organization. As we have announced, the public beta version of Office Web apps is now available, and your enterprise customers can try SharePoint 2010. Franklin Williams, a project manager of th

How small and medium enterprises migrate from Microsoft's office system to Google Apps

A few days ago, I visited the library in Singapore and found a book Google Apps: the missing manual. As a hardcore fans and a strong practitioner of Google technology, I Don't hesitate to borrow it. Although Google Apps has been used for more than a year, and I have personally felt its strength and convenience, I have found many useful skills in my book. Currently, Microsoft's

Office 2013 Web Apps and SkyDrive

I believe that if you have downloaded Office 2013 and use it, you will find that the Office 2013 menu Bar has an option to share "Share", you can share the document (Share) to SkyDrive, mail, direct e-mail, online or blog, Here you need to introduce Microsoft's "Web Apps" application; Office 2010

Improvements to Office Web apps with multiple features

Microsoft's recently released Office 2013 and Office 365 Home Premium have gained the attention of users. Microsoft now announces that it will add some new features to the Office Web apps to bring the user a better use experience. An introduction from the Office blog says th

. Net Core Integrated Office Web Apps (i)

Recently started learning. Net Core and using the Visual Studio Code tool to develop. Feeling developed particularly convenient, but there is a headache: many of the library has been modified, womb also familiar with, need to check the official API ...Microsoft Office Web Apps (OWA) is a web-based online Office tool launched by Microsoft that extends the experien

Advance to Office Web Apps consolidating Java Web projects

+" \ ", \" size\ ": \" "+ size+" \ ", \" Allowexterna Lmarketplace\ ": \" "+ True +" \ ", \" version\ ": \" "+ Version +" \ "}";}Before the installation of the test when the Xml: open, different formats of the document call different, specific can be seen in detail.Access Download the fileVisit wopisrc=

4.Office Web APPS Server

functions.1.SFB front-end servers, using Topology Builder, modifying topologies, adding Owas servers2. Publishing a topology3. Enable the topology4. Test the Sfb,ppt function.Owas server-related considerations:1.SFB client use, error prompt "Verify Certificate Server Error"Access the on the front-end server to detect if it is normal.Access the on the client to detect if it is normal.On

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