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Ok6410 bare metal development _ bare metal programming _ burning Writing Tools

ManyFriendBare metalLabThere are also many methods on the Internet, suchProgramBurnSD cardUpperRunThere are more steps. To this end, I wrote a small program that can be used to directly burn a bare metal program to SD. It is already on the 2g sd card,Ok6410BoardUpperTestPass. The attachment is a burning tool and a test program. For more information, see. : Http:// Http://blog.cs

Test the mini2440 bare metal-the watchdog interrupt and reset operations, and the mini2440 bare metal

Test the mini2440 bare metal-the watchdog interrupt and reset operations, and the mini2440 bare metalWorking principle of the watchdog: Set the time for the entire system program to run for one cycle to Tp. The timer period of the watchdog is Ti, Ti> Tp. When the program runs normally, the timer will not overflow, if the system cannot modify the timer value at th

s5p4418 Bare Metal Development Series Tutorial-Source download

s5p4418 Bare Metal Series Tutorial StdioShell command line of s5p4418 bare Metal Series TutorialsSerial s5p4418 of the bare Metal series tutorials5p4418 Bare

1. Experience with bare-metal development environment (Redhat 6.4 + vbox)

1. Experience with bare-metal development environment (Redhat 6.4 + vbox)I. General process for bare metal developmentNote: This assumes that you have built a bare-metal development environmentOur

Thinking about programming of bare-metal programming and OS environment

The so-called bare-metal programming here refers to the "programming of hardware systems without OS support", while the actual programming requires an environment in which the programming and compiling environment is called "host" and the final program runs on the "target" (cross-compiling). and the OS environment programming means that the final running program is running in an environment with operating s

Bare metal recovery using PowerShell

In the past few versions of Windows Server, Microsoft has increased R D investment in PowerShell tools to make them available flexibly. In Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012, you can use PowerShell to create a backup that can be used for bare metal recovery. In this article, we will discuss how to operate. Although it is not necessary to back up bare

Bare metal program for lighting LED lights with tq2440 buttons

I. When it comes to the bare metal program of arm, many people will immediately think of a development tool named ads, but we can also do the bare metal program of arm in Linux, the specific implementation process is as follows: Step 1: edit the code. Step 2: Compile the Code. The Code is divided into three parts: 1. L

Tiny4412 Learning 1: Compile uboot, experience bare metal, tiny4412uboot

Tiny4412 Learning 1: Compile uboot, experience bare metal, tiny4412uboot First, we create a folder in ubuntu. my folder is: /Home/wang/tiny_4412 has Datasheet shc (schematic PCB folder) src tools There are Codes u_boot Codes is the bare metal storage location, and u_boot is a friendly installation package Tools has Arm

OK6410[000] Build a bare-metal development environment

1, install cross-tool chain arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2First copy this tool to the Rhat system "Rhel-server-6.3-i386-dvd.iso" decompressionarm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 to a directory, and then configure the environment variable2. Compile the sample program to compile Arm-linux-gcc-g-C LEDs.S link led.elf led.o format conversion arm-linux-objcopy-o binary led.elf Led.bin This makes a led.bin file that can be issued to bare

Using PXE to batch push Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment from bare metal

The PXE method is used to batch push the Complete Oracle 11gR2 RAC environment from bare metal, and the Shell script is used to deploy 32 Oracle11gR2 RAC backup and recovery cases on the launched RAC nodes in batches. Consultant for ARP Project Implementation of the Chinese Emy of sciences, Tang Bo, a member of the Shanghai Oracle user group Summary In the first half of this article, we will introduce how t

Windows Server Backup Bare Metal Recovery

= "Wkiom1tcqiedsgedaagcwjbd4a0420.jpg"/>5 , tick "bare metal recovery" in the "Select Items" tab, and Tick "system status, System reservation, local Disk" When checking bare metal recovery, then select "OK" ;650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" E.p

DM9000 Bare Metal Driver design

For any hardware module design, the first step is to first understand the hardware itself, and then start the program software design. Because of the DM9000 chip document content, to drive a good network card, it takes a long time, especially for beginners more difficult, so you can refer to the Linux kernel code in the network card driver, porting it to bare-metal programs. The detailed procedures for DM90

Build and compile tiny6410 bare metal project in DS-5.11

1. Create a project Click file and select new-> cproject. In the displayed C projec window, enter your project name in project name, and select bare-metal executable (bare metal executable) under project type) empty Project in the folder, select armcompiler for toolchains, and click Finish. You can see your project nam

About the running of the bare metal program in the book of Wei Dongshan on the mini2440

Recently, I started to learn about the bare metal driver in the book Wei Dongshan. when running the code in the SDRAM, I found that it could not run correctly. the method I downloaded was to run the program through the D command of the supervivi provided by mini2440. Now, I think we have made many mistakes. Wei Dongshan's book emphasizes more than once that these bare

Develop arm Program (ok6410 Development Board) with only serial port and bare metal Network)

Recently, I want to learn about the arm Development Board and develop bare metal programs as per the single-chip microcomputer routine. Baidu, most bare-metal programs are developed using rvds or ads, and written to SDRAM using jlink or JTAG for execution. Because I am used to it in Ubuntu and want to break away from t

Tiny4412 C language Realization running lights, Tiny4412 bare Metal program [3]

In the front we used the assembly to complete a running light experiment: TINY4412 assembly running light Code, Tiny4412 bare-metal LED operationHowever, the assembly language readability is too poor, in this section we use C language to achieve the same function, and later test also try to use C language to achieve.When we write the host computer program, the C language program executes the first instructi

What is the difference between Iphone6 mobile phone contract machine and bare metal?

What is the difference between Iphone6 mobile phone contract machine and bare metal? For the contract machine, I believe that everyone will be unfamiliar, in many outdoor billboards, you can see a variety of very attractive "0 yuan buy machine", advertising slogans, the contract machine is actually the network operators to introduce mobile phone calls + mobile bundled marketing methods. In layman's terms,

s3c6410 Bare Metal development based on SD card

With only a single OK6410 board, a 8G SD card, no associated JTAG debugger, and no integrated development environment available, how do bare metal development work? The Manual for query development shows that the 6410 chip supports booting from the SD card, so bare metal development starts with the SD card.1. Construct

Microsoft private cloud sharing (R2) 23 bare metal Installation

This chapter was finally installed in bare metal. With the hardware configuration file and BMC (preferably the paid advanced version of BMC, such as Dell idrac7 Enterprise Edition, the free version cannot use the remote console), you can prepare for the bare metal installation. At this time, you need to prepare a WDS s

Arm interrupt Analysis 2: interrupt handling on bare metal

Bare metal handling of eint4 interruptions This is the bare metal processing of eint4 interrupt based on S3C2410. When the interrupt occurs, the LED light is reversed. The following is a circuit diagram. The external key is connected to the eint4 pin of the CPU. That is, pressing the key causes an interruption. Accor

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