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Relationship between the server parameter file (spfile) in the Oracle 11g parameter file and instance startup

Relationship between the server parameter file (spfile) in the Oracle 11g parameter file and instance startup When the database starts, it needs to read the parameter file to allocate the memory area and locate the location of the

Relationship between server parameter file (spfile) and instance startup in Oracle11g parameter file

When the database starts, it needs to read the parameter file to allocate the memory area and locate the location of the control file. The initialization parameters in the oracle database are traditionally stored in a text initialization parameter. When the database starts, it needs to read the

MySQL parameter file and parameter modification method

Tags: href title display OTT line technology share. com bottom MySQLMySQL parameter file: MySQL database initialization parameters are set by the parameter file, and if no parameter file is set, MySQL starts with the default value

ORACLE parameter file introduction, oracle parameter Introduction

ORACLE parameter file introduction, oracle parameter Introduction After the ORACLE database is started, you can use the select * from v $ parameter statement to view all the parameters used by the oracle database. Oracle parameter files are divided into spfile binary files

Oracle parameter file, v$parameter dynamic view, OMF feature, startup

Tags: database Oracle PFILE and SPFILE 1, meaning:PFILE is the abbreviationof Parameterfile, SPFILE is the abbreviation of server parameter file, By the literal meaning of the full name, we can get pfile and SPFile are both Oracle supplied parameter files, which write the initial values of various parameters, such as Database Buffer The value is 19

Shell program: Reads a parameter in a file line by row and uses this parameter to execute 5 minutes each time

#!/bin/bash while read line do #杀掉所有的python程序. Killall python2 #用读取到的行的参数作为输入执行 ******* python program and records the result to a file in the row's parameter 110ut, which is a row parameter corresponding to a log file; /****** * $line > {$line}11out

"Oracle" database start-up phase parameter file, control file problem handling

Oracle startup is divided into three phases:Nomount:First, find the parameter file (pfile/spfile) and create an instance from the file. The process of nomount is the process of starting a DB instance.No parameter file cannot be NomountMountObtain the location information of

Control file and parameter file recovery of Rman database recovery

Control filesRMAN> RESTOREControlfile fromAutobackup;--The control file is restored to the initialization parameter: Control_files the specified path. StartRestoreIn +-December- -Use the target database control file instead of the channel for recovering directory allocations: Ora_disk_1 Channel Ora_disk_1:sid=TenDevice type=DISKRecovery Zone target: D:\app\Admin

Mistakenly delete the parameter file, password file under $oracle_home/dbs, how to quickly rebuild

[Email protected] dbs]$ pwd/home/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/dbs[email protected] dbs]$ LLTotal 24-RW-RW----. 1 Oracle oinstall 1544 Mar 13:46 Hc_orcl.dat-rw-r--r--. 1 Oracle Oinstall 2851 may Init.ora-rw-r-----. 1 Oracle Oinstall 658 Feb 05:17 Initorcl.ora-rw-r-----. 1 Oracle Oinstall 05:17 LKORCL-rw-r-----. 1 Oracle Oinstall 1536 Feb 05:17 ORAPWORCL-rw-r-----. 1 Oracle oinstall 3584 Mar 14:19 Spfileorcl.ora[Email protected] dbs]$ RM-RF *Total 0[Email protected] dbs]$ orapwd

Oracle initialization parameter File learning ____oracle

Overview of server initialization parameter files Oracle's initialization parameter file holds the initialization parameter configuration information necessary to create and start the database instance.The initialization parameter file

Oracle control file and parameter file management-beyond OCP proficient in Oracle video tutorial training 13

Oracle Video Tutorial Goals Oracle Video tutorial, wind Brother this set of Oracle Tutorial Training learning Oracle parameter parameter file and Oracle control file Controlfile in depth, how to modify the parameter file, the rol

Self-built station path: File Upload $ _ file parameter type

: This article mainly introduces the path of self-built small stations: File Upload $ _ FILES parameter type. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. The $ _ FILES Super global variable is special. it is the unique two-dimensional array in the predefined Super Global array. Its function is to store various information related to the file to be uploaded, wh

Ajaxfileupload upload with parameter file and JS verify file size

ioexception{File Filepic = new file ("e:\\saveimg\\" +name);if (filepic.exists ()) {FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream (filepic);int i = is.available (); Get File sizebyte data[] = new Byte[i]; (data); Read dataIs.close ();Response.setcontenttype ("image/*"); Set the returned file typeOutputStream toclien

The form of enctype = "multipart/form-Data" cannot obtain commons-fileupload, a parameter other than type = file in the form, except for file.

You will find that after the form of enctype = "multipart/form-Data" is submitted, other parameters cannot be obtained using the traditional request. getparameter in the background. I personally understand that every parameter is processed in the form of a stream and can be obtained only in a special way. This document uses commons-fileupload to obtain parameters other than file. HtmlCode: Fo

How can I quickly recreate a parameter file and password file in $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs by mistake ?, Oracle_homedbs

How can I quickly recreate a parameter file and password file in $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs by mistake ?, Oracle_homedbs [Oracle @ 11g dbs] $ pwd /Home/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/dbs [Oracle @ 11g dbs] $ ll Total 24 -Rw ----. 1 oracle oinstall 1544 Mar 11 hc_orcl.dat -Rw-r --. 1 oracle oinstall 2851 May 15 2009 init. ora -Rw-r -----. 1 oracle oinstall 658

Oracle Database password file and parameter file management

Label:alsforstringoraring nbspbspuser1.2 Create password file [[emailprotected]~]$orapwdfile=/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/dbs/orapwking password=oracleentries=5force=y[[emailprotected]~]$sqlplus/as sysdbaSQL>showparameterremote_login_passwordfileNAME TYPE value--------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------remote_login_passwordfile string exclusivesql>grantsysdba totpcc; sql>select*fromv$p

Pfile,spfile initialization parameter file order "Weber"

First, initialize the parameter fileThe initialization parameter file is read when the instance is launched. There are two types of parameter files:1 , server parameter file: This is the initialization

mysql-5.5---configuration file parameter description

-connect-retry = 10Slave-skip-errors = 1032,1062,126,1114,1146,1048,1396Server-id = 1[Mysqldump]QuickMax_allowed_packet = 32M[Myisamchk]Key_buffer_size = 256MSort_buffer_size = 256MRead_buffer = 2MWrite_buffer = 2M[Mysqlhotcopy]Interactive-timeoutParameter description:The Table_cache parameter sets the number of table caches. Each connection comes in with at least one table cache open. Therefore, the size of the Table_cache should be related to the Ma

Oracle Database Server parameter file management tutorial

1. Specify the parameter file at startup. When starting a database, you must provide an accurate initialization parameter file, whether it is a text parameter file or a server parameter

Oracle Server parameter file maintenance skills

In Oracle databases, this initialization parameter file is divided into two types: Text parameter files and server parameter files. Their content is the same, but the representation is different. The server parameter files are saved in binary format. You can use database com

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