parallax on mobile devices

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High-performance parallax animation "translation"

High-performance Parallax "target=" _blank "> Animation Love or hate, parallax effect has spread over the web. When you use it skillfully, it can add depth and metaphor to your application. But the problem is

Parallax Response animation slide picture Toggle Effect

This is a very powerful content switch plug-in, it is based on jquery, it is fully responsive to support mobile devices, support mobile phone touch, keyboard paging; it has a slideshow, video playback timer, it has a variety of modes: custom,

The principle of 3D stereoscopic display technology and the game application history Introduction "Go"

This article is from Zhongguancun Zol"3d stereoscopic display" can be said to be the latest entertainment industry is quite hot topic, not only has Hollywood launched "Avatar" and other blockbuster 3D Imax, the world's major home appliances

10 Big Mobile end of the website Case Passion Appreciation

Research on network environment According to the CNNIC 32nd Internet Development Survey, as of June 2013, the total size of Chinese mobile phone users reached 464 million. Among them, the handset browser user scale is 369 million, the year-on-year

Exquisite & Creative WordPress new theme set

Today, I have organized some exquisite and creative new WordPress Themes, which are basically integrated with the latest design concepts, from simplicity to responsiveness.Engo-Smart & Minimal WordPress Theme-MORE INFO Engo is a smart,Clean &

Do you know? Leading the Web Design Trend in 2015 and web design in 2015

Do you know? Leading the Web Design Trend in 2015 and web design in 2015 Web design, like in other fields of the network, has undergone several changes in 2014. Several new web design trends are expected to appear in 2015. It is expected that there

2011 Focus on 11 Web design trends

Article Description: 2011 Web Page Design Trend analysis and forecast. There is a line between design and development, but when the Times step into another decade, it becomes even more blurred and less likely to be felt. Use PS design

Leading 2015 years of web design trends

Web design, like other areas of the web, has undergone several changes in the 2014. Several new trends in web design are expected to emerge in 2015, and more innovative and interesting design concepts will emerge in the area of web design,

Focus on 11 web design trend Hotspots

1, more CSS3 + HTML5 This is the long-awaited thing. In the past few years designers have begun to pay attention to and use of CSS3+HTML5, but in 2011 CSS3+HTML5 will be more widely used. Web designers will eventually abandon Flash. Flash is no

The prototype creation tool for mobile apps

If you're trying to develop a practical and high-quality mobile app for your job, website or product, and you're stuck with a lack of money and time, you're in the right place. This article lists applications and tools that can be used to develop

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